Honduras/Roatan Transportation



Juan Manuel Galvez International Airport (RTB) is the largest airport in the Bay Islands. Rennovated in 2013, the airport offers a cafe and restaurant as well as duty free and souvenir shops.


Immigration & Customs


You’ll depart from the plane and walk across the tarmac area. Once inside, check that your paperwork is in order, and head to immigrations, where the bags are scanned and inspected. Once your paperwork is checked, you’ll exit through glass doors behind the scanners. US passport with at least 6 months remaining validity and evidence of a return or onward travel ticket required.


Getting to Your Hotel


Many hotels and resorts have baggage handlers to meet you in the area right outside immigration. Otherwise, they wait for you in the car rental area, which is a series of booths and tables in the international arrival area. Hotel shuttle drivers also wait here to meet you.


Getting Around Roatan


When hailing a taxi, establish the rates for the trip before entering the vehicle. Clarify whether the price the driver cites is in Lempiras or US dollars (drivers generally accept either currency) and whether the price is for the group or per person. Official taxi fares are posted at the airport, and after 6pm, the fares are negotiable. If you experience a dispute with the taxi, seek the assistance of the green-uniformed Tourist Police.