Haiti Travel Tips

Best Place to Stay: Cote Des Arcadins

If you find yourself in this true Caribbean destination, Cote des Arcadins is the perfect place to hang your hat. Located near the coast of Western Haiti, in the Artibonite Department, Cote des Arcadins is the place to be to experience a vast array of activities. From diving in and exploring the crystal clear waters of Wahoo Bay Beach, a gorgeous 300 meter expansive beachfront, to a mountainous adventure on the Kay Piat trail, this sanctum of tranquility and adventure could be just what you need.


Best Site to See: Citadelle Laferrière

Deemed a World Heritage Site in 1982, Citadel La Ferrière is the largest structure in the Western hemisphere, a truly incredible feat given the circumstances it was built under. It's as impressive as it is intimidating, dominating the top of the mountain. Once atop you'll be greeted with a gorgeous panoramic view of the Caribbean and Haitian landscape. If you have the chance to visit the Citadel, dont pass it up! 

Experience the Culture


Haitian culture has inhabited itself every where you look. Vendors line the streets offering hand crafted goods from clothing and art to metal works. Traveler's tip: If you find a vendor offering items that interest you near where you're staying, they will usually craft something personally for you if requested. 


Also, if you're looking to escape the winter blues in February, Haitian Carnival spans country wide and lasts for an entire week, with events going late into the night. There's no better way to immerse yourself in Haitian culture than traveling during Carnival. It's an event you don't want to miss. 



Visit Kenscoff, the The Hidden Gem of Haiti

Kenscoff is just 10 kilometers (about 30 minutes) South of Port Au Prince. It's well known for having a vivid nightlife, extremely friendly locals, and some of the best dining the island has to offer. It's at a higher elevation so bring and a jacket, enjoy the view, and get ready for an authentic Caribbean experience!