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Travel Accessories That Will Save Some Green

Travel Accessories That Will Save Some Green

by Roberto Jaimes

Gearing up for your next trip? It's never too early to begin making a positive impact on the environment. Check out some eco-friendly, wallet-friendly travel items that you'll need for your next vacation.

1. Luggage and Bags

Every trip begins with packing. Eagle Creek luggage is sturdy, durable, and it's made sustainably! The luggage also offers features such as shoe compartments and multiple handles for easy grabbing at baggage claim. Looking for a shoulder pack or backpack? Osprey Packs offer a variety of bags to feed the needs of every traveler. Need a small bag to hold your essentials when you're sunbathing on the beach? The Gallon RePac Bag from Re-Pac Bags offers you roughly one square foot of space for you to store your sunglasses, toiletries, makeup, and other travel items. This $10 bag is also resistant to leaking, water, stains, and is quick to dry.

2. Water Bottles With Built-In Filters

There's no telling what kind of things you might find swimming in foreign waters. To avoid making this discovery, make sure you purchase a water bottle with a built-in filter. There are plenty of options on the market including the sleek and stylish Bobble water bottle ($11-$15), which gives you three size options and multiple color choices. The Camelbak Groove ($16-$22) is a durable choice with a spill-proof bite valve that will make sure the only splash you make is in the pool. The Hydros water bottle ($25) has a side opening, so it is easy to fill at taps or water fountains. The Vapur Microfilter ($70) is collapsible and removes 99.99% of waterborne bacteria and protozoa. And if carrying a water bottle isn't your style, purchase a SteriPen Traveler ($55) to get purified water in under a minute!

3. Earth Doggy Eco-Friendly Pet Carriers

Bringing the fluffiest member of your family on vacation? Earth Doggy has a variety of pet travel carriers, ranging in price from $45 to $68. The carriers come in duffle bag or shoulder bag style, which includes a blanket, fleece pad, and travel bowl! These stylish carriers are made from organic denim, recycled nylon or hemp.

4. Speakers

The party never stops when you're on vacation. Now you can be the life of the party anywhere you go! Get the party started with an eco-amp by eco made. These $10 amps are constructed out of renewable paper materials and offer a wide variety of designs. But most importantly, eco-amps come in flat packages and you assemble them when you're ready! If you need something more sophisticated, try the Bag of Riddim Bluetooth Portable Speaker System by House of Marley. This part shoulder bag, part stereo system with twin tweeter, woofers and an amplifier is made from sustainable birch wood and reclaimed canvas. Its price tag is a little large at $300, but you'll find some comfort in knowing that a portion of the proceeds will be donated to, the Marley family charitable organization.

5. Clothing

Travel light and stay en vogue thanks to This sustainable fashion boutique offers a number of multi-purpose pieces such as the $60 Jenny Dress, the $55 5-Ways Maxi Dress, and the $110 Versalette, which can be worn two, five and thirty different ways respectively.

Bonus: Everyone's least favorite part of a vacation is the flight. The $40 Bamboo Travel Set from PB-Travel will make that trip to and from a lot better. Just take a seat and let the soft, silky, 100% bamboo blanket and eye mask do the rest. Before you know it, you'll be in paradise! The blanket and eye mask are biodegradable and hypoallergenic.