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St. Thomas Overview

St. Thomas is a popular cruise-ship stop, so you know what that means: They really know how to cater to their visitors. That's great news for you because you'll find the very best in shopping, beaches, watersports, and even a world-renowned golf course. Plus there’s a host of delicious restaurants and lively nightlife options for every different price range. If you want to slow down a bit, head further inland, away from the busy cruise-ship docks and bustling activity. There you’ll find quaint historical sites rich with pirate history as well as nature parks and opportunities to sail, snorkel, hike and more. St. Thomas makes for a great all-in-one vacation destination. It’s all here – you just have to get here!

Find your way around with this St. Thomas map.

Mapping Out the USVI

You’ve got three separate islands to explore within the U.S. Virgin Islands, each with its own distinct flavor. 


St. John is the greenest island, full of nature preserves and pristine beaches. Two-thirds of this entire island is a National Park. Here, there's very limited development except for a few no-footprint, tent resorts.


St. Thomas, on the other hand, is a completely different vacation experience. Large resorts cater to the constant tourist flow while cruise-ship traffic makes for a bustling harbor and lots of shopping and activity.


Then there's St. Croix, the little island with just about everything. It’s got old forts and former sugar plantations, pristine rainforest land and world-class scuba diving opportunities. Between the three islands, you’ve got one amazing vacation!

Arrr, Matey at Blackbeard's Castle

If you find yourself occasionally talking in pirate-speak, it’s time to head to Blackbeard's Castle.


Once you arrive, you’ll be greeted by life-sized statues of pirates located around the garden area. Head up the tower located at the top of Government Hill, and from there you can see some pretty amazing views of the harbor at Charlotte Amalie. 


This is the only unmodified 17th century fortified tower in the entire Caribbean, so you know you're getting the real deal here! Make sure to bring a camera along so you don't miss a thing.

Blackbeard's Castle in St. Thomas
99 Steps in St. Thomas

99 Steps

Get your heart pumping with a great workout climbing up one of St. Thomas’ most famous landmarks. But before you go, we have to confess – there are actually 103 steps not 99, but who’s counting?


As you climb the steps, you'll probably start to wonder where they came from once you reach step 30. Well, when the Danes came over from Denmark, they had stones in the hulls of their sailing ships to serve as ballast.


Those stones are the same ones that you'll be climbing when you visit the 99 steps, so when you come home, you can tell all your friends that you climbed 300-year-old stones straight from Denmark.

Stroll Through Charlotte Amalie

Take a walk through the vendor-lined streets of capital city Charlotte Amalie, and you’ll see exactly why some people call St. Thomas the duty-free shopping capital of the world.


Browse through over 400 shops along the main street filled with trinkets, jewelry, rum, duty-free smokes and more. You can even find great deals and discounts on leather, electronics and designer clothes.


This harbor also has some gorgeous European-style buildings that you can photograph. You'll love this bargain-shoppers’ bazaar and be able to do all your souvenir shopping at once. 

Charlotte Amalie in St. Thomas
Butterfly Garden, St. Thomas

Bright Bugs at the Butterfly Garden

Enter a lush tropical garden for an unforgettable experience frolicking with exotic butterflies from all over the world.


Visit the garden in the morning and you might be lucky enough to see a new butterfly emerge from its cocoon and take its first flight.


However, if you’re hoping for some great photos, come later in the day because the butterflies will tend to be less active and better photography subjects.


If you decide to go, make sure to wear bright colors and perfumed lotion if you have them because they'll attract these lovely creatures right to you!

Mountains and More at Magen's Bay

If you can’t choose between the mountains or the sea, you can have them both at Magen’s Bay.


At Magen's Bay, you'll see breathtaking mountains roll right into the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. No wonder National Geographic named this beach one of the world’s 10 most beautiful beaches!


The waters here are so clear that we consider this the perfect place for snorkeling and swimming. Watersports like kayaking are available, too. However, if you’d rather just lie in the powdery white-sand and work on your tan all day, we completely understand. 

Magens Bay, St. Thomas

St. Thomas Quick Facts






U.S. Dollar



The electrical current in the Virgin Islands is the same as on the U.S. mainland - 110 to 120 volts AC (60 cycles).



There is no passport requirement for U.S. citizens for direct travel to St. Thomas. If you return to the mainland U.S. from St. Thomas through another country (Mexico or Bermuda, for example), you will need a passport.


Drinking Water

Drink only bottled water


Time Zone

Eastern Standard Time (UTC/GMT -4 hours)


Peak Season

December to April



High* Low* Precip.*
January 85°F 72°F 1.9 in.
February 85°F 72°F 1.5 in.
March 86°F 73°F 1.6 in.
April 87°F 74°F 2.7 in.
May 88°F 76°F 3.3 in.
June 88°F 78°F 2.5 in.
July 90°F 78°F 2.4 in.
August 90°F 78°F 3.4 in.
September 90°F 77°F 5 in.
October 89°F 76°F 5.4 in.
November 87°F 75°F 5.7 in.
December 86°F 73°F 3 in.

*Historical averages.