Exumas Transportation



Flights land in Exuma International Airport (GGT), a public airport serving the island of Great Exuma in the Bahamas.


Immigration & Customs


All Immigration forms are usually supplied by the airlines. When entering The Bahamas, visitors must complete and sign an Immigration form. A portion of this card (returned to you by the immigration official clearing you for entrance) is required to exit The Bahamas. Don't lose this tiny, "check stub size", immigration document!


Customs clearance is located inside the airport. An oral baggage declaration may be necessary, but sometimes paperwork will suffice. U.S. citizens out of the country for 48 hours are allowed up to $800 worth of duty-free merchandise. Less than 48 hours, the duty-free exemption is $200. Limitations include 32 ounces of tobacco for those over 21 and no more than two liters of alcohol. 


Getting to Your Hotel


CheapCaribbean.com has partnered with Majestic Tours as our premier transportation company in the Exumas. They’ll provide you with safe, comfortable and professional transportation, from the airport to your hotel and back. They’ll also provide transportation to any excursions booked through our site that you’d like to take while you’re in your destination.


It’s easy to find your Majestic Tours team when you arrive at the airport. They’ll be standing in the ground transportation waiting area, holding a CheapCaribbean welcome sign. All drivers are fluent in English, friendly and knowledgeable about the culture, history and things to do while you’re there. By the end of your ride, you’ll have made a new friend. Vehicles are all clean, modern and reliable.


Majestic Tours is the official transportation rep for CheapCaribbean.com excursions when you book vacations to the Exumas on our site. The majority of our partner hotels have a Majestic Tours desk in or near the lobby so they’re easy to find, should you need them. For this reason, we suggest that our guests do not rent cars while in the Caribbean or Mexico as traffic laws and road quality and street signs are not the same as they are in the US.


Getting Around the Exumas


Making transport arrangements with our tour operator is the safest bet. If you need to grab a taxi, ask your hotel to request one for you. Ferries are also available among the islands.