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Bahamas Vacation Packages

Featuring 2,000 islands, the Bahamas are filled with unbelievable natural beauty, rich history, thrilling culture and uncompromising all-inclusive resort luxury.

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Dive Into The Bahamas

If you're a water-lover, then look no further. You've got the world’s third largest barrier reef, the Andros Barrier Reef, right off the coast of the Bahamas. It's perfect for snorkeling and diving. But if you’re not the outdoorsy type, don't worry. The islands’ beauty goes way beyond nature. For the history buff, you have 18th-century sugar plantations, old pirate forts and even a wild horse preserve with the descendants of Christopher Columbus’ horses. For the casual traveler, there are plenty of straw markets to shop and pink sand beaches to stroll. The great hotels and food you can find here are just an added bonus. Once you arrive, hop the islands, explore the water or just do nothing at all but take in the Caribbean sunset.


With over 2,000 islands and cays peppering the clearest water on the planet (literally, the water here is so clear you can see as deep as 200 feet), the Bahamas have something for everyone.


If you feel more at home in the water than on land, then perhaps you belong in the Abacos. Surrounded by calm, clear water sprinkled with several charming islands, the Abacos is the ultimate destination for water activities.
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Things to Do in The Abacos, Bahamas

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    Hope Town Lighthouse

    What’s red and white and candy-striped? Nope, we’re not talking about a candy cane, but this landmark is just as sweet. Hope Town Lighthouse is one of the most famous landmarks in the Bahamas and one of the last remaining manual kerosene-powered lighthouses in the entire world!

    Climb up its 101 steps to view the lantern itself and look out at breathtaking views of the outlying cays. Or, just hang out at the marina below for snacks and great photo ops of this must-see site. 

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    Sail Through the Bahamas

    As home to world-class sailing conditions, the Bahamas offer you the opportunity to rent a boat and play captain for a day! With your own vessel, you can sail the seas and explore the pristine cays and secret coves of the Abacos at your own leisure. If bareboating (captaining a ship on your own) isn’t your thing, just play it safe and let others do all the work by joining a boat crew.

    Whatever you choose, you’ve got to spend some time out on the water to experience the calm, crystal-clear beauty that surrounds this island chain of the Bahamas.

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    Loyalist Sculpture Garden

    Want a brief history of the Bahamas, but don’t really want to hit the books? Then visit the Loyalist Sculpture Garden, instead. Here, you can walk amongst 24 busts and six full-bronze figures of notable Bahamians and prominent figures who played an important role in the history of the Abacos.

    Impress your friends with more than just a great tan from your vacation to the Bahamas. Wow them with your amazing photos and impressive tales of what happened to the Loyalists of the American Revolution in 1783.

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    Abaco National Park

    The Bahamas are home to an abundance of wildlife for you to discover on your visit. If you’re hoping to run into the rare Abaco parrot, you just might spot him amidst this 20,500-acre sea of pine forest and mangrove wilderness. You can start your hunt for him on the southern tip of Great Abaco Island at Abaco National Park–a designated preservation area by the Bahamas Government. 

    When you visit this Bahamian gem, you'll see several exotic species like the white-crowned pigeon, iguanas and Bahama Mockingbirds. If you're not really into animals, then the breathtaking views of Caribbean Pine are also worth a visit. Plus, you can tell your friends you ventured through one of the last intact wilderness areas in North America.

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    Dive Into the Abacos

    Dive into a scuba experience unlike any other! You'll love the dive sites in the Bahamas, and especially in the Abacos. The relatively shallow waters (60 feet or less) around the island chain make it one of the best spots to dive in the Bahamas. Shallow water means not having to go very far before you find yourself swimming amongst mysterious caverns and tons of colorful marine life.

    If you’re the daring type, head to Walker’s Cay where you can go on a shark dive and mingle with danger. If you prefer something a little less edgy, try Green Turtle Cay instead. But make sure not to miss the Catacombs, a shallow dive in a cavern full of tropical fish. Whatever your diving style, the Abacos have you covered.  

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    Bonefish at Sandy Point

    Calling all fishermen! Maybe you've tried bank fishing, fly-fishing and even deep-sea fishing. But have you tried bonefishing in the Bahamas? If you're ready to try your hand at it, then head to Sandy Point. There, you'll find pristine water and a warm, consistent climate that makes for ideal bonefishing. 

    What's really challenging about this type of fishing is that the bonefish are hard to find. But you'll know you've spotted a bonefish when you see a silver or gray fish with a long body built for speed. Once you're in an area where they're known to hang out, you can catch them in lots of different ways. The easiest way is to try throwing chum into the water to attract them. Once they arrive, throw a baited hook into the midst of them and you'll get yourself a good catch! 

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    Laura's Kitchen

    A visit to the Bahamas means you've got to try at least one authentic Bahamian dish. Trust none other than Laura Sawyer, who runs the family-owned Laura's Kitchen. Housed in a quaint, white Bahamian cottage, this place has quickly become a favorite among the locals. Depending on what’s fresh at the market, the menu will change nightly, so you'll always get something good.

    Treat yourself to delicious, homemade American and Bahamian treats too, such as fried grouper, burgers, fried chicken and cracked conch.


You’ll feel like you’ve taken a trip back in time when you visit the Exumas. It's a favorite among Hollywood stars searching for luxury and seclusion (Johnny Depp fans - he's got a private place out here). Once you visit, you'll see why.
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Things to Do in The Exumas, Bahamas

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    Thunderball Grotto

    Want to feel like James Bond for a day? Or maybe you’d prefer to play "Pirates of the Caribbean" instead. Whatever your choice, you’ve got to head to the Bahamas’ Thunderball Grotto, where scenes from both of those movies were filmed. Just head straight across the water from the Staniel Cay Yacht Club, and you'll find this Hollywood hotspot. It's a striking marine cave that you can explore during low tide if you're a snorkeler or an experienced scuba diver.

    If you don't want to sail out on the water to reach this grotto, you can see it in the James Bond films "Thunderball" and "Never Say Never Again" as well as in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies. But we promise it's much better in person!

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    Swim With Pigs at Major's Cay

    Maybe you won’t ever see pigs fly in your lifetime, but in the Bahamas, you can see pigs swim! Yes, that’s right– chubby, four-legged pink creatures swimming happily in crystal-clear waters. Actually, you can even jump right in and swim with them too. These little groups of pigs hang out at Big Major Cay, part of the Exumas, at the southernmost beach, appropriately named Pig Beach. They’ve attracted quite some attention from online videos featuring their aquatic skills, and now you can frolic right along with them.

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    Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park

    Calling all eco and water sport lovers! The landscapes and beaches of the Bahamas are so pristine that this 176-square-mile park was turned into the very first land-and-sea preserve in the world. Once you arrive, the first thing you'll notice is its strikingly-clear water and natural beauty. With more than 20 miles of cays to explore in this nature preserve, you definitely won't get bored. You'll love seeing tiny islands made out of limestone, rows of bright coral and all shapes and sizes of colorful fish.

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    Mystery Cave

    Indulge the adventurous explorer inside you and set out for Mystery Cave! You'll find this diver’s paradise just beneath Stocking Island. It's a 400ft deep blue hole that branches out into a stunning network of glowing blue caverns that extend for miles beneath the island and surrounding ocean. Strap on your diving gear and go! The diving depth starts out at just 15 feet but quickly drops off into a heart-thumping 100 feet! So, make sure to dive with an experienced guide. You'll still earn bragging rights for having explored this natural wonder of the Bahamas for yourself.
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    Stocking Island

    This 4-mile-long island is a castaway's dream, with shallow reefs for snorkeling, lush trails for hiking and plenty of powdery white sand beaches for strolling and seashell hunting. Even if you aren’t a castaway, this small eco-friendly island has breathtaking sights that just about anyone can enjoy. Explore the island's glowing blue holes, snorkel through the coral gardens and venture into its undersea caves. You can also see giant sand dunes that have hardened into limestone rock. The highest dune is called the Beacon, and serves as a navigation point to attract yachters, hikers and you!

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    Hike Hawksbill Cay or Warderick Wells

    Pull on your hiking boots and lace them up! Both of these sites in the Bahamas, Hawksbill Cay and Warderick Wells, not only have amazing hiking trails, but also amazing historical sites. As you trek through the lush hiking trails, you'll get to see the ruins of many Loyalist settlements that date all the way back to the 18th century. It's like a workout and history lesson all in one. Bring your camera, too, because this is a piece of authentic, untouched Bahamian history that you won’t want to forget!

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    Big D's Conch Spot No. 1

    With the sun on your back and warm wind in your hair, you'll be craving something cool and refreshing for lunch. Why not try a local favorite and Bahama staple, like conch salad? The best place to get it is at Big D's Conch Spot No. 1. Just cruise down Queen’s Highway from George Town for about 25 minutes, and keep your eye out for this tiny, beachfront cabana in the hamlet of Steventon. Once you get there, you'll realize that the salad was well worth the drive!

Grand Bahama

Whether you want luxury resorts where you’re waited on hand and foot or a charming small town escape, Grand Bahama has you covered.
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Things to Do in Grand Bahama, Bahamas

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    Port Lucaya Marketplace

    What’s a vacation without a little shopping? Stroll through the Bahamas’ largest straw market and get your shop on! Get your hair braided or try your hand at bargaining with street vendors to find a special treasure to take home. You'll get to browse over 80 specialty stores housed in the pastel-colored buildings of this 12-acre shopping complex. When you get hungry, there are also outdoor and indoor bars, cafes and restaurants.

    Take home some hand-crafted Bahamian-made jewelry, woodcarvings or native handicrafts, or just take home the memories of a great day by the water. 

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    Horseback Riding on the Beach

    Ever dreamed of riding a seahorse? Okay, maybe you can’t do that here, but you sure can ride a horse by the sea! If you're craving both an exciting and family-friendly eco-tour in the Bahamas, then horseback riding on the beach is perfect for you. It's a great bonding activity for families and a romantic experience for couples. Ride along the gorgeous, white sand and even splash around in the crystal-clear water as your well-trained horse gently strolls into the turquoise sea for a land-and-sea adventure.

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    Fishing in Grand Bahama

    Sail out into those sparkling clear Bahamian waters and cast your line into the open sea. Strap yourself in and get ready to reel in incredible fish like marlin, barracuda, yellowfin tuna and more! Grand Bahama Island is considered one of the premier destinations in the world for sport fishing. In fact, fishing enthusiasts worldwide flock to the island every year to compete in annual competitions to get the "biggest catch" during seasonal fishing expeditions. Whether you want to go deep-sea fishing, fly-fishing or reef fishing, you can do it here in the Bahamas. 
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    Swim With Sharks & Dolphins at UNEXSO

    Dolphins or sharks? Day dive or night dive? Whatever you prefer, UNEXSO offers all of these water experiences and more. You'll love it here because there are different activity levels for everyone, from complete beginner to seasoned pro. Plus, these water adventures put an emphasis on conservation in the Bahamas. For example, you can swim and interact with the dolphins in their open-ocean environment instead of in a pool. The only trouble you’ll have here is deciding which activity you want to do first. 

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    Count Basie Square

    Hang out with the locals and listen to live music while strolling past restaurants, perusing trinket shops and bar hopping in this happening square in the Bahamas. Named after the famous jazz entertainer, Count Basie Square is an open-air gathering area constantly buzzing with activity like limbo dancing and festivals. You'll vibe to tropical beats played by local Bahamian bands and clap your hands to calypso. This is the place you want to be for a real Bahamian experience.
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    Drive to the West End

    While you're in the Bahamas, there's nothing you'll want more than the sun on your shoulders and the wind in your hair. The best place to do that is in the West End of Grand Bahama. There, you'll find several quaint villages of pastel-colored island cottages lining the coast. They all have memorable and colorful names, like Hawksbill Creek. For a real glimpse of local life in the Bahamas, try to visit the fish market along the harbor and get some fresh fish from the local fishermen as they bring their boats in.

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    Enjoy a show at Regency Theater

    You're not on Broadway, but that doesn't mean you can't sit back and enjoy a good show in the Bahamas! For a great, affordable theater experience, check out the Regency Theater. You see, the Freeport Players’ Guild and the Grand Bahama players both use the small Regency Theater to rehearse. If you're lucky, you could see a Broadway show like Mamma Mia or a contemporary work by Bahamian and Caribbean playwrights for as low as $10.


Get ready for excitement in a town that’s bustling with jitneys, street vendors and cruise-ship docks. Here you'll find a great mix of shopping, historical sites and outdoor water activities.
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Things to Do in Nassau, Bahamas

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    Go Underwater in the Seaworld Explorer

    In the Bahamas, you can now live out your dreams of boarding a submarine and exploring the ocean depths! Even better, this semi-submarine is a lot safer than a regular submarine, and you don’t have to worry about your ears popping when you go underwater. You'll descend about five feet into the ocean before you start enjoying your ride in this mobile underwater observatory. Along the way, you can spot all varieties of colorful coral and teems of tropical fish swimming by. Now you can explore the ocean in comfort without even getting your feet wet!

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    Pirates of Nassau Museum

    Whether you're a kid or an adult, you'll enjoy this trip back in time to a world of swashbuckling pirates and gold doubloons. Travel back to the Golden Age of Piracy when the Bahamas was a notorious place for pirates, rogues and wild women. You can do that all at the popular Pirates of Nassau Museum. Now, you can see just what Blackbeard and Annie Bonny were like at this family-friendly and engaging interactive museum.

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    Shop in Rawson Square/Bay Street

    Home to the biggest names in fashion, it’s time to shop until you drop in the Bahamas. In Nassau’s main shopping district, you can find an awesome assortment of independent shops, selling everything from fine jewels to upscale dinnerware to seashell-encrusted décor. You could spend hours here just perusing the shops, and when you’re ready to leave, you don’t have to look any further to find the perfect memento to take home as a reminder of your stay in the Bahamas.

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    Cable Beach

    You'll love strolling this breathtaking beach in the Bahamas–there's so much to see and do! You've got restaurants, hotels, a casino and opportunities to do just about any water sport you can think of. It’s no surprise that Cable Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the Bahamas! Try your hand at the slots, grab a delicious lunch, relax at the spa or head outside to snorkel, dive, fish or just work on your tan. There’s plenty for everyone to do on this four-mile paradise of white sand.

  • Swim With Dolphins

    You won't want to miss this captivating cruise to Blue Island Lagoon, home of the Bahamas’ friendliest dolphins and sea lions! You'll love the turquoise waters, the softest white sand beaches and the opportunity to kiss, hug and dance with the dolphins. Plus, see the sea lions up close and personal in their natural habitat. In this hideaway, swim in the lagoon, relax on the beach or nap in a hammock. However you decide to spend your day, you'll know this Bahamian adventure will be a splash.

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    Flying Cloud Catamaran Snorkel Cruise

    Spend a morning or an afternoon sailing out to a beautiful secluded beach in the Bahamas, where you can swim and snorkel at your leisure. You’ll also visit the world-famous Rose Island Beach, where you can snorkel, explore the island, play volleyball or work on your suntan. This is the perfect cruise and marine experience for families and couples visiting the Bahamas.

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    Snorkel in Stuart's Cove

    The Snorkel Bahamas Adventure takes you to an underwater extravaganza of living coral and tropical marine life. In just minutes, you'll be swimming with schools of colorful fish in the shallows of the Bahamas’ famous reefs, Hollywood movie sets or mysterious sunken shipwrecks. Each trip down under takes advantage of multiple and diverse underwater sites. Your captain will choose two of the clearest and calmest locations to begin your snorkeling adventure.

    Plus, if the weather permits and your fellow passengers have the nerve– it's off to snorkel with one of the most magnificent and misunderstood creatures of the seas–sharks! Sharks are one of the most fascinating marine animals you'll ever see. Snorkel with your guide as the sharks swim calmly below you, or if you prefer, watch from the boat. This will definitely be a Bahamas adventure to remember!

Paradise Island

Paradise Island is just like heaven on earth. Located less than a half mile away from Nassau (and connected to the mainland by only by two 600-foot bridges), this tiny island is known as the entertainment mecca of the Bahamas.
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Things to Do in Paradise Island, Bahamas

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    Explore Atlantis Paradise Island

    Live it up in the lap of luxury with delicious food, great shopping, exciting activities and a casino just waiting to cater to your every whim. This massive resort in the Bahamas is definitely a vacationer’s paradise. Exploring its waterpark and marine habitats alone could take an entire day. At night, you can test your luck at the casinos or just strap on your heels for a night on the town. Even if you aren’t a guest of the resort, you can still purchase day passes, so you can get a little taste of the action without breaking the bank.

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    Café Martinique

    Do you like your vodka martinis shaken or stirred? When you vacation in the Bahamas, you can play James Bond at this elegant and upscale French restaurant. It’s an exact recreation of the real Café Martinique in France, made famous by its appearance in the 1965 James Bond film "Thunderball.” Sneak a quick pic of you posing next to its iron birdcage elevator or slinking up its grand mahogany staircase. You’ll be the envy of all your friends!  Then make sure to order the fancy cheeseburger made of filet steak and truffled mayonnaise – it’s what all secret agents eat!

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    Experience Bimini Road

    If you've ever secretly dreamed of owning a yacht, donning a polo shirt and going sailing every weekend, now's your chance to feel like one of the rich while in the Bahamas. Simply head to Bimini Road. It's a little bar, and a big favorite amongst yacht owners who tie up at the nearby marina. You'll get a taste of what it's like to mingle with the more-fortuned. Plus, a costumed dance troupe performs several times a week and live bands play here too, so even if it's painfully obvious that you don't fit in, you'll still have a great time.

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    Dine at Green Parrot

    If you're not the daring type when it comes to food, or if you’re just craving a taste of home, then don't worry! The Bahamas know how to do American cuisine just fine. Head to the Green Parrot and order the “Works Burger,” a mile-high whopper with American and Swiss cheese melting on top of grilled onions and mushrooms. While you’re munching down, you'll love the views of a glistening pool and the ocean breeze all around you. If you’d prefer more local Bahamian fare, get the cracked conch po-boy instead. Everything here is delish!

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    Dance The Night Away at Aura Club

    Ready to get your groove on? Good. Then head straight to Aura Club. This is where locals and tourists go to meet up on the dance floor. Located upstairs from the Atlantis Casino, Aura is an upscale nightclub with ever-flowing drinks, catchy beats and about 9,000 square feet of contemporary space. Dance, drink, mingle or just people-watch. Aura club is the perfect way to spend the evening in the Bahamas.