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Okay, after much time spent in the hottest spots in the Caribbean, our trusty team of beach-loving reporters came back with the "best" aka worst swim-up bar pick-up lines they heard while out in the singles’ ocean. Feel free to groan as loud as you like.

  1. Know what my bathing suit is made of? Boy/girlfriend material.
  2. Baby, your eyes are as blue as the ocean, and I’m lost at sea.
  3. Swim here often?
  4. You must be from Jamaica ‘cuz Jamaican me crazy!
  5. I like your swimsuit, but I think I might prefer your birthday suit.
  6. Hey, word to the wise: watch out for crabs.
  7. You must be exhausted. Because you’ve been swimming through my mind all day.
  8. Whoa, I feel a bit dizzy. You’re totally making my head swim!
  9. So you look like a swimmer…what stroke do you like the best? Back or front?
  10. Swim-up bar, Secrets Akumal, Riviera Maya, Mexico (Swim-up bar, Secrets Akumal, Riviera Maya, Mexico, photo by: one of our True Beach Lovers.)

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