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Green Hotels in the Caribbean

Green Hotels in the Caribbean

by Hope Heldmar

Wanna be more eco-friendly? Go on a vacation! Booking a vacation at a green hotel will let you do something nice for yourself and the environment at the same time. So if you're ready to feel good and do some good, then read on for some of the top eco-friendly, green hotels in the Caribbean.

The Verandah Resort & Spa in Antigua takes care of the environment, especially the one that surrounds it. The Verandah works hard to keep its 30 beachfront acres pristine and footprint-free. Daily operations include buying sustainable products from local businesses and using biodegradable cleaning materials. They have a commitment to reducing greenhouse gases as well. And to top it off, The Verandah makes it a priority to support their local community by hiring locally and sponsoring cultural events. The Verandah is also Green Globe certified, which means it's been recognized worldwide for saving energy and water, reducing overall costs, and positively contributing to local communities and green travelers.

Another Green Globe certified member is Barcelo Punta Cana Resort in the Dominican Republic. One of its main goals is restoring the native ecosystem surrounding the resort. That's great news for you because it means you can continue to enjoy acres of tropical gardens and several miles of coral reef for a long time to come. The coral reef surrounding Barcelo Punta Cana is one of the most popular in the world for scuba diving, so if you're a diving fan, you'll be happy to know this must-dive site is well taken care of. You can also explore and relax on the beautiful beaches and other natural areas surrounding Barcelo Punta Cana, all while knowing you're doing it in an environmentally-friendly way.

At some green hotels, it's not only the environment you'll be protecting - you can help preserve nature's wildlife too! Located on the white sands of Dover Beach, Dover Beach Hotel in Barbados is a charming boutique resort located within walking distance of the famous St. Lawrence Gap. The resort helps preserve the natural habitat for endangered sea turtles and works hard to maintain the island's natural vegetation in order to support local and migrating wildlife.

So, stay at a green resort and have a blast knowing you'll be helping the environment too! Green hotels give you peace of mind knowing that you're doing something good for yourself and the world.