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Vieques and Other Areas Overview

If you want to slow down and chill out in Puerto Rico, we know perfect place for you. Vieques is largely an undisturbed paradise filled with mangroves, beaches and glowing water. Offering a wealth of natural beauty, Vieques and nearby Culebra are great for tranquil beach experiences and eco-tourist activities. What else does this pristine paradise have to offer? Vieques has only two small towns, but there you can find picturesque ferry docks, beachfront boardwalks, great hotels and spas. Once you work up an appetite from all that relaxation, you can find some great, no-frills eateries as well as some higher-end dining options—it’s your choice. So go ahead and downshift to a slower speed and enjoy the beautiful beaches and easy-going culture of Vieques.


Mapping Out Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico weaves several diverse environments and activities into one, totally awesome destination with something for everyone. El Yunque National Forest attracts eco-lovers for its stunning vistas and vibrant ecology. Off the east coast, the out islands of Vieques and Culebra offer luxuriant beaches and resorts. Culebra is home to the famous Playa Flamenco, considered one of the best beaches in the world. Cosmo-philes head to central Puerto Rico to see the 1,000-foot radio telescope at Arecibo Observatory. In the south, the museums and architecture showcase a more distinctly Puerto Rican design, such as the fire station museum in Ponce. Surfers head west to Rincon for some world-class wave catching and the relaxed, no worries culture. So pick your part of Puerto Rico and experience the amazing things woven into this amazing place.


Zaco's Tacos in Vieques

Culebra the Tasty

Take a day trip to Culebra, and you don't only get world-class beaches, you get awesome food, too!


Zaco’s Tacos is a small shack on Culebra that sells inexpensive tacos in a warm, no-frills building. With bright colors inside and a terrace outdoors, you’ll feel right at home in this cozy environment as you chow down on lip-smacking tacos. You can have your choice of seared tuna, beer-battered fish, beef and more.


Another popular dining spot is Juanita Bananas. Your meal here will be less of an entrée and more of a smorgasbord of delicious appetizers and its famous sushi. The restaurant serves the freshest produce and seafood. The menu changes daily, so check the chalkboard for the day's offerings. Order at the bar, and tuck in to your tasty meal on the patio.


Sophisticated yet Simple

Vieques blends cultivated luxury and island seclusion for a vacation that's equal parts VIP and Robinson Crusoe.


With destinations like the W Retreat & Spa, Vieques offers a mix of relaxed island time and upscale pampering. The W is a beacon of elegance and sophisticated vacationing with tourist-friendly activities like snorkeling at Gringo Beach nearby. Yet in Vieques, that luxury is tempered with an easy-going attitude.


It’s not that the people of Vieques are indifferent. They just know how to enjoy life. Just check out Conuco, an upscale yet laidback restaurant that offers delectable entrees, sangria and wine. With main courses around $15, you won’t break the bank yet you’re still enjoying a meal that’s as tasty as it is beautifully presented.


W Retreat & Spa, Vieques
Playa Flamenco, a lovely beach in Culebra

Playa Flamenco, a lovely beach in Culebra Read the Beaches

If the out islands of Vieques and Culebra interest you, you're probably looking for that special beach experience. Well don't go all that way and start guessing at beaches. Check out these two for a relaxing good time.


Playa Flamenco is Culebra’s famous gem of a beach. Its sugar-white sand and bright blue water draw crowds of people during the weekends. Our advice? Head over on a weekday to savor a more secluded experience on this amazing stretch of coast.


Another great choice is Playa Caracas, located on the east side of Vieques in Bahia Corcho. The waves here are minimal, so it’s a great place to relax. This little beach with strikingly clear water is a great getaway if you'd rather stay closer to home on Vieques.


Vieques National Wildlife Refuge

Rent a jeep and set out on Caribbean safari through the Vieques National Wildlife refuge. You can see tons of habitats on this reserve, and the bird watching is excellent. Vieques National Wildlife Refuge was once a US Navy base, but the Navy left in 2003, creating a tremendous vacuum of space on Vieques. Rather than resorts, restaurants or the like, the land was instead made into a nature preserve. That's lucky for us, because this refuge offers another unique advantage.


While you explore and marvel at the gorgeous wildlife on the island, keep your eyes peeled for a secluded beachfront. You just might find yourself on an empty stretch of white, sandy beach. A couple of hours with your very own beach is a highlight every Vieques visitor should experience.


Whether for the birds or the beaches, explore the wildlife refuge to discover the natural beauty of Vieques.


Vieques National Wildlife Refuge

Vieques Quick Facts



Spanish and English (Primarily Spanish)






110 volts / compatible with American electronics



All U.S. citizens must have a valid passport when traveling to and from Vieques.


Drinking Water

Tap water is safe to drink.


Time Zone

Eastern Standard Time (UTC/GMT -4 hours)


Peak Season

mid-December – mid-April



High* Low* Precip.*
January 84°F 69°F 2.7 in.
February 84°F 68°F 1.3 in.
March 85°F 69°F 1.3 in.
April 87°F 71°F 2.3 in.
May 87°F 73°F 4.4 in.
June 89°F 75°F 3.2 in.
July 89°F 75°F 3.2 in.
August 89°F 75°F 5 in.
September 89°F 74°F 5.2 in.
October 89°F 73°F 5 in.
November 87°F 72°F 5 in.
December 85°F 70°F 3.4 in.

*Historical averages.