Samana Travel Tips

Savor the Dominican Flag

For a taste of true Dominican culture on your trip to the Dominican Republic, make sure to order the Bandera Dominicana. The name means Dominican Flag in English and it's a must-try while in Samana. It's a traditional staple on the menu in the Dominican Republic consisting of yummy rice and beans, meat, salad and fried plantains. 


Best Spot to Shop: Las Terrenas

If you visit Las Terrenas, make sure to make a stop at the fisherman's village called the Puebo de Pescadores. It's a newer area made of shops and restaurants run by locals and ex-pats. Here you'll find gems like hand-crafted jewelry and accessories. Don't miss out on buying some genuine Dominican cigars or rum!


Best Place to Visit with Local Vendors: Las Galeras

Venture east of Samana for great local shopping in the quaint beach town of Las Galeras. The sleepy little town will make you feel special for discovering such a natural state of beauty where you can experience tranquil beach life away from the masses. This is where you can really stroll along the shops and get authentic treasures from the beautiful DR.




Best Cliff Diving Spot: Dudu Caves

Venture just outside Samana, west, to the town of Cabrera, where you’ll find the Dudu Caves. Locals hang out there to swim, jump off cliffs into the deep lagoon, and hop from rope swings over the water. You'll even see expert divers show up to explore the undergrounds of the caves. The best part is after you've done discovering cliff diving, you can munch on something yummy at the snack bar. 

Best Place to Dance and Eat: Cafe del Mar

Spend the evening in the beautiful and swanky Café del Mar Puerto Bahia where you can enjoy cocktails and delicious meals with live music and the gorgeous Samana sunset in the background. The restaurant is inside the Bannister Hotel in Puerto Bahia, right off the coast of Samana. And the Latin kitchen cooks up treats ranging from Spanish recipes, Mexican salsa and even vegetarian specialities. 


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