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James Bond Highlights of the Caribbean

James Bond Highlights of the Caribbean

by Anders Elmgren

What's the best place you've ever visited? You just know that our favorites are the best of the Caribbean - and we're willing to dish. But the Caribbean is a really big place, and our list is a mile long! So in honor of the 50th anniversary of that Caribbean-loving spy, we're saluting the best Caribbean destinations Bond style. James Bond style.

Close your eyes and picture Ursula Andress rising from the sea in a killer white bikini. Then, check out the backdrop, which is unmistakably Jamaica. In the first film, Dr. No, Jamaica locations had starring roles. After all, Ian Fleming actually wrote the book while living there. And if you're wondering, both Dunn's River Falls and Laughing Waters Beach were used for the fictional Crab Key.

It seems the Bond villains get the best places in the Caribbean to call home. Did you know that one of the best Caribbean destinations, Jamaica's Green Grotto Caves, served as Mr. Kananga's lair in Live and Let Die? These caves have a long history of villains and smugglers, but today they are filled with tourists visiting the lake, the 21 species of bats, the light holes and the amazing rock formations.

Possibly the easiest mission for spies is finding the best of the Caribbean. Take Miss Taro in Dr. No, who found home at Couples Sans Souci. Nassau and the Bahamas were used extensively for Thunderball and Never Say Never Again. You live like a spy with your favorite martini in hand when you stay at the British Colonial Hilton, which appeared in both films.

Paradise Island took its star turn in Casino Royale. Like Daniel Craig, check out the impressive Atlantis Resort while enjoying one of the best Caribbean vacations possible. Of course, with one of the world's best water parks, a glittering casino and a spectacular golf course, there may be no time for spy missions.

Puerto Rico had its moment of fame in GoldenEye when the Arecibo Observatory was the stand-in for the Cuban satellite dish. Other parts of Puerto Rico, including the coast and the Reserva Natural Laguna Tortuguero, provided scenic backdrops for Pierce Brosnan.

Whether you favor the villains or Bond, the best places in the Caribbean have more to offer than scenery and clear-blue water. When you're ready for the best, these Caribbean destinations deliver outstanding vacation memories!