Aruba Travel Tips

Wine and Dine at Madame Jenette's

Madame Jenette’s is the island’s most unique and tasty restaurant. When this popular eatery opened in 1999, it quickly cultivated a dedicated following of foodies for its fine dining and casual atmosphere.


Hungry guests will enjoy Madame's traditional European delicacies that feature a unique Caribbean twist. Be sure to order the Fire Roasted Sugar Cane Shrimp Skewers and Madame’s famous Burgerloin. Both are exquisite examples of the top-notch chefs and service that you will receive at Madame Jenette's. 

Madame Jenette's in Aruba serves up European food with a Caribbean twist.
Enjoy great food and great artwork at Gasparito Restaurant and Art Gallery in Aruba.

Paint Hunger Away at Gasparito Restaurant

If you came to Aruba for a chance to try new things, explore a new place and get to know the people who call the island home, then you need to take the short trip over to Gasparito Restaurant and Art Gallery. 


Gasparito is both original and uniquely Aruban. With family roots dating back to the Arawak tribes, the friendly owners of this titillating restaurant are passionate about sharing the food, art and hospitality of the Aruban people. 


Once you take your seat on the outdoor patio, you'll enjoy a sensory tour of the best local artwork and food Aruba has to offer. This unique space leaves guests with an intimate view and appreciation of Aruba’s rich heritage from the culinary and artistic masterpieces you'll consume at Gasparito. Be sure to order the Keshi Yena if you really want to enjoy the best Gasparito has to offer.   

Spend Your Time at the Numismatic Museum

Located in a relatively non-descript building in the capital city of Oranjestad, the intriguing Numismatic Museum is home to more than 40,000 historic coins and paper currency.


While this extensive collection covers most Caribbean and South American countries, many of the artifacts date back to ancient Greece, Rome and the Byzantian empire. You'll be astonished by the important role currency has held throughout history. While one man's love of money has produced one of the most extensive collections of currency, the Numismatic Museum is a stimulating way to kill a few hours without "donating" too much coin of your own. 

See more than 40,000 historic coins at the Numismatic Museum in Aruba!
Learn all about Aruba at the Aruba Archaeological Museum.

Experience History in Aruba

The Archaeological Museum of Aruba hosts a collection of artifacts that demonstrate the rich history and heritage of Aruba’s indigenous people. Nowhere else will you find a better vantage point into the history of the island's native citizens and the impact European colonization had upon their lives.  


Located in the historic Ecury complex in downtown Oranjestad, the Archeaological Museum of Aruba is open from 10am-5pm, Monday through Friday and 10am-2pm on Saturday and Sunday. 

Bury Your Chicken During St. John's Day

Each year, St. John’s Day, otherwise known as the annual “burying of the rooster festival,” literally ignites the island in celebration to commemorate the purification of bad spirits and mark the end to a sucessful harvest.


During this lively cultural celebration, many dance, sing and jump over the flames in celebration. Other festivities include traditional songs and choreographed dance centralized around a rooster. In the old days the rooster would be sacrified, but these days a rubber chicken takes its place. If you're in Aruba around June 24, this is one event you don't want to miss.  

St. John's Day in Aruba is an annual festival of singing, dancing, parades and costumes.

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