Mazatlan Travel Tips

Dance the Night Away at Mazatlan's Carnival

Considered one of the three most important carnivals in the world, this festival dates back to 1898. Kicking off five days before Ash Wednesday, guests will be blown away by the rocking celebration that takes over this sleepy little town. 


With the music of "La Tambora Sinaloense", the city turns into a huge party during the pre-Easter season with elaborately decorated floats, costumes, fireworks and a multitude of characters who will get you in the carnival mood in no time!

Mazatlan's Carnival
Acuario Mazatlan

Diving Into Fun at Acuario Mazatlan

Looking for something to do that doesn't cost a lot of money? Want a way to check out the fish without getting wet? The Acuario Mazatlan is said to be one of the best aquariums in Mexico. If you love watching a variety of exotic fish, come explore an exciting world left uncharted by land-locked sea lovers.  


For around $7, you'll have access to the entire aquarium and all the shows. If you're looking for a thrill, check out the "Sharks" and "Birds of Prey" exhibits. We must warn you, if you watch the seal show, be careful where you sit or you'll get a splash you didn't bargain for!

Tour Basilica of the Immaculate Conception

The 19th century Basilica of the Immaculate Conception has become a popular destination for those who love colonial architecture and can appreciate the European influence within the architecture of the area. Catholic or not, come check out this beautiful cathedral in all of its glory. 


With colorful spires and Italian marble, the cathedral is breathtaking. If you've come to Mazatlan to experience the culture, do yourself a favor and stop by Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. If you plan on exploring the interior, it's recommended to go at night as to avoid disrupting any services and to enjoy the cathedral's new lighting system. 

Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Mazatlan
Pino Suarez Market is a great place for cheap souvenirs.

Haggle for Souvenirs at Pino Suarez Market

This is the city’s oldest, cheapest, and most assorted shopping destination. If you want to get rid of those pesos burning a hole in your pocket, Pino Suarez Market is sure to have something that'll strike your fancy. 


Having served Mazatlan for over 100 years, the French-colonial architecture at Pino Suarez is impressive and quite inviting. With plenty of fresh fish, meat, vegetables and fruit, the market is everything you wish your local supermarket could be! If you aren't there for the food, shoppers can also pick up a variety of handmade crafts, shirts and other assorted goods for a low price. 

Smell the Roses at the Flower Market

With all the sun, swimming, and fun you'll have in Mazatlan, part of living the simple life means taking time to stop and smell the roses. Don't know where to go? A quick trip to the expansive Flower Market will greet you with all the fresh cut arrangements you could ever ask for!


The block-long market is also open 24 hours for all of your florist needs. With many high-end arrangements costing around $20, the Flower Market is a great place to spoil your sweetheart for not a lot of money! 

The Flower Market in Mazatlan is the place for floral engagements.

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