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If you crave pristine beaches, cool waters and an authentic Mexican experience untouched by modern civilization, then Manzanillo is the place for you. This secluded little spot is all about nature. Dive right into the crystal-blue waters or adventure through the lush jungles for a real back-to-nature experience.  With breathtaking natural sights, you'll have plenty of great photo opportunities. But if you want something more than a photo to take home, you can stroll through the quaint downtown to purchase handmade gifts for your friends and family. If you don’t get a chance to do that, the adventures you'll have here will give you enough memories for a lifetime. When we say Manzanillo is a great place to remind you what life is all about - we mean it. So get yourself to Manzanillo!

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Mapping Out Mexico

Why is Mexico everything to everyone? A quick visit to the east coast sums it up. Cancun’s got nightlife and a party scene while Cozumel offers outdoor adventure like diving and snorkeling. The west coast has even more to boast. Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta both offer beaches, world-class hotels and great golf courses, making them perfect family vacation spots. However, adventure-minded travelers will want to head to either Mazatlan to explore historic ruins or Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo, which has a similar vibe, but with the feel of an upscale city. And for the escapist, Huatulco and Manzanillo boast virtually untouched natural beauty. While each destination is uniquely different, they all have their own special way of showing you the magic of Mexico.

Bag a Trophy Fish

The turquoise waters off Manzanillo’s shores are teeming with marine life, with marlin and sailfish splashing through the waters year-round. Located on the central Pacific coast overlooking the twin Bays of Manzanillo and Santiago, this little spot is a must-see for active travelers and sports enthusiasts alike.


In fact, Manzanillo is known as the Sailfish Capital of the World. If you travel to Manzanillo during the months of November through March, you can watch and even join in on a number of international fishing competitions that date all the way back to 1957. If you’ve wanted a trophy fish to hang above your fireplace, now's time to catch ‘em—hook, line and sinker!

Marlin in Manzanillo
Shopping in Manzanillo

Get Your Shopping Fix

Downtown Manzanillo has a number of retail shops surrounding the Jardin, or town square, where you'll find plenty of places to spend those pesos burning a hole in your pocket.


On any given day, you can walk around the Jardin to explore a number of market-side vendors who sell hats, belts, clothes, T-shirts and many other hand-made items for a low cost. Snap up a souvenir to take home and remind you of your incredible stay here. 

Ride the Wave

Surf’s up! The port of Manzanillo is made up of two separate bays, divided by the Peninsula of Santiago. Both bays are more than five miles long and offer a variety of water sports activities. Year-round, you can enjoy scuba diving, parasailing, sports fishing, or a casual swim in the cool, clear Pacific waters.  


If you've been looking for a chance to hang ten, grab your favorite board and start riding the waves! 

Watersports in Manzanillo
Fresh fruit in Manzanillo

Banana Party

Reconnect with nature as you explore some of Mexico’s most pristine locations and sample its freshest fruit! Manzanillo is part of Mexico’s Pacific Riviera which is known for exotic tropical vegetation, plantations of coconuts, bananas, limes and some of the most beautiful and unpopulated beaches in Mexico.


If you find yourself wanting a vacation that is truly an escape from the sights and sounds of the city, then Manzanillo is the place for you. 

Work on Your Tan

Playa la Audiencia is one of Manzanillo’s best beaches. It’s got a shallow depth and very slow, gentle current, which makes it the perfect spot for swimming, diving and snorkeling. While it’s a small beach, Playa la Audiencia is very inviting.


Don’t want to get wet? There are plenty of umbrellas available for shade if you’d rather just work on your tan. If you’ve come to play in the water, there are plenty of boogie boards, kayaks, jet skis, snorkel equipment and more available for rent as well. No matter what you do, there’s plenty of fun at Playa la Audiencia to keep you busy throughout the day! 

Playa la Audiencia in Manzanilla

Manzanillo Quick Facts



The main language in Manzanillo is Spanish, but many in the tourism industry speak English.



The official currency is the peso, but USD is also accepted.



The standard electricity supply is 110 volts with two-prong outlets



All U.S. citizens must have a valid passport when traveling to and from Manzanillo.


Drinking Water

To be safe, it is recommended to drink and brush your teeth with bottled water ONLY.


Time Zone

Central Standard Time (UTC/GMT -5 hours)


Peak Season

The peak travel season for Manzanillo runs from December to April.



High* Low* Precip.*
January 87°F 57°F 7 in.
February 89°F 57°F 0.4 in.
March 89°F 57°F 0.4 in.
April 91°F 59°F 2 in.
May 91°F 62°F 2 in.
June 91°F 68°F 20 in.
July 91°F 69°F 17 in.
August 89°F 68°F 56 in.
September 89°F 68°F 60 in.
October 89°F 66°F 10 in.
November 89°F 62°F 10 in.
December 87°F 60°F 4 in.

*Historical averages.