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Chills & Thrills Adventure

You can “fly” above the sea on this daring adventure. Flyboarding is one of the newest and perhaps most daring water sports out there! The thrill of this would be impressive, no doubt.


This high flying adventure is connected to a jet ski.  Once you’re locked in and the jet ski takes off, you’ll fly in the air. So, if you're feeling really bold, you should try it out! 

Flyboarding in St. Kitts
Independece Square in St. Kitts

Stroll in the Square

The center of Basseterre is Independence Square, named when St. Kitts and Nevis earned political independence in 1983. Once the site of slave auctions and city meetings, the square full of history and gorgeous architecture is now a lovely garden. 


It's a great spot for enjoying a picnic lunch and people watching! Take a break and enjoy relaxing in the square.


Drinks at the Shack

If you're up for a laid-back beach bar, then check out the Shiggidy Shack. Located near Timothy Beach Hotel and on the most popular beach in St Kitts, Frigate Bay, this bar is a favorite among locals and returning vacationers.


Depending on what night you go, you'll find a bonfire roaring, live music, a DJ and karaoke. And, not only can you enjoy a refreshing cocktail, but also dine on authentic Kitittian cuisine.

Shiggidy Shack Beach Bar in St. Kitts
Turtle Beach in St. Kitts

Peaceful Picnic

Turtle Beach is free and open to the public. It's a quiet place to enjoy lunch, an ocean swim and gorgeous views across the sea of Nevis.


The beach has a gate and a fence, but it's open to the public, making it a great spot to enjoy a picnic lunch. And when the waves are gentle, it's a great spot for surfing!

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