Puerto Vallarta Travel Tips

Sunbelievable Seafood: Mariscos Polo

Small and family-operated, this coolio seafood joint consistently ranks as one of the top places to nosh in Puerto Vallarta. They’re known for their creative approach of blending the tried-and-true traditional flavors of Mexico with just-caught shrimp, scallops, fish and more. The menu is varied and can please even the most discerning palates. One dish that gets a lot of play is the A la Chipotle Mahi Mahi. Your taste buds won’t forget the sizzle. Pinky promise.

Mariscos Polo in Puerto Vallarta has great seafood.
Grab breakfast at Fredy's Tucan in Puerto Vallarta.

Breakfast Bites: Fredy's Tucan

This place has been voted #1 time after time in these parts–and for good reason. The vibe is casual, but the food is gourmet–in a laid-back kind of way. House favorites to start your day are the Eggs Benedict or the Monterrey Omelet. Add a Tropic Smoothie or a cup of Joe, plus a side of their aahmazing service, and you’ll be set.

Taco the Town: Pancho's Tacos

Three words: Tacos Al Pastor. That’s all you need to know when you darken the doors of this taqueria, the only gourmet street fare in town worth your while.  Located on Basilio Badillo, Pancho's Takos looks rather small, but it’s quite comfy and they’ve got indoor seating. Another menu item that’s praise-worthy is the Volcano, a flat crispy taco topped with cilantro, salsa and pineapple. If you’re watching your wallet or looking for a late-night hunger fest, Pancho’s is the place to hit.

Lobo Lui's BBQ Shack in Puerto Vallarta
Panco's Takos in Puerto Vallarta

Surf's Up: Sexy Sayulita

Once a dusty fishing village, Sayulita is now a sunny, boho-centric surf mecca, where the Sierra Madres tumble into glistening blue waves that kiss the shore. Though there are many surf-worthy spots, the best place to do this is Sayulita Beach, where wave-lovers of all levels can take lessons. Boogie boarding (plus kite, paddle and skate) is popular, along with more Zen-ish things like yoga on the beach. If you're longing for gourmet eats and hip bars, you can find it here. Boutiques and local artisans abound along with natural beauty that calls you to shake off that stress and chill. Come visit sexy Sayulita, an unforgettable, magical village by the cobalt sea.

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