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For over 20 years CheapCaribbean has been one of the largest providers of discount vacations to the Caribbean and Mexico. Through our extensive network of hotels, vacation packages, and value-added service providers, CheapCaribbean's Affiliate Program is able to offer you the following benefits:
  • Commission on International Vacation Packages & Hotel-Only Bookings
  • Attractive Commission Structures through Selling Travel
  • An Average Order Sale of $2,154.00
  • Access to Rooms for Sold-Out Dates & Holidays
  • 30 Day Referral Period / Cookie Duration
  • Commissions Paid Upon Completion of Travel Dates (not time of booking)

For more details, terms, and conditions, please review the information below as well as our program term policies on CJ Affiliate.

We look forward to a successful partnership.

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Privacy & Security

Our privacy policy covers use of information collected on You agree that you have read our privacy policy, and it is reasonable and acceptable to you. Your acceptance of these terms is also your consent to the information practices in our privacy policy.

Search Campaigns

Protected SEM Bidding

Protected Terms & Phrases: Branded keywords (terms and phrases) are off limits to Affiliates and include, but are not limited to: CheapCaribbean, Cheap Caribbean (with space – in relation to brand), CheapCaribbean Vacation(s), CheapCaribbean Vacation Package(s), CheapCaribbean Package(s), CheapCaribbean Deal(s), CheapCaribbean All Inclusive,, CheapCaribbean Cancun Vacation(s), CheapCaribbean Cancun Package(s), CheapCaribbean Cancun Vacation Package(s), etc.

This includes possible misspellings, abbreviations, terms, and phrases identical to the restricted trade name but use the wrong case and the merging of the restricted trade name with other terms, words or phrases.

Negative Matching for Protected Keywords

Affiliates are required to use, as negative keywords, the “CheapCaribbean” trade name and trademarked terms and phrases in all paid advertising campaigns to include pay per click (PPC) and cost per click (CPC).

Affiliates are required to use the protected terms and phrases as negative broad match keywords. Negative keywords are a feature of PPC / CPC systems that block an advertiser’s ad being shown on the search results page when the user includes / uses the negative keyword or phrase within their query. Failure to add forbidden terms as negative keywords is a violation of the terms of the program.

Recommended SEM Bidding Keywords

Destination Examples (i.e. "Cancun vacations", "Cancun getaway", and "Cancun hotels"):

"Destination / activity" vacation(s), trip(s), travel, getaway(s), resort(s), and hotel(s)

Activity Examples (Can also substitute vacation(s) with trip(s) and travel):

Getaway(s), All Inclusive vacation(s), Beach vacation(s), Gaming vacation(s), Spa vacation(s), Family vacation(s), Golf vacation(s), Diving vacation(s), Romantic vacation(s), Ski vacation(s), Cultural vacation(s), Luxury vacation(s), Dining vacation(s), Adventure vacation(s), Shopping vacation(s), and Sports vacation(s)

Prohibited SEM Display URL Content

Affiliates are not authorized to incorporate into any paid advertising the URL of CheapCaribbean ( These restrictions include all links used for search engine marketing and paid advertising campaigns.

Affiliates utilizing search engine marketing and/or pay per click campaigns are not authorized to link directly to the CheapCaribbean web site through search engines; this refers to PPC / CPC keyword or text ad destination URL's as well as display URL’s. Links within search engines must direct visitors to the publisher's web site, without redirects, and not to CheapCaribbean.

Prohibited SEM Ad Copy Content

Affiliates are not authorized to incorporate into any paid advertising the CheapCaribbean brand or the URL of CheapCaribbean ( These restrictions include all links used for search engine marketing and paid advertising campaigns.

Creative, Copy & Content: Affiliates are not authorized to exploit creative, copy, or content from the CheapCaribbean web site for use within their own websites. This includes search engine marketing and pay per click campaigns. Any publisher found utilizing CheapCaribbean creative, copy, or content will be removed from our CJ Affiliate Program.

Special Instructions for Search Marketing Publishers

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Policy: Affiliates engaging in Search Engine Marketing to include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and /or pay per click advertising (PPC) to promote CheapCaribbean are not authorized to bid on keywords incorporating the "CheapCaribbean" trade name (A.K.A. branded terms) or any variation there-of.

Outside Technologies: Affiliates are not allowed to use any outside technology to access, crawl, acquire, copy, "deep-link," “inline-link” or "page-scrape." This includes the use of "robots," "spiders" or other automated devices.

Website Cloning, Branding, & Self-Promotion: Affiliate sites may not divert or pull internet traffic away from Affiliate domain names can not contain any variation of the words CheapCaribbean at any time, nor can the site resemble Affiliates caught using outside technologies to compromise infrastructure and resources will be terminated from the program.

Affiliates are only allowed to link and promote their own web site/brand through search engines, not CheapCaribbean. Failure to add forbidden terms as negative keywords is a violation of the terms of the program. Affiliates are not allowed to use any outside technology to access, crawl, acquire, copy, "deep-link," “inline-link” or "page-scrape." This includes the use of "robots", "spiders" or other automated devices.

Non-Compliant Affiliates: CheapCaribbean has the right to monitor your site at any time to ensure that the Website Terms of Use and the Affiliate Marketing Program Policies, Terms and Conditions are being followed. If an affiliate does not comply with any of the above terms and conditions, the consequences are as follows:

  • First Offense: Affiliate will receive notification from CheapCaribbean and will be given one week to comply.
  • Second Offense: Affiliate will be removed from the program.

Right of Termination: CheapCaribbean reserves the right to terminate any Affiliate from this program for any reason. Should this agreement be terminated you must immediately remove all links to from your web site.


Prohibited Web Site Content, Coupons, & Promotion Codes: Affiliates may only use coupons and/or promotion codes provided through the affiliate program via CJ Affiliate (those that are not excluded or exclusive). Affiliates are only authorized to advertise coupons and/or promotion codes that are found within CJ Affiliate (those that are not excluded or exclusive).

Sales generated through unauthorized coupons and promotion codes are not commissionable. Affiliate agrees to remove any coupon and promotion code from its website upon the request of CheapCaribbean. Toolbars, browser extensions, adware, and spyware are not permitted. Forcing clicks is not allowed.

Unacceptable Web Sites: Each application and web site must go through a rigorous application review process. Applications will be evaluated to determine affiliate partnerships that best fit with CheapCaribbean's business model, marketing goals, and objectives. The acceptance or decline of any applicant is at CheapCaribbean’s sole discretion for any reason. This includes applications for sites that contain explicit content that could be classified as defamatory, sexually explicit, violent, or do not in our discretion maintain a reasonable standard of performance or quality. All applicants will be notified of their acceptance or rejection.

Use of Logos, Trademarks, & Links in Web Sites: This policy also covers the use of the "CheapCaribbean" trade name links provided by CheapCaribbean through CJ Affiliate. Approved Affiliates may use the links, ad banners, graphics, and logos provided via the CJ Affiliate interface. These creative materials provided by CheapCaribbean through CJ Affiliate may only be used within approved Affiliate web sites, not within search engines or pay per click campaigns. Use of any other content (images, logos, text or screenshots) from without prior written approval is strictly prohibited.

CheapCaribbean makes available the HTML code which provides special tagged links to the pages. These links include tracking codes which determine commission fees. As the Affiliate, you must ensure each of the links between your web site and are tagged links. CheapCaribbean will not be responsible for lost commissions due to non-tagged link usage.

Additional Promotional Methods

Social Media: Affiliates are permitted to promote via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or any other social media platform, however, we request that affiliates use @CheapCaribbean in all posts.


Non-Commissionable Items: Commission is excluding taxes and fees. Sales generated through unauthorized coupons / promotion codes are not commissionable. Commissionable purchases are for international (outside of the United States) flight + hotel packages as well as hotel-only bookings with/without activities and/or car rentals. Flight-only, activities-only, transfers-only, and car-only bookings are not commissionable. CheapCaribbean Cruises are not included as part of the affiliate program and commissions will not be paid on any cruise bookings.

Coupons & Promotional Codes: Publishers may only use coupons and promotional codes that are provided exclusively through the affiliate program / CJ Affiliate platform (those that are not excluded or exclusive).

Cash Back Publisher Policy: ALL rebates must be in the form of cash back and no rebate can be given at the time of purchase.

Special Instructions: Non-authorized coupons and promotional codes include site-wide, otherwise publicly available offers. If a publisher is found promoting unauthorized coupons and promotional codes, CheapCaribbean will reverse commissions.