St. Barths Transportation



Most people fly into St Maarten to the Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM) and take a commuter plane to Gustaf III Airport (SBH) in St Jean. If you don’t want to take a commuter plane, then you can take a ferry over to St. Barths. It’s a good idea to keep numbers and schedules for the three ferry companies that service St. Barths from St. Maarten in case your flight is delayed.


Immigration & Customs


At your first stop in St. Maarten, you may need to exit and then re-enter customs to get to your flight to St. Barths. Ask someone in the airport to be sure. Once you land in St. Barths, you'll enter the small terminal. The small planes that fly to the island mean you'll wait only a few minutes to clear customs. You’ll need to present your passport and a return ticket.  


Getting to Your Hotel


Check with your hotel to see if they provide transfers from the airport, as many do offer this service. If hotel shuttles aren't an option, then taxi dispatchers are stationed at the airport and in the capital of Gustavia. Your third option is renting a car from the airport and driving to your hotel. The roads are in decent shape, but make sure you take a map and get some basic directions.


Getting Around St. Barths


While you’re in St. Barths, you'll find a couple of options for getting around this small island. Car rentals from the airport are a standard option, but resorts will also sometimes rent cars. Call or email your hotel, and ask if this is a service they provide. Some hotels even offer roadside assistance for their rental customers. There are only two gas stations on the island, so make sure you know their hours of operation and locations. Taxis are dispatched from St. Jean and Gustavia, so depending on your location in St. Barths, you may end up waiting a while for your ride. However, the island is small enough that your wait won't be very bad no matter where you are, especially if you call ahead for the cab.