Jamaica Travel Tips

Explore Hidden Beaches!

If your Jamaican travels take you to Port Antonio, then you're in for a real treat! Located on the north eastern portion of Jamaica, Port Antonio is becoming a destination worth checking out. You'll discover gorgeous landscapes, brilliant blue waters and several beaches that are 'off the beaten path'.


One beach that is worth scouting out is Shanshy Beach Complex on the west side of Port Antonio. Locals often visit, plus the area is used for local concerts and events. And, it's a great spot for swimming!

Meet the People Program
Hike the Blue Mountains in Jamaica.

Hike The Hills

If you're looking to venture out towards the eastern side of the island and like a little adventure, hiking through the Blue Mountains will be just your thing. Plush, beautiful tropical vegetation and flowers fill the mountain, making this one of the most scenic hikes you'll ever go on!


This adventure is definitely for those who are looking for a challenging hike. But, if you want to experience a part of Jamaica that is not overly crowded with tourists and lets you see the gorgeous landscapes, traveling to the Blue Mountains will be well-worth your time.


Dine Around Jamaica

Every November Jamaica celebrates Restaurant Week, allowing restaurants all over the island to create special menus and specials for people to try. You can dine on special drinks, signature dishes and a chance to interact with locals in Jamaica.


You're encouraged to eat out if you're visiting Jamaica during restaurant week, and prices are reduced up to 50% off! 

Dine out in Jamaica during Restaurant Week.
Jamaica's Meet & Greet Program

Greet, Meet & See!

If you're wanting to really get out and learn, explore and experience Jamaican culture, then you'll want to participate in the Meet-the-People program. You'll be matched up with a local Jamaican that shares similar interests with you.


Your Jamaican friend will share local traditions, customs and any insights into life in Jamaica. If you're wanting to see some really good hidden treasures, then this experience is for you. And, the best part - it's free!


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