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What to Bring to the Beach

What to Bring to the Beach

by Hope Heldmar

The sun is shining, the weather is warm, and it's time to hit the beach! As the beach experts, we know how to pack for a perfect day at the beach. And we know you're definitely going to want to bring more than just your swimsuit. But with all the excitement going on, you might forget something. Luckily for you, we've put together this checklist to help you remember all the things you need to bring for a perfect beach day complete with sand, sun and fun!

Sunscreen: This one isn't something you should take lightly. Pack a bottle of sunscreen and reapply it as directed so you won't come home with sunburn. Be generous. For those who hate the sticky feeling of lotion, you can find aerosol sunscreen these days, so all you have to do is spray, then play! Just don't forget to reapply!

Towels: If you can, bring along more than one towel. Some hotels will give you beach towels with your room or let you check them out. Of course you'll need some towels to dry off after a dip in the ocean, but you might also want extra ones to protect your car seats or extra clothes from sand.

Extra beach blanket: Invest in a good beach blanket. They're made of a material that's heavier than sand so they won't blow away like a regular towel. The last thing you want to do on a beach day is spend it chasing a towel in the wind, so bring a beach blanket to rest on. If you're in Mexico, catch a local vendor and buy a blanket for next to nothing!

Entertainment: Besides the soothing ocean, the warm sand and the bright sun, what else could you possibly want? Well, you might want a little bit of entertainment to break up your beach day. Pack some magazines, a good book, a Frisbee, a boogie-board, a sand castle-building kit and don't forget that mp3 player! It's all up to you what type of entertainment you want to bring to make your day of sun even more fun!

First aid kit: It's always a good idea to keep a first aid kit around even if nothing is likely to happen. You'll be surprised at how handy it can be.

Flip-flops: You want to kick off your shoes the moment you arrive at the beach, so make sure you're wearing something kick-friendly like flip-flops. But seriously, you don't want to hassle with getting sand in your sneakers or running across hot sand in your bare feet. Flips-flops are the only way to go!

Sunglasses: This one probably seems like a no-brainer, but if you don't wear sunglasses daily, you might forget to bring a pair to the beach. Not only will they protect your eyes from the sun, but they'll also keep the sand from blowing into your eyes. Plus, they make you look extra cool.

Change of clothes: Last but not least, don't forget to bring some clothes to change into. After you're all tuckered out from swimming in the ocean and playing in the sand, you'll want to rinse off and get into some fresh clothes. Pack them up in plastic bags to keep the sand out, and then you can put your wet clothes into the plastic bags at the end of the day.

There you have it - a handy checklist so you won't forget any of your beach essentials. Now all you need is, well, a beach. As you can see, we've got plenty of those on our site to choose from. So what are you waiting for? Get to the beach!


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