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Vacation Food Tips for the Caribbean

Vacation Food Tips for the Caribbean

by Anders Elmgren

Nobody knows the islands like we do! We're sharing the inside scoop with great vacation ideas. 'Cause if you don't know what the locals know, chances are you're missing out on the coolest travel tips. Just for you, here are a few insider vacation tips to get the most from your next trip to the Caribbean.

Everyone knows good food is key to a great vacation. Diet is a four-letter word when you're having the time of your life. Looking for great restaurant travel tips? If you're on Great Exuma Island in the Bahamas, eat like a local and order conch salad. Just north of George Town (part of the Fish Fry at the Old Navy Base), there's a roadside bar and eatery called The Out Deck. Ask Rasta Steve to make his justifiably famous conch salad for a major treat. Prepare to kick back and let him catch the conch and make your fresh and tasty meal. Have a cold one and relax. No need to thank us for the tip.

One of our favorite vacation food tips involves local dining in Curacao. The island boasts hundreds of places to eat, which means plenty of good choices. But if you want to dine without tourists cluttering up the room, walk across the Queen Emma Bridge to De Gouverneur. This eatery, in an early 18th-century building that preserves its old world charm with wooden floors and colorful walls, serves local favorites, Dutch-Caribbean entrees and a classic Curacao beef stew. Try to snag a spot on the verandah for the view of the pastel buildings in the Punda across the waterway. They won't share the ingredient list for the daily drink special, but one taste and you won't care.

Another of our favorite vacation ideas is indulging in jerk food which reigns supreme in Jamaica. There's no better place for indulgence than the original Scotchies near Montego Bay. Grab a seat in one of the thatched-roof pavilions, and order a drink while you wait for the island's tastiest jerk pork and chicken. Add a side of roasted breadfruit, sweet cornmeal fritters or rice and peas, and use the hot sauce sparingly (it's really spicy!) for an authentic meal. The rustic setting and music invite you to linger, learn to play dominoes and just be. Mmmmhmm. That's what we're talking about.

And if you happen to find yourself in Negril, head to Office of Nature on Bloody Bay. It's nothing fancy, just a round, open-sided wooden bar nestled between upscale resorts. But the lobster is fresh, the beer is cold and the sunset view is unrivalled.

No matter which island you choose for your next vacation, ideas and travel tips like these help you discover authentic island cuisine. So ditch the watch, raise a cold one and relax. No worries allowed. It's vacation time!