Curacao Transportation



Curacao International Airport (CUR), also called Hato International Airport, is northwest of Willemstad, on Curacao's northern shore. 


Immigration & Customs


Once you leave your gate, proceed to the Immigration desk, which is a “Red Line/Green” system. If you have no declared goods or money, then you are welcome to proceed to the green line system so that you may pass through customs. If you do have declarations, then you will follow the red line to speak with an immigrations officer in order to identify your declared items in order to receive a receipt. Regarding customs, before arriving at the airport, you are issued a Passenger Arrival Form to be filled out (one per family) to indicate if you have any plants, fruits, vegetables, meats, live animals, firearms, or that you are carrying more than $10,000 in Curacao currency (Netherland Antillean gulden).


Getting to Your Hotel has partnered with Nexus Tours as our premier transportation company in Curacao. They’ll provide you with safe, comfortable and professional transportation, from the airport to your resort, and back. 


After you clear customs and exit the terminal building at the airport. Look for the Nexus Representative holding an Amstar/Cheap sign.  The representative will then escort you to their van for your transfer to the hotel.


Getting Around Curacao


Tourists may choose to rent a car at the airport to make traveling around the island as easy as possible, however taxis and public buses are available as well.