Grand Bahama Travel Tips

Mingle with the Locals at Rooster’s Bar

Once you have a beer by the beach, Grand Bahama will feel just like home. Where's the best place to have one?


Well, about a 15-minute drive west from Port Lucaya, you can find an amazing off-the-beaten path bar where all the locals seem to know each other by name: Rooster's Bar.


This place is known for its great live music, filling drinks and a simple yet delicious menu of Bahamian treats.

Rooster's Bar is a favorite among the locals on Grand Bahama.
On the West End of Grand Bahama, you can drive by several picturesque fishing villages.

Go on a Sunday Drive at The West End

While you're in the Bahamas, there's nothing you'll want more than the sun on your shoulder and the wind in your hair.


The best place to do that is on the West End of Grand Bahama. There you'll find several quaint villages of pastel-colored island houses lining the coast. They all have memorable and colorful names like Hawksbill Creek.


For a real glimpse of local life, try to visit the fish market along the harbor there and get some fresh fish from the local fisherman as they bring their boats in.

Rent a Scooter and See the Island

What's the best way to see all of Grand Bahama Island? On a scooter, of course!


Once you arrive on Grand Bahama, you'll notice that there are stands all along the roads of Freeport and Lucaya where you can rent a scooter for next to nothing. Also, you can usually rent one from your hotel too.


If you get the chance, definitely try it out. Most of Grand Bahama is flat with well-paved roads – perfect for travel by scooter.

Rent a scooter to get around Grand Bahama's flat and well-paved roads.
Geneva's on Grand Bahama is a great, family-owned restaurant.

Lunch Like a Local at Geneva’s

You've got to try authentic Bahamian food at least once while you're in the Bahamas.


If you're in Grand Bahama, then the best spot to find a non-touristy restaurant with real Bahamian food, the kind that the locals eat, is at Geneva's.


You'll love Geneva's because it's family-owned. And the Monroe family takes pride in cooking the old-fashioned way. Make sure to try some conch – order it stewed, cracked, fried or in chowder.

Take in a Show at Regency Theater

So you're not on Broadway, but that doesn't mean you can't take in a show! For a great, and affordable, theater experience, just check out the Regency Theater.


You see, the Freeport Players’ Guild and the Grand Bahama players both use the small Regency Theater to rehearse! If you're lucky, you could see a Broadway show like Mamma Mia or a contemporary work by Bahamian and Caribbean playwrights for as low as $10.

Catch a show at Regency Theater on Grand Bahama.

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