St John Travel Tips

Snag Spices and Souvenirs at St. John Spice

Whether you want a meaningful souvenir or a quirky gift to bring home, the bright pink building right by the ferry dock is where you should head.


St. John Spice is the place where you can sample the scents and flavors of the Caribbean. Make sure to check out the unique island-made items like Blind Betty’s and Valley Doll hot sauces or pick up a local cookbook.


St. John’s Bay Rum or Vanilla Extract made with Caribbean rum are a couple of other gems.


But definitely don’t miss out on the bestseller – their house, hand-blended spice, Cruz Bay Grill Rub – yum! 

St. John Spice
Little Cinnamon Bay in St. John

Snorkel a Small Airplane at Little Cinnamon Bay

One minute in the calm, clear waters at Little Cinnamon Bay, and you'll know why it's known as a top snorkeling spot.


Once you dive in, you'll be treated to schools of colorful fish and crystal-clear water. Even better, those in-the-know claim snorkelers like to snorkel here to see a little piece of history. If you can find it, you can snorkel what’s left of a small airplane resting just below the surface of Little Cinnamon Bay.


Strap on your fins and see if you can find it yourself!

A Tourist Trap You’ll Want to Try

It’s not really a tourist trap – it’s a restaurant called the Tourist Trap, and it's one of the island’s best kept secrets. One visit to this tiny restaurant, and you'll be begging for more.


It’s tucked away in a remote spot on St. John, on the southeastern part of the island closest to Salt Pond Bay. Blink and you might miss it, so make sure to pay attention.


This place serves up the dreamiest lobster roll made with the freshest seafood and most lip-smacking, homemade tartar sauce you can imagine.


Make sure to order one to eat and one for the road!

Tourist Trap, St. John
Fish Trap Seafood Market

Find Fresh Ocean Fare at Fish Trap Seafood Market

Get ready for a grill on the beach.


Every Tuesday through Sunday from about noon to 6pm, Fish Trap Seafood market sells the freshest seafood you can find.


While you're there, you'll see everything from shrimp, oysters, clams, mussels to sushi quality tuna – you name it and they'll probably have it.


Best of all, they’ll even prep them for you, so all you have to do is light up a grill on the beach, gather up some friends, and chow down. 

Find your Best Friend at ACC Lind Point Trail Hike

Chances are, you probably had to leave old Fido at home during your vacation. If you're missing your pup's wagging tail, then ACC has the cure for you!


St. John’s Animal Care Center (ACC) lets lonely hikers take their equally lonely pups out on hikes to Lind Point Trail and the beach.


It’s a 2-mile hike with some wonderful dogs who need companionship and exercise.


A day out on the beach doing a good deed will keep you from missing Fido too much. And best of all, if you happen to fall in love with one of these dogs, they’re all up for adoption! You'll have to figure out how to get him home yourself, though.

ACC Lind Point Trail Hike in St. John

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