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The Best Key Lime Pie You'll Ever Have

“Let them eat key lime pie” is the motto of local shop owner Vernon, who runs Vernon's Grocery Store and Upper Crust Bakery. At his shop, he doesn't just sell groceries. He makes delicious, fragrant, mouth-watering key lime pie. And he does it all himself.


Once you enter his quaint store, the first thing you'll notice is that he has tons of notes scribbled with memorable sayings. They line his walls, from floor to ceiling. It's a sight to see and read! But you're not there to read, of course. What you want is a taste of that key lime pie.


So, before you head out the door, you’ll see Vernon himself, baking what the locals call the best key lime pie you can find in the Abacos. Grab one and say hi!

Key lime pie is the specialty at Vernon's Grocery and Upper Crust Bakery in the Abacos.
Try conch cracked, fried or in a burger at Cap'n Jacks Restaurant in the Abacos.

Crack Some Conch at Cap’n Jacks

If you've wanted to try the Caribbean specialty, conch, then look no further than Cap'n Jacks.


Once you stumble onto this quaint restaurant, you'll be taken in by its gorgeous pink-and-white exterior. What's even better is the food.


Not only do they sell beer by the case and your favorite liquor by the bottle, but they also have conch served up in every way imaginable. Try a conch burger, conch quesadillas, conch wraps, buffalo conch, conch chowder, conch fritters or cracked conch. Oh, and don’t forget conch fingers and fries for the kids. 

Eat Homemade Bahamian Food at Laura’s

A visit to the Bahamas means you've got to try at least one authentic Bahamian dish. Trust none other than Laura Sawyer. She runs the family-owned Laura's Kitchen.


Housed in a quaint, white Bahamian cottage, this place has quickly become a favorite among the locals. Depending on what’s fresh at the market, the menu will change nightly, so you'll always get something good.


Treat yourself to delicious American and Bahamian homemade treats too: fried grouper, fried chicken, and cracked conch. The burgers are tops too.

Dine on authentic, homemade Bahamian food at Laura's Kitchen in the Abacos.
Try your hand at bonefishing while visiting the Abacos.

Bag a Record Bonefish

Maybe you've tried fishing, fly-fishing, and even deep-sea fishing. But have you tried bonefishing?


If you're ready to try your hand at it, then head to Sandy Point. There you'll find pristine water barely touched by man and a warm, consistent climate that makes for ideal bonefishing. 


What's really challenging about this type of fishing is that the bonefish are hard to find. But you'll know you've spotted a bonefish when you see a silvery or gray fish with a long body built for speed.

Once you're in an area where they're known to hang out, you can catch them in lots of different ways.


The easiest way is to try throwing chum into the water to attract them. Once they arrive, throw a baited hook into the midst of them! 

Best Chicken in a Bag

Sit on the harbor and watch the boats come and go while sipping ice-cold Kaliks (Bahamian Beer) and munching on a delicious snack. This can all be done at Harbour's Edge Restaurant.


What snack should you get to go with your Kalik? You've got to try one of the most popular Harbour's Edge specialties – Chicken in a Bag. Don't get grossed out until you hear what it is.


It’s a crispy fried chicken on a bed of French fries, coated with ketchup and hot sauce and served all wrapped up in a brown paper bag to seal in all the juices and flavor. It's delicious. We promise. Just try not to lick the bag. Or you can. We won’t judge you. 

Order a chicken in a bad, a finger-licking specialty at Harbor's Edge Restaurant in the Abacos.

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