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The Best Place for History and Sunshine: Pearls Airport

Get some unconventional insight into history with a visit to Pearls Airport. The Caribbean became an unexpected theater of the Cold War, when US military forces invaded Grenada in 1983. The island's old airport – Pearls Airport – is home to a couple of abandoned Cuban and Soviet planes. Cuban agents left the aircraft behind when they were expelled by US Marines, during the invasion. Now you can just barely make out the old Soviet and Cuban markings on the exterior. You can take a peek inside to see the controls and avionics, but be careful! They're antiques, after all.


The airport now serves a couple of new functions. The runway is a useful shortcut between Grenville and the River Antoine Distillery, and animals graze on the surrounding grassy land. The airport also now serves as a base for local law enforcement. That's helpful since this site is a bit more secluded. So just head out here in the daytime, watch your step and get an awesome history lesson.


Controls in the cockpit of a Soviet made, Cuban operated airliner left at Pearls Airport.
West Indies Cricket Heritage Center on Grenada

The Best Place to Learn a New Sport: West Indies Cricket Heritage Center

Located at The Spice Basket, a center for Grenadine culture and art, West Indies Cricket Heritage Center delivers the history of not just Grenadine cricket, but of Caribbean cricket. Delve into this sport that hasn't made it big in America but is loved in many other parts of the world, and you'll learn about cricket's importance to the fabric of Caribbean culture.


Even if you don’t know much about cricket, you’ll appreciate this museum. For the true sportsman, any competition is interesting, and cricket has a long a global history. Several nations are represented in the memorbilia and stories of cricket legends. Part of that narrative is the destruction of racial barriers in the early 20th century. Round out your understanding of global sports, and who knows? You may be inspired to take a crack with the cricket bat!


The Best Crater Lake that’s More than Just a Lake: Lake Antoine National Landmark

Lake Antoine National Landmark is not as famous as Grand Etang, but it offers a beauty all its own. The lake is a filled-in crater, and the lush vegetation and smaller size of the lake makes the area feel like a piece of Eden.


Also, the River Antoine Distillery is near the lake, and it features the last working waterwheel in Grenada. Take the scenic trip to see this distillery using time-tested and old world methods to create their rum.


Lake Antoine may only be the second largest lake in Grenada, but don't let that fool you. When it comes to beauty and awesome experiences, Antoine and Etang are in a dead heat.


Lake Antoine National Landmark in Grenada
Aggie's is a great restaurant in Grenada.

The Best Little Restaurant: Aggie’s

Aggie’s Restaurant, near Bathaway Beach, is run by Aggie. She is both the server and the cook, and her concoctions are a delicious complement to a day at the beach.


The restaurant is just across from Bathaway Beach at the north end of the island. Look for a yellow sign with green letters. Ask for directions if you need. It's a small operation, so don't expect a waitstaff or a valet. But if it's food you really care about, stop here for some authentic Grenadine cuisine.


You'll have to wait and see what Aggie is serving up that night before you order, but whatever you get, you're going to have a great Grenadine dinner.

The Most Beautiful and Surprising Beach: Petite Martinique

Wander along the beach of Petite Martinique for gorgeous scenery and insights into the local culture. The seclusion and laid back atmosphere make time seem almost frozen on this little island.


You can see boat builders at work, or you might encounter a boat race. Festivals and weddings are hosted on this beautifully remote island, so you may see beachfront revelry.

Petite Martinique is a charming little beach in Grenada.

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