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Costa Rica Vacation Packages

This nature lover’s paradise is the ideal getaway for adults and families seeking the perfect balance between entertainment and all-inclusive luxury resort living.

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Dive Into Costa Rica

Meaning “rich coast” in Spanish, the coasts of Costa Rica are beautiful and popular with beach lovers, but what makes the country truly unique is its nature sites. From its rainforests and volcanoes to its valleys and small towns, Costa Rica offers plenty to be explored and admired. Twenty national parks and eight nature reserves are filled with amazing plant and animal species that give outdoorsy types plenty of adventure and great photo ops. Costa Ricans live and breathe in the simplicity of nature every day, and have a special saying for it: Pura Vida. A trip to Costa Rica will leave you feeling lucky for the experience and alive with the same sunny disposition of living a pure life: Pura Vida!

Arenal Volcano/Monteverde

Outdoorsy types will love the Arenal Volcano and Monteverde areas for their devotion to nature. The primary attraction here is a nature reserve, so there are plenty of nature sites.
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Things To Do in Monteverde, Costa Rica

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    The Costa Rican Cloud Forest

    You've probably heard of a rainforest, but a cloud forest? While rainforests grow at lower altitudes, cloud forests grow as high as 8,000 feet above sea level. The high elevation produces cool, mystic air that creates an incredibly diverse environment. They're rare; cloud forests of the world only cover one percent of the earth's woodlands. Try out the cloud forest experience for yourself inside the 25,000-acre Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. There's no better place to see so many different types of plant and animal species. Bird watchers travel from all over to seek out the endangered Resplendent Quetzal and Three-Wattled Bellbird, who call the cloud forest their home. Cat lovers search for jaguars, ocelots and pumas, and everyone loves catching glimpses of the colorful toucans and playful howler monkeys. 

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    Zip Away on a Canopy Tour

    Zipping through a forest is like a rite of passage for visitors to Costa Rica. You can start your adventure in the treetops at the foot of the Arenal Volcano. From there, zip lines take you on exciting rides soaring through the sky on 12 different platforms. For a bit less of an adrenaline rush, you can try the hanging bridges tour near the volcano, where you’ll walk across the canopy of the forest while a guide fills you in on the secrets of its history. For an in-depth adventure in the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, take the canopy tour with 21 platforms and more than 2 miles of cable completely inside the forest. 

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    Butterfly and Frog Exhibits

    Maybe you like only the prettiest of insects and the most adorable of amphibians, but don't want to venture too deep in the forest to find them. Then for you, butterfly and frog exhibits are the way to go. The Ranario in Monteverde (Rana means frog in Spanish) is home to more than 25 different frog species, including Costa Rica’s signature red-eyed tree frog. Hop on over to the Ranario to see it and other little cuties. To find fluttering mariposas (butterflies), you'll want to visit the Monteverde Butterfly Garden in the daytime to see these beautiful and colorful creatures in action. 

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    Nature's Jacuzzi

    Have you ever relaxed in a Jacuzzi? Now, imagine that feeling, except you’re in a natural waterfall and river of deliciously soothing water. That’s the magic of volcanic activity. Thermal springs only exist near volcanoes because they're created when magma and minerals rise to heat rainwater in natural bodies of water. After you unwind in the hot springs near Arenal Volcano, you'll get to go home and impress your friends with your new volcano knowledge too. There are tons of places to take advantage of these awesome hot springs. The Royal Corin Hotel even has thermal pools right on its property. But no matter where you stay in the Arenal/Monteverde area, you can take excursions to experience nature's Jacuzzi in person. Just ask us and we'll show you the way. You can thank Mother Nature when you get there.

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    La Fortuna Waterfall

    On your visit to the Arenal Volcano National Park, you should definitely make your way toward the Catarata Rio Fortuna, as it's called in Spanish. The gorgeous waterfall cascades down a massive cliff through lush, green trees and jungle. La Fortuna Waterfall streams at the foot of the smaller Chato Volcano inside the national park, just southeast of Arenal. Take the visit on a horseback riding tour for the most scenic and breathtaking views of the forest and wildlife. As you get closer to the falls, you'll be so impressed with the beauty of the cascading water funneling down to the natural pool at the bottom. Make sure to pack a swimsuit, so you can enjoy the refreshing water at the end of your tour.

Guanacaste Beach

In the northwest section of Costa Rica is tropical Guanacaste, offering numerous protected areas on its coast, mountains and rivers. It’s the best vacation spot for those looking to spend some time out in nature. 
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Things To Do in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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    White Water Rafting Tenorio River Class

    This is definitely a tour for adventurous people; a three-hour Tenorio River ride that will allow you to spot the wildlife and dense vegetation of the region. Along your ride, you will be able to see numerous birds, monkeys and many other species that inhabit the riverbanks. After a couple of hours of driving through scenic countryside roads, you will arrive to where all the action begins. From the starting point, you will embark on a journey that will get your adrenaline pumping and that will bring forth your love for adventure! This experience will let you observe nature at its greatest expression, paddle down the river with old and new friends, work as a team to maneuver in the strong currents and enjoy the amazing views.

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    Rincon de la Vieja Volcano National Park Hiking Tour

    Rincon de la Vieja is one of the most active volcanoes in Costa Rica. A towering volcano with nine extraordinary eruption points; at over 6,200 feet high, it is part of the Guanacaste Mountain Range. The name Rincon de la Vieja, means "the old woman's corner." According to a local legend, the indigenous people named the volcano after an old witch who lived at the top of the mountain and sent columns of smoke into the air when she was angry. It is a rigorous but spectacular, breathtaking hike around the area of Las Pailas. Over 300 species of birds have been recorded to live within the park, like emerald tucanets and long-tailed manakins. Amongst the numerous insects, you could count butterflies of the Morpho genus. Three different species of monkeys and other extraordinary animals also know this place as their home. The park protects the largest population of wild purple orchids (Guarianthe skinneri), which is Costa Rica's National Flower. Twisted trees with many branches and epiphytes are also found here; some of them are Matapalos of the Ficus genus, Guanacaste trees, Jumbo Limbos and many other different and glorious species surrounded by magnificent transitional forests. The canopies of this forest reach 132 feet in height. Along the hike, some 32 rivers rise out of this protected area, including the Colorado River and the Rio Blanco, which carve through a white volcanic ash called ignimbrite.

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    Canopy Tour

    This tour is a total adrenaline rush! The system consists of a network of suspended cables that go from one platform to another and that will let you zip from tree to tree over the forest. The platforms were carefully built on ancient, tall trees in the midst of the tropical dry forest and allow you to fly between the trees and to see the wildlife up in the treetops. This is a perfectly safe activity, performed while wearing safety harnesses and other safety equipment that will be provided on-site.

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    Arenal Volcano Hot Springs & Rainforest Walk Tour (Titoku)

    Arenal Volcano is a majestic display of nature that must be seen to be believed! The conically-shaped giant standsat 1,657 meters tall (over 5,430 ft) above sea level, and sits within Arenal Volcano National Park, which covers an area of 12,016 hectares (29,692 acres). Participants will be able to observe how the vegetation gradually changes on the way from the hotel to Arenal and find many different and colorful species of plants along the way. You will have the opportunity to take a walk through the rainforest that covers the area near the volcano. This place will amaze you, as it is the home of many different species of mammals, reptiles, birds and invertebrates; not to mention the broad variety of plant life and fungi that are characteristic of this ecosystem. A wonderful lunch awaits nearby and not only will you be able to enjoy a delicious meal, but you will also be treated with charm and world-famous hospitality of the people of this area. The tour includes a visit to the hot springs as well. These magical springs of healing waters are surrounded by impressive, well-manicured tropical gardens that crisscross the entire property. The striking view of Arenal Volcano will be in the backdrop as you relax for the rest of the afternoon. Dinner will be served later on in a place with the best panoramic volcano and mountain views. This is an ideal tour for those looking to experience the true natural beauty this country has to offer.

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    Watch for Turtle Hatchlings

    From October to May, mama sea turtles go ashore to lay their eggs in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Don't miss the Santa Rosa National Park, featuring a nationally preserved nesting ground, you're sure to get a show. While you're there, check out other sights at the park. There aren't many tropical dry forests left, so you'll want to experience this one. But just for a friendly rememinder when watching the hatchings: make sure to keep a comfortable distance from them and do not displace them, as they make get lost on their way to the sea! 

Gulf of Nicoya

The Gulf of Nicoya region features two strips of beach towns surrounding the Gulf of Nicoya, each offering their own flavor of fun and adventure. 
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Things To Do in Gulf of Nicoya, Costa Rica

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    Wildlife of the Tárcoles River

    There are plenty of beautiful bodies of water in Costa Rica and, admittedly, this river is not one of them. But while the Tárcoles River may not be the most gorgeous, the American crocodiles calling it home are enough to take your breath away. 

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    Pura Vida Gardens and Waterfalls

    An experience in paradise is only complete with a trip to a butterfly-filled meadow of floral and cascading cliffs. The picture-perfect Pura Vida Gardens and Waterfalls near Jacó are sights not to be missed in Costa Rica.

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    Santa Teresa/Playa Carmen (Mal Pais)

    Mal Pais makes up the surf towns of Santa Teresa and Playa Carmen, off the Gulf of Nicoya. Just as you’d expect from a surfing environment, the atmosphere in Mal Pais is relaxed and stress-free.

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    Ballena Bay in Tambor

    The coastal line that marks the beginning of the Ballena Bay in Puntarenas is in the shape of a whale’s tale, and Ballena Bay just happens to be where whales migrate to mate and birth their calves each year.

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    Snorkel at Secret Beach

    The white sand and clear, turquoise water of Secret Beach makes it a true gem in Costa Rica. Also known as Playa los Suecos, the small bay is south of Mal Pais, at the entrance to the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve, and is the perfect snorkeling spot when in low tide. It isn't exactly a secret anymore, but it's still a visit worth making for to experience Costa Rica's cool caves, rocky cliffs and tree-lined shores. If you get lucky and find it mostly secluded on your trip there, you'll get to appreciate its "deserted island" feel.

San José City

Offering dozens of museums, parks, theaters, and historic buildings, San José is a place where history and tradition mesh with the new and trendy. 
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Things To Do in San Jose, Costa Rica

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    Catamaran & Tortuga Island

    <p style="text-align: left;">Sail over blue waters, feel the white sand under your feet, see the beautiful green mountains, taste superb cuisine and treat yourself to being pampered by the most attentive, personalized service. Manta Raya, the catamaran that will take you to this paradisiacal destination, will pass by seven islands in the Gulf of Nicoya. Its port of call is the enchantingly beautiful, palm-studded Tortuga Island, where you can walk the pristine white sand beach, swim in the turquoise waters and survey the marine environment while the crew prepares a sumptuous feast for lunch, which has been featured in Gourmet Magazine. Enjoy your meal in the shade of umbrellas, with tables covered in white linens.&nbsp;</p>
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    Irazu Volcano & Sarapiqui River

    Throughout this tour, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the highlights of Costa Rica in one full day. Visit the Ruins of Cartago and learn about the history of this colonial city, which was once the capital city of Costa Rica. From there you will be able to travel to see Irazu Volcano, Costa Rica's highest volcano and one of the highest peaks in the country. The view and the scenery are breathtaking; on a clear day, you can even see both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The tour will also take you to Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui, an area that's covered in beautiful tropical forests, where you will board a boat to discover the natural wealth of the country as you glide along the river. At the end of this river adventure you will arrive at a private farm to enjoy a home-style lunch, hiking and the opportunity to visit a butterfly garden. On the return trip to your hotel, you will be able to admire the exuberant Braulio Carrillo National Park as you pass right through it. 

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    San José City Tour

    San José is a beautiful city full of contrasts. Although small in extension, it offers plenty of museums, parks and interesting areas where you can witness some of the legacy left by early 20th century architecture. During this visit to the country's capital city, you will be able to observe the lifestyle of its people, important commercial and residential areas downtown San José and Rohrmoser, the beautiful La Sabana Metropolitan Park, where people gather to exercise, walk or just relax, surrounded by a beautiful environment full of tall green trees and colorful flowers. Older areas in the main San José downtown will take you back in time and let you glance into the most beautiful French architecture that was used by prominent families in the late 19th and early 20th century to design their homes. You will visit some of San José's most important landmarks like Costa Rica's National Theatre, a real jewel that holds one of the 10 most beautiful ceilings around the world, the National Museum, a battle fort that is now used to showcase some of the most interesting legacies of the Costa Rican history and way of life, while staying true to the time this fort was built on. Taking part of this tour will certainly let you experience at a deeper, more intimate level, the history, the way of life and the values the Costa Rican people hold dear to their hearts.

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    San Luis Adventure Park: Canopy, Tarzan Swing & Superman Cable

    Set into the beautiful cloud forests of Costa Rica's Central Valley, the San Luis Canopy Tour will take you on an exhilarating and safe adventure through the lush, green forest canopy and across the majestic Rio Cataratitas. Carried securely by a system of ziplines, you will soar weightlessly through the expansive forests, which ground the tour, and find yourself in immersed in the habitats of Costa Rica's distinct cloud forest wildlife. The San Luis Canopy Tour also presents the "Elevator," a thrilling feature that securely lifts visitors high above the forest canopy, granting a paramount view of the surrounding area. Though customer enjoyment is a central objective at the San Luis Canopy Tour, safety has been designated above all as a keystone principle: all personnel and facilities carry up-to-date certifications from the Costa Rican Board of Tourism. This ziplining tour has been selected for being among the most professional, informative and enjoyable in Costa Rica.

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    White Water Rafting Pacuare IV

    This trip will offer you the ultimate blend of adventure and excitement. The Pacuare River is world-famous for its pristine beauty and awesome waters. This is a beautiful river gorge; the Pacuare is flanked by steep green walls from which waterfalls cascade at either side as colorful, tropical birds fly overhead. The abundant wildlife includes sloths, toucans, parrots, coatis, butterflies and colorful frogs, among many other species that are reside in the area. The white water rafting will get the adrenaline going. You will get through exhilarating, class III and IV rapids while making the descent to the Caribbean lowlands, making this a memorable river trip! About halfway through your descent, you will stop to rest and enjoy a buffet-style lunch at a peaceful river beach. The tour finishes in Siquirres, at the private Exploration Center, where you can take a shower, change into some fresh clothes, drink a cold beverage, enjoy pictures of your trip and chat with newly-made friends about the great adventure you will have just shared.