St Croix Travel Tips

Dine Daringly at Dashi

Do you consider yourself a foodie? If so, you've got to try a local favorite: ox tail soup.


Don't freak out just yet - it tastes just like beef. You can find this delicious treat around St. Croix at a lot of local spots and even roaming food vans, but we recommend you taste it done right first.


At Dashi you can get a miso-flavored ox tail stew that will have you begging for more. After that, you can go on the hunt for more joints that serve this local delight, and see if they can compare. 

Dashi St. Croix
The Galleon in St. Croix

Best Wine and Dine: The Galleon

Capellini Con Vongole anyone? You can find out what that is at this delicious spot.


Or, you can just try the wine. Now we’re talking. The extensive wine cellar at The Galleon has won the Wine Spectator award of excellence for two years in a row. The point is: they have great wine, so go try it.


Not only that, but they’ve also won several Taste of St. Croix awards for their delicious food. Great wine and great food? What are you waiting for? 

Snag Some Souvenirs at Company Street

If you’re short on time and souvenirs, head to downtown Christiansted. It's the perfect place for a little one-stop shopping.


How do you get there? Well, it's pretty easy. Just head about a block west from the Apothecary Hall Museum, and you’ll find 2111 Company Street.


Once you arrive, you'll know it because you'll see rows of charming little shops and restaurants – it’s the perfect place to stop for a little shopping, snacking and sunlight. 

Company Street in St. Croix
Avocado in St. Croix

Amazing Avocados

Anyone up for some avocados? They're easy to find on St. Croix. If you happen to see some avocados for sale on the side of the road, which you most definitely will, then stop. These babies sell for nothing more than about $2 a pop. 


They're delicious and cheap. What more could you ask for? Plus you’ll be supporting the locals. Grab some. There's something about the local avocados here that makes them taste so fresh and buttery.


You really can’t get anything better for just a couple of bucks. 

Hunt Some Hermit Crabs at The Palms Beach

When we say you ought to hunt some hermit crabs, we don’t mean we want you to shoot them. Just see if you can spot them.


Sure, you’ve seen the usual-sized hermit crabs at your local pet store in the mall, but when have you ever seen one so small that it's about the size of your pinky nail?


See, that’s what we mean by hunt. Look really hard for them. It sounds a bit odd, but once you start searching, you’ll find it surprisingly addicting.  

Tiny Hermit Crabs, St. Croix

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