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Talk about party animals, these critters are the real deal. You can meet these festive beer drinking pigs in St. Croix at the Montpellier Domino Club. in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Nestled in the heart of the rain forest, this thatched roof structure is home to the descendants of Buster, the original beer drinking pig. Inside this cozy hut, the floors are compacted dirt, upon which sit tables where you can hang out, play cards or of course, grab a game of dominoes. It’s a laid back, chill kind of place where you can nosh on a delicious breakfast, or chicken and burgers. Their signature libation, the Mama Wanna, a potent mix of rum, honey and herbs, flows freely and often, so you’ll want to give it a try. Then head out to share a cold one with the legendary pigs–and they are.

Some 20 years ago, Norma and George, the proprietors of the Domino Club were farmers. They had many pigs and decided to downsize, thin the herd. They sold all of their curly-tailed friends–except Ms. Piggy and Buster. Story goes that they were rockin’ along, living life in their tropical paradise with many a visitor who would stop by and have a drink. Then one day, a customer passed by Buster with a beer–and Buster helped himself. (We don’t know exactly how; we just know that it happened. The choreography of this is a mystery.) More and more people started to stop by to see this thirsty fella, have a drink, play dominoes and share a brew with Buster. Over time, the Domino Club was born. Buster is gone, but his son, JJ, and granddaughter, Oreo, keep the crowds entertained.

There’s a small admission fee to the Montpellier Domino Club. You can buy yourself a real beer, then buy a non-alcoholic beer for $2 for the piggies. Sharing your suds with these four-legged revelers might look intimidating, but it’s really easy. Just get appropriately close, then toss the can in their mouths. They’ll throw it back, drain the can, crunch it to bits, then throw it on the ground–ready for another.

beer drinking pig st. croix domino club Beer drinking pig, Montpellier Domino Club, St. Croix, USVI, photo by:

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Come on down to paradise in the Caribbean or Mexico. The sweet, ocean breezes are calling. If you get the itch to sow your wild oats, or rather, wild brews, head to the Montpellier Hut Domino Club in St. Croix. These pigs are ready to party.