Bonaire Travel Tips

Get Your Grub on at Rose Inn

If you happen to find yourself in the sleepy town of Rincon, stop by this comfortable café run by Rose herself. The staff is friendly and the no-frills atmosphere let's you get right down to business -- trying Rose's delicious food!


For hungry and curious patrons, we recommend you try the goat stew so you can taste the traditional flavors of a home-spun Bonaire favorite! The restaurant also serves up healthy portions of traditional Bonaire favorites like salt-fish, fried chicken, black-eyed pea cake, red beans and rice and more. 

Grab lunch at Rose's Café in Bonaire.
Mangazina di Rei is the second oldest building on Bonaire

Discover History at Magazina di Rei

The Magazina di Rei is the second oldest stone building on the island. While the humble structure started life as a military post, you'll find no better place to discover Bonaire's history than to walk through one of its oldest landmarks.


Once there, you can tour a number of exhibits that document the Magazina's use throughout Bonaire's history. Some of the artifacts you'll see there are rocks, fossils, shells and period correct models of historic Bonaire structures. After you wrap up the tour, sit down and enjoy a refreshing glass of sorghum juice. 

Get Your Pink On At Flamingo Sanctuary

Looking to get your pink on? The Flamingo Sanctuary offers close-up views of our favorite pink-feathered friends in their natural habitat. Throughout the year, you can watch the flamingos hang out or nest by the "Pink Lake."

Although this sanctuary is technically off-limits to tourists, if you happen to have a pair of binoculars or a healthy appetite for adventure, you can enjoy a number of flamingo vantage points to watch and take pictures of these rare birds. 

Check out the Flamingo Sanctuary on Bonaire.
The Wind and Surf Beach Bar and Grill on Bonaire

Surf into the Wind and Surf Beach Hut

If you've come to Bonaire for a bonafied beach-bum experience, the moment you walk into the surf-board strewn hut, you'll know you've come to the right place.


The Wind and Surf Beach Bar and Grill is the perfect place for surfers and sun-worshippers to hang out after working up an appetite. Located next to the Windsurf Palace, the Wind and Surf Beach Bar serves fresh salads, seafood, burgers and cold beer throughout the day. Can't fit a lot cash in your swim-suit? No worries, the prices are cheap for such great food and service!

Treat Yourself With Lover's Ice Cream

You've come to Bonaire for the sun, sand and the beach. You've spent your day splashing in the waves or diving the deep. Afterall that activity, you are bound to be hungry. Luckily Bonaire is host to a number of scrumptious restaurants that are sure to satisfy any palate.


But what about ice-cream? If you're stricken with a sudden sweet tooth, head over to the Sand Dollar Shopping Plaza and enjoy the best and only ice-cream shop on the island. Once there, you can choose from 16 homemade favorites that keep sweet-cravings at bay. If you're adventurous, check out caramel pecan, mint and espresso ice cream.  

Lovers Ice Cream on Bonaire

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