Huatulco Travel Tips

Lunch Like the Locals at Café Vienna

Austria in Mexico? Sounds a little funny right? Well if you're craving a taste of Europe in Mexico, Cafe Viena has you covered.


Cafe Vienna is a local hotspot that in-the-know visitors and locals love. The owners, Helmut and Manfred traveled all the way from Salzburg to share their expertise with hungry patrons. Having gained a lot of attention for having great food at the cheapest prices, Cafe Vienna is a must when visiting Huatulco. If you're a little unsure of what to order, check out Manfred's wiener schnitzel, beef stroganoff or goulash. You'll thank us later!

Café Vienna Austriaco in Huatulco
Los Vaqueros is a great restaurant in Huatulco.

Where's the Beef? It's at Finca De Vaqueros!

What’s a vaquero? Well, it’s a cowboy. A Spanish cowboy. If you've been looking for an excuse to break out your boots and spurs, now's the time to mosey on over to this fine Huatulco restaurant.


With a collection of trail-inspired beef, Finca De Vaqueros offers the best cuts of steak, chicken and barbeque for not a lot of cash. Finca De Vaqueros opens mid-day and remains open until around 10 pm. However, if you're still munching, the restaurant will stay open until you're ready to ride into the sunset. 

Snatch a Sailfish

What's a sailfish you ask? Well, it's a unique type of fish that only lives in warm oceans and has a pretty radical dorsal fin. Yeah, that dorsal fin!


If you ever wanted to have one of these impressive creatures hanging above your fireplace, then head down to Huatulco for the Torneo de Pez Vela Huatulco. This annual festival is the city’s professional sailfish catching tournament. So grab your favorite rod and reel and get ready to catch a big one!

Torneo de Pez Vela Huatulco is a great spot to sailfish.
El Padrino serves up great tacos in Huatulco

Get Your Taco-Fix at El Padrino

After a night on the town, the only real quick-fix for red eyes are the delicious tacos at this famous Huatulco establishment.


Located on the second floor above the Coco Solo Boutique in the main plaza at La Crucesita, El Padrino serves some of the best authentic street-style tacos this side of the border.  


Be sure to sample a good variety of their tacos especially the souce of chicharron, chicharron prensado, chile relleno, nopalitos, carne asada and the ever-reliable quesillo. 

Chill with the Locals at Tipsy Blowfish

Want a real cultural experience? No, this isn’t the type that you'll read about in travel brochures. We're talking about a truly authentic Mexican experience.


If that strikes your fancy, grab a cold beer and chat it up with locals at the Tipsy Blowfish. This colorful bar is one of the hottest places in town due to its welcoming and laid-back vibe. In between shots of tequila and cerveza chasers, you'll get to know the local fishermen and residents of the area for a taste of the simpler life.  

The Tipsy Blowfish is the perfect place to grab a beer with the locals of Huatulco.

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