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Jamaica Vacation Packages

If you are ready for a trip to paradise, the beautiful beaches, friendly culture and all-inclusive luxury resorts in Jamaica are waiting for you.

Vacation Like a True Beach Lover

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Dive Into Jamaica

With its breathtaking beaches, enchanting waterfalls and a captivating musical culture, Jamaica strikes a chord, offering an array of adventures for anyone up for the experience of a lifetime. It’s Jamaica, Mon. You can’t help but relax and enjoy the festivities when you’re on the island. And there’s not a better way to savor the sounds of the island than through the Jamaican people. With their incredible friendliness, zest for creating colorful art, spicy Jamaican jerk cuisine and dance moves that will make even the reluctant hit the dance floor. You're bound to fall in love with this island!

Montego Bay

As a central hub of activity in Jamaica, “Mo Bay” as Montego Bay is commonly called, fills its beaches, restaurants, golf courses and streets with tourists, turning this town into party central.
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Things to Do in Montego Bay, Jamaica

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    Croydon Plantation in the Mountains

    Do you love coffee? Then come visit Jamaica, and grab a fresh cup of joe! This plantation excursion will bring you to the very source of your morning coffee. Experience the Catadupa Mountains and the panoramic mountain views with a Croydon Plantation tour that'll take you to see where Jamaica's famous Blue Mountain Coffee is harvested.
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    Black River Safari & YS Falls

    Drive along Jamaica's beautiful coastline and discover quaint fishing villages and small towns on your way to Black River. There, you'll board a boat for an exciting expedition along Jamaica's longest river before stopping at YS Falls for a refreshing swim in its cool pools of water.
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    Lethe Bamboo Rafting

    During this unique Jamaican experience, you'll peacefully cruise down this three mile river on a handmade bamboo raft. Relax and take in the scenery as you're surrounded by beautiful trees and exquisite wildlife. The sound of the river flowing, along with the woodpeckers pecking away and the various exotic birds you'll come across, will make this experience unforgettable.
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    Bob Marley and Dunn's River Falls

    On this Bob Marley and Dunn's River Falls Tour, not only will you get to visit Nine Mile, the birth and final resting place of reggae superstar Bob Marley, you'll also get to discover the beauty of Dunn's River Falls. A perfect way to visit two of Jamaica's most iconic places in one day.
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    Blue Hole Exotic Adventure

    Jamaica's newest treasure! Climb along the many cascades, jumping off the rocks into the natural swimming pools. Explore hidden, underwater caves and tunnels, daring dives and an exciting rope swing. You'll leave feeling the magic of the waterfall and the cool swimming pools.


Negril and its world-renowned Seven Mile Beach attract visitors looking for a quiet Jamaican beach retreat. Turquoise blue waters, white sands and palm trees add to the tranquility of the island’s pristine beaches. 
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Things to Do in Negril, Jamaica

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    ATV Safari

    Take a ride on the wild side on this amazing ATV safari tour through the brilliant Jamaican backcountry! Your journey will take you past historic ruins and amazing vistas as you bob and weave through the countryside.
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    Seven Mile Wonder

    Once you see the sugary white sands on this beach, you’ll understand why most of the Negril resorts are nestled along the Seven Mile Beach. Add translucent, turquoise waters and palm trees to this picture, and it’s easy to understand its reputation as the gem of the island.
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    Meet Me at Rick's

    You can’t go to Negril without visiting the most popular restaurant in Negril. In fact, this might be the most popular restaurant in Jamaica! Inspired by the bar in the movie Casablanca, it’s the place locals and visitors flock to, to take in the evening’s sunset, grab a cocktail and watch the cliff jumpers. If you haven't seen anyone jump off the cliffs, make sure you stick around long enough to see it happen. Hanging on the back deck at Rick's is the place to see all the action. And, you can always find fresh fish on the menu and any drink you can challenge the bartender to concoct. Mix all this with the funk of reggae music playing in the background, and you got yourself one happening spot to hang out while you're in Negril.
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    Canopy Tour

    The adventure begins as you soar through trees and lush jungle on an intricate system of harnesses and pulleys. Swing through a giant valley carved from the surrounding mountain by ancient waters and get a look at the flora and fauna of this magnificent landscape. After zipping through the air, unwind with a walk through the tropical foliage, hear the birds, feel the natural mineral waters and enjoy the rain forest.
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    Horseback Riding

    Dreaming of that picturesque beach moment - a horseback ride on the beach? Get the one-of-a-kind experience of riding a horse with the beautiful Jamaican landscape on one side and the Caribbean Sea stretching out on the other. Perfect beach moments don't get much dreamier than that.

Ocho Rios

Ocho Rios doesn’t disappoint those looking for outdoor beauty. With grotto caves, waterfalls, mountains and old plantations, Ocho Rios is perfect for nature-lovers. 
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Things to Do in Ocho Rios, Jamaica

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    Dolphin Encounter Ocho Rios

    Enjoy a not-to-be-missed life experience at Dolphin Cove in Jamaica by getting up close and personal with some incredible sea life! Get splashed swimming with dolphins, interact and snorkel with stingrays and have fun exploring the surrounding jungle.
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    Luminous Lagoon

    Forget the glow sticks and let Mother Nature take care of the nighttime light show. You can view this phenomenon in Jamaica's Luminous Lagoon, a place where blue phosphorescent waters are the work of microscopic organisms. Take a boat ride and swim in this lagoon for a gleaming good time!
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    River Tubing

    Explore the jungles of Jamaica from the comfort of an inner tube as you float along a 57-mile-long river. Taking off from the Montpelier jungle outpost, you will meander down the Great River, Jamaica's fourth largest on the island. You will take in the lush Jamaican countryside from your inner tube for a scenic and relaxing getaway.
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    Bat Crazy for Caves!

    Located on the northern tip of Jamaica in Discovery Bay, Green Grotto Caves once served as a secret hideaway for runaway slaves and pirates. The history inside these caves is really fascinating and you'll love the insights from your tour guide. As you get deeper and deeper into the caves, the stalagmite, stalactites and rock formations are truly mesmerizing. And don't forget about the bats! But don't worry, they won't bother you at all. Then, once you get to the bottom of the cave, you'll see the Grotto Lake - seriously one of the cave's most dramatic features!
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    Vacation Like 007

    About 10 miles from Ocho Rios, on the island’s north coast, is the beach made famous when James Bond's Dr. No was filmed there. James Bond Beach is stunningly beautiful. The beach is surrounded by majestic mountains, turquoise blue water, and a cluster of bars and restaurants. While you're spending your day here, you can book a guided wave-runner tour. This tour will take you around the area, showing off the home where Ian Fleming wrote many James Bond novels, as well as the breathtaking sights surrounding the beach! You might even get to hear a jazz, blues or reggae concert. Enjoy your day and experience life like 007 in this pristine island oasis.