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Get Involved: Keep Aruba Beautiful

Get Involved: Keep Aruba Beautiful

by Roberto Jaimes

Want to make a difference while on vacation? Bucuti and Tara Beach Resorts might be perfect for you. These resorts are located on Eagle Beach, one of the Top 10 Caribbean Beaches according to Travel Channel, and they do a great job in keeping this beach dreamy. But what makes the resorts truly unique is that they allow you to take part in keeping Aruba beautiful.

Bucuti and Tara Beach Resorts are located on 14 acres of powder white sand, contributing to its TripAdvisor Traveler's Choice award for one of the Top 10 Most Romantic Resorts in the World. However, all beauty must be maintained or else it vanishes. To ensure that Aruba's beauty remains intact, the resorts have implemented a variety of "green" solutions, which include using energy saving light bulbs, repurposing towels, buying items such as shampoo and juice in bulk, and using solar heated water in the laundry room, among many others. These initiatives allowed the resorts to be Green Globe 21 certified for their environmental and socially sustainable performance, as well as Travelife Gold certified for their commitment to reducing their environmental impacts and constantly looking for new opportunities for improvement.

The efforts of the resorts allow the nature of Aruba to remain practically untouched. And what's great about this is that Bucuti and Tara Beach Resorts allow you to experience everything that Aruba has to offer! The Aruba Green Package allows you to enjoy all the local natural wonders. You get an authentic Arubian dinner prepared by a local chef, go on the Kayak Snorkeling Tour at pristine Mangel Halto reef, take a guided hike in Aruba's Arikok National Park with a native park ranger, and you get a tour of the Aruba Aloe Factory as well as a variety of local aloe products.

After seeing all the wonders of Aruba, surely you would want to get involved in the conservation efforts. Join the Bucuti Team on a beach cleanup! The third Wednesday of every month, a group of employees sets out to clean a mile of beach or roadside, and visitors are welcome to join in. Your actions will in turn get the community involved as well as raise awareness of the trash problem in order to reduce it.

One possible solution to reducing the trash problem is recycling. The resorts encourage this behavior by hosting a recycled crafts contest for Bucuti associates. How can you get involved? You can judge the event! These celebrations take place several times during the year including Christmas, Halloween, spring and summer.

After all this excitement, you won't want to leave Aruba. But hey, you can take a piece of this beautiful island with you by adopting a local cat or dog! Bucuti offers a program that allows you to adopt a dog or cat in need of a loving home. Advise the resort in advance and they will help you find your match, or you can adopt a stray too! Bucuti will cover the cost for necessary veterinary services, medication and documentation, as well as a kennel to transport the newest member of your family to its new home.

Bucuti and Tara Resorts cater exclusively to couples/adults. You may or may not fall in love with your partner on a trip to these romantic resorts, but you will definitely fall in love with Aruba. Why not leave knowing that you were able to make a difference in maintaining the beauty of this gorgeous beach?