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Top LGBT-Friendly Destinations

Top LGBT-Friendly Destinations

by Roberto Jaimes

Beautiful beaches, warm weather and a million-and-one things to do; the Caribbean really does have it all. But LGBT travelers have to be a little pickier than other people looking for some fun in the sun. While all resorts are generally welcoming to everyone, some locations have reputations as less hospitable to different lifestyles.

On the other hand, other destinations have had a long history of advocacy, sometimes even indifference, toward the gay-community. Although progress toward universal acceptance has been made across the Caribbean, here are the best places LGBT travelers can visit today.

St. Croix

As the largest of the U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Croix has a lot to offer tourists. The number of shops, restaurants and recreational activities mixes well with the opportunities for relaxation. And as an openly gay-friendly destination, there's freedom to do it all. The Cormorant Beach Club Restaurant & Bar is St. Croix's popular gay bar and open to all-- all visitors dressed stylishly, that is!

Recommended by several gay and lesbian travel sites, The Buccaneer Hotel is a great place to stay for those looking for a little bit of luxury. The highly rated hotel offers old-world charm along with a variety of water sports choices. And no passport required!

Puerto Rico

Another of the U.S. territories is a popular spot for gay and lesbian tourists. As in all other parts of the U.S., travelers can enjoy the protection of the United States' antidiscrimination laws. San Juan is great for all, and there are quite a number of gay and lesbian bars, restaurants and more.

But 19 miles outside of San Juan, LGBT visitors may want to check out the Gran Melia Puerto Rico. It's TAG-approved, certified as gay-friendly, enforces non-discriminatory policies and provides diversity and sensitivity training for employees. It also empowers customers and employees to be "watchdogs" of its gay-and-lesbian business practices. Best of all, you can stay at Gran Melia then drive 20 minutes and play in San Juan!


There's being open to the LGBT community, then there's Curacao. Directly from their Tourist Board comes the saying, "Gay Curacao: Live and let live!" The country actively advertises to gay and lesbian travelers and provides a great resource at There, visitors can discover beaches, activities, and accommodations where they can meet other like-minded individuals.

Luckily, has a selection of resorts that you can stay at. The Renaissance Curacao Resort and Casino has a great nightlife and a welcoming atmosphere. The historical Avila Hotel specializes in commitment ceremonies for couples, and the Curacao Marriott Beach Resort & Emerald Casino has the perfect place for gay travelers to press their luck. And the Floris Hotel is not only friendly to all tourists, but is adults-only, too! All of these resorts are TAG-approved.


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