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Best Cigar Hotspot: La Tabacalera de Garcia Cigar Factory

Learn about the cultural history of La Romana with a visit to the world's largest hand-rolled cigar factory. Tour the grounds and learn about one of the Dominican Republic's most important exports. You'll see the entire process from start to finish. This is definitely a stop you'll want to make if you want to interact with and learn from the Dominican people. 


La Tabacalera de Garcia Cigar Factory in La Romana
Take a day trip to Saona Island while in La Romana.

Best Day Trip: Saona Island

Take a day trip to Saona Island. Part of the Del Este National Park, the island is a 14-mile long preserved treasure on the southeastern end of the Dominican Republic. What makes it so special is the breathtaking Caribbean blue-green water, that is so clear you can see all of the special starfish basking in the sand. Because it's so gorgeous, Saona is popular with tourists. People visit by the boatloads to see the palm trees and sugary white sand in person. 


Best Cheap Seafood: Restaurante Marinelly

If you need to save a bit of cash on your trip but still want the taste of delicious fish and lobster, make sure to try Restaurante Marinelly. The family-run restaurant has its own fishing boats and serves up yummy seafood meals for great prices. It's a popular with locals so you know it's good. 

Restaurant Marinelly in La Romana

Best Natural Monument: Catalina Island

Take a day to visit Catalina Island National Park off the coast of La Romana. The six-square-mile tropical island has soft white sand to dig your toes into and calm water to enjoy. The clear-blue ocean and coral reef make it great for snorkeling, and it's so close to La Romana, you shouldn't miss it!


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