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If there’s one thing we love, besides the beach, of course, it’s Instagram. Instagram has become one of the top platforms for travel inspiration, and we can totally see why. With all of the trendy hashtags and ability to search by locations, it’s easy to fall in to an Instagram black-hole of travel inspiration!

We’ve rounded up 10 Instagram-worthy spots in Aruba, from the California Lighthouse on the north end to the San Nicolas murals in the south. We’re going to have your Instagram followers swarming to your pics the second you post!

10 Instagram-Worthy Spots in Aruba California Lighthouse (Photo by: @nkoehlerphotography)

California Lighthouse

The California Lighthouse, at the northern most point of Aruba is a true Instagrammers paradise. The gorgeous white light house and picturesque scenery around it create some of the hottest photo spots. Not to mention the adorable food truck, or maybe we should say food bus, that serves delicious treats like fresh coconuts, shaved ice and more! ¬

10 Instagram-Worthy Spots in Aruba Aruba donkey sanctuary (Photo by: K. Canonaco)

Donkey Sanctuary

How many places in the world can you hang out with donkeys? Not many! Aruba has one of the few donkey sanctuaries in the world, where you can get up close and personal with these cuties, making for the perfect Instagram shot!

10 Instagram-Worthy Spots in Aruba Aruba butterfly farm (Photo by: @travelthegalaxxy)

Butterfly Farm

Ready to step in to a lush green paradise and be surrounded by over 30 species of beautiful butterflies? If the answer is yes, wear bright colors and spritz on a little extra perfume and you’ll really attract the butterflies at the Aruba Butterfly Farm. Watch these majestic creatures land and snap an Insta-perfect pic for your feed!

10 Instagram-Worthy Spots in Aruba Aruba natural bridge (Photo by: D. Studebaker)

Natural bridge

After the original Natural Bridge collapsed in 2005, the smaller, Baby Natural Bridge emerged and has been providing Instagram-worthy shots ever since! The mixture of coral and limestone provide not only a natural bridge over the ocean but a scene of ultimate tranquility, and great Instagram shots!

10 Instagram-Worthy Spots in Aruba Eagle Beach Divi Tree (Photo by: @wanderingblogs)

Eagle beach

Home to the prized Divi-Divi Trees, beautiful coconut palms, the crystal-clear waters and more, this beach is sure to have your Instagram followers swooning. If you plan your visit accordingly, you just might be able to see the baby turtles hatching and making their way back to the ocean.

10 Instagram-Worthy Spots in Aruba Quadirikiri Caves (Photo by: @sandra.btr225)

Arikok Park

This incredible National Park encompasses almost 20% of the entire island of Aruba. You can get your Insta-shot off on a hike through the lush green areas and rock formations, or explore the mysterious Quadirikiri Caves and snap a shot (or ten) underneath the giant hole in the middle of the cave!


If you love a colorful Instagram feed, the murals in San Nicolas are for you. There are tons of murals around every turn, covering the buildings of San Nicolas.

10 Instagram-Worthy Spots in Aruba Smoothie bowl, Eduardo's Beach Shack (Photo by: @NYClikestoeat)

Eduardo’s Beach Shack

We love snapping a good Instagram shot, but we really love being able to eat what’s in the shot afterwards. Eduardo’s Beach Shack is definitely one of the best spots to get a fabulous #foodstagram shot! If you want more Instagram worthy food spots, check out our Island Eats Post, you won’t be disappointed.

10 Instagram-Worthy Spots in Aruba Aruba Aloe farm (Photo by: @wherelindagoes)

Aloe Vera Farm

Say Aloe to our little friend the Aruba Aloe Farm. This gem, located in central Aruba provides some of the coolest scenery where you’ll be surrounded by luscious aloe plants with wide, spread leaves and plants for as far as you can see. Snap a pic of the plants, the adorable gift shop or you, frolicking through the fields of aloe. Regardless of which shot you share, your Insta followers will be double tapping at how unique this aloe farm is!

10 Instagram-Worthy Spots in Aruba Flamingo Beach (Photo by: @liatverner)
10 Instagram-Worthy Spots in Aruba Flamingo beach cabanan (Photo by: @theseperfectplaces)
10 Instagram-Worthy Spots in Aruba Flamingo beach (Photo by: @_mar.cus_)

Flamingo Beach

This spot might just be the ultimate Instagram-worthy spot in Aruba! Your Instagram followers are sure to have instant #FOMO when they see shots of your frolicking on the beach with these exquisite creatures. Flamingo Beach is found on Renaissance Aruba’s Private island. If you are a guest of the hotel, you have free access to Flamingo Beach, if not, you can purchase a day pass for $100. Another notable experience on this beachy little island is renting the luxurious cabanas. which is an additional charge, but it’s a small price to pay for an unforgettable experience.

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