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Whale-come to Whale Season

Whale-come to Whale Season

by Hope Heldmar

Right now, whales in the Pacific Ocean have bid adieu to the frigid, Arctic waters and migrated south for their annual vacation to Mexico.'s not a vacation per se (that's the last whale pun; promise). They migrate to their breeding grounds near Mexico's west coast. But they must be happy to frolic in warmer waters.

The whales hit Mexico in force from December to February, making those the best months for your beach vacation rendezvous with the whales.

Don't worry If you don't know where the whales hangout. We're hip to the coolest whale party spots. We'll show you where to bust some moves to the catchy beat of a whale song. First stop is Los Cabos, where the party scene is swhaleter...sweltering (this is going to be a challenge).

Baja California Sur
Los Cabos

Much like Cabo San Lucas on the shore, the waters around the Baja Peninsula are a hoppin' spot. The whales around here are partiers, and they aren't afraid to get close to the shore

Or maybe that's because the seafloor around Los Cabos drops off precipitously, so the water gets very deep very quickly. Either way, this means you don't have to go far out to see the huge whales surfacing and splashing.

For the total whale season experience, pick a resort where you might not even have to leave land for a view. From the upper floors of resorts like Pueblo Bonita or Sandos Finisterra, your ocean panorama might include whales splashing about.

Of course, there's no guarantee you'll see whales from your room. But you'll have booked your excursion to get a closer view of the magnificent mammals, anyway. If you do see them from your balcony, it's a delightful and surprising complement to your trip, especially if you don't mind climbing the stairwhal...stairwells

Baja California Sur
Whale Sanctuary of El Vizcaino

Further north on the Baja California Peninsula is a must-see eco-experience with an impressive guest list. The Whale Sanctuary of El Vizcaino (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) is a crucial breeding ground for gray whales located at the huge Ojo de Liebre and San Ignacio Lagoons.

And this site extends an open invitation to other migratory creatures. The sanctuary swha...swells with all sorts of marine guests who gather there to breed, including seals, sea lions and blue whales. Playing host are four species of endangered marine turtle who like the place so much, they call it home. That's plenty of partiers for the eco-friendly to get to know a little better.

Banderas Bay
Puerto Vallarta

People love Puerto Vallarta for its palm tree forests and gorgeous beaches. Whales love Puerto Vallarta for Banderas Bay. Hop on a boat and visit this crowd of humpbacks splashing around in the bay.

If you've already booked your trip to Puerto Vallarta (or Los Cabos) and you didn't schedule a trip to hang out with these rad whales, just give us a call. We can still get you into even the most exclusive whale shindigs.

A huge humpback whale soaring out of the waves right in front you is an unforgettable sight. Now that you know where to go, start packing your bags and working on your best whale song dance moves. After all, the whales only come down to hang out once a year, and it's not long before they say, "Fare-whale!" (sorry...couldn't help it).


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