Paradise Island Travel Tips

Best Place to Dance the Night Away: Aura Club

Ready to get your groove on? Good. Then head straight to Aura Club. This is where locals and tourists go to meet up on the dance floor.


Located upstairs from the Atlantis Casino, Aura is an upscale nightclub with ever-flowing drinks, catchy beats and about 9,000 square feet of stylish space.


Dance, drink, mingle or just people-watch. Aura club is the perfect way to spend the night.

Dance the night away at Aura Club on Paradise Island.
Find your inner yogi at Sivanda Ashram Yoga Retreat on Paradise Island.

Do Your Downward-Facing Dog

Grab your yoga mat and limber up! You can find your inner peace at Sivanda Ashram Yoga Retreat. This is actually also one of George Harrison’s favorite yoga centers!


Once you arrive, you'll be greeted to a quaint building housed amidst lush, calming gardens. It'll definitely put you in the zen mood.


Then, you can schedule what classes you want to take. Lecturers from all over the world head here to host seminars and meditation classes, so you'll have plenty to choose from.

Go All In at Pegasus Race & Sports Book

This baby is wired-in to a centralized betting facility in Las Vegas, so you can do real-time sports betting while you're visiting the Atlantis Casino.


The illuminated computerized display will blow your mind, since it lists the odds for many of the world’s upcoming sporting events in real-time! The glowing numbers will make your betting hand itch.


So go ahead and take a chance - the screens are there so you can bet smart and win big!

Make a bet at Pegasus Race and Sports Book on Paradise Island.
Have a drink at Bimini Road on Paradise Island.

Rub Elbows with the Rich at Bimini Road

If you've ever secretly dreamed of owning a yacht, donning a polo shirt and going sailing every weekend, now's your chance to feel like one of the rich.


Simply head to Bimini Road. It's a little bar, and a big favorite amongst yacht owners who tie up at the nearby marina. You'll get a taste of what it's like to mingle with the more-fortuned.


Plus, a costumed dance troupe performs several times a week and live bands play here too, so even if it's painfully obvious that you don't fit in, you'll still have a great time. 

Get your Grub on at Green Parrot

If you're not the daring type when it comes to food or are just craving a taste of home, then don't worry. The Caribbean knows how to do American cuisine just fine.


Head to the Green Parrot and order the “Works Burger,” a mile-high whopper with American and Swiss cheese melting on top of grilled onions and mushrooms. While your munching down, you'll love the views of a sparkling green pool and the open, ocean air all around you. 


If you’d prefer more local fare, get the cracked conch po-boy instead. Everything here is delish!

Eat a delicious burger at Green Parrot on Paradise Island.

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