Martinique Travel Tips

Best Places to Enjoy Creole Cusine: La Villa Creole

Located in the lively resort area of Trois-Ilets, La Villa Creole is a prime dining spot on Martinique. Stop in to enjoy some fine dining on the terrace of a traditional Creole family home. Gorgeous plus tasty food equals an excellent Martinique meal.

La Villa Creole in Martinique
Le Dome is the perfect spot for a romantic dinner in Martinique.

Best Place to Enjoy a Romantic Dinner: Le Dome

On the 8th floor of a hotel in the Valmeniere district, Le Dome caters predominantly to travelers from mainland France, but welcomes others from around the world. Listen to the gentle murmur of people speaking French and other languages as you savor fine French dishes such as cannelloni filled with salmon. You'll experience all this while you enjoy breathtaking views overlooking the island’s coast. Le Dome offers romance for all the senses.

Best Secluded Beach: Anse Grand Macabou

Far from civilization, this beautiful beach is wild and isolated from the hands of man. Discover an unexplored part of the island that is filled with coconuts, crabs and other wild beach dwellers. The journey to this wild shore is not easy, but it's doable. The road that leads to the beach is in a state of disrepair, so 4-wheel drive is preferable. There are also trails that lead to the beach. The hike through the coconut groves and exotic foliage is awesome. Just make sure you follow the right trails, and you'll end up on an unforgettable stretch of pristine Caribbean coastline.

Anse Grand Macabou
Rue Victor Hugo

Best Shopping: Rue Victor Hugo

Known for being the next best thing to Paris, Rue Victor Hugo is filled with all the latest clothing, makeup and luxury items straight out of Paris. The shopping center is a haven for shoppers with a refined shopping taste. What could be better than finding Parisian style while visiting a beauitful island paradise? Get home sporting a fresh new style that complements your hot new tan.

Best Place to Spend a Relaxing Evening: Le Calebasse Café

While this small café can become quite lively at night, it still retains a sophisticated atmosphere full of culture. Each night features live performances by local musicians and artists. If you want to catch up on sending pictures to friends, the café also provides Internet access and serves some fine French treats and coffees.

Le Calebasse Café in Martinique

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