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See and be seen at these top 12 beaches

See and be seen at these top 12 beaches

by Hope Heldmar and Roberto Jaimes

When you're making your vacation plans this year, we knew you'd want some suggestions. So we compiled our list of the top 12 beaches in the Caribbean and Mexico to see and be seen! There's a beach for every month, so you can enjoy the sand and sun all year long.

Hint: there's a surprise for you at the end.

Our Tip: enjoy a sunset cocktail at Grace Bay Club's Infiniti Bar, the longest bar in the Caribbean. Our Tip: Flamenco is a great beach for packing a picnic and dining on the sand.

Our Tip: take a picture from one of the volcanic rocks along Horseshoe Bay's shore - you'll want to remember the view! Our Tip: Levera Beach is a turtle sanctuary - if you're there in the spring, look for turtle hatchings.

Our Tip: take a picture by the Fofoti trees, the most photographed trees in Aruba. Our Tip: take an underwater camera to capture all the gorgeous sea life in Trunk Bay.

Our Tip: find a spot on Seven Mile Beach at sunset and witness the most mesmerizing shades of orange and yellow you'll ever see. Our Tip: eat some fresh Anguilla seafood at one of the restaurants on the beach.

Our Tip: bring your own snacks, beach towels and snorkeling equipment for a day at Smuggler's Cove. Our Tip: don't forget your camera because the views from the Tangolunda Bay are gorgeous.

Our Tip: pack all the things you'll need for a day at the beach, including snack, drinks and snorkel gear. Our Tip: go early for less people or go later in the day if you want to enjoy the beach party.


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