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Green Gadgets

Green Gadgets

by Roberto Jaimes

These days, getting away doesn't mean unplugging from your favorite electronic devices. Sometimes, technology can even make your adventure better by helping you document your fun or keeping you organized. The connected traveler can also be a green traveler with the right tools. Let me show you where to start.

1. Chargers

All electronics require charging. The $30 iDapt i1 Eco Universal Charger is perfect for use at the airport, in your room, or in a car. The palm-sized dual charger (tip and USB) is made from recyclable materials, allows you to charge two devices at once, and shuts off automatically when it's done charging! If you need a charger on the go, consider Solio's BOLT. This $70 charger comes with rotating solar panels as well as a battery pack, so you can quickly charge any USB-compatible device no matter what. The BOLT will give most smartphones two complete charges, and it can be charged via the sun, USB ports or wall outlets.

2. USB Cell from Moixa Energy Ltd.

If you have ANYTHING that runs on AA batteries, then this is a purchase you HAVE to make. When these AA batteries run out, all you have to do to recharge them is pop the top to expose the USB connector and hook them up to your laptop or another USB port! These USB-powered rechargeable batteries last for 500 charge cycles, which is well worth their $20 price tag.

3. Bedol Water-Powered Alarm Clock

Chances are you'll be on a tight schedule during your vacation. Make sure you don't miss any appointments by purchasing Bedol's water-powered alarm clock. Yes, you read that right. This alarm clock is powered by water! And it's also small enough to stuff into any small space in your luggage. Can a $16 purchase be any better?

4. The Solar Bulb by HYmini

The Solar Bulb by HYmini is perfect for you night owls. This $25, solar powered LED lamp fastens into any conventional soft drink or water bottle and lights up automatically in the dark! Leaving the bulb in the sun for four hours gives you six hours of LED lighting, so you can leave it out during the day and use it to light your way as you walk the beach late at night.

5. SolarFocus Lighted Cover for Kindle

Looking for an efficient cover for your Kindle? Look no further than the $80 SolarFocus by SolarMio to enhance your Kindle experience. The thin, faux-leather cover has a built-in solar panel that powers its own LED reading lamp AND can charge the Kindle's battery, too! The best part is that the solar panel is sensitive enough to charge in direct sunlight or in shade, so you can charge your Kindle while reading your favorite novel on a plane or on the beach.

Bonus Tip:
To keep all of your tech toys in one place, consider getting a bag from Osprey Packs. Osprey takes pride in its environmental integrity and offers a variety of eco-friendly bags for travelers.

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