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If you're craving a tropical vacay with all the white sand beaches and crazy beautiful water, but want to avoid too many connections and small planes, then Cancun is your perfect destination.

1. Easy to Access

Cancun is nestled just perfectly on the sunny Yucatan Peninsula where, thankfully, many airlines fly through. In fact, the carrier list includes several major airlines such as American, Delta, United, Southwest, Jet Blue, Aeromexico, Spirit and Sun Country who all fly to Cancun. You can always check Skyscanner for a longer list of airlines that will surely get you to paradise!

Plane view of Cancun from the sky. Dibs on the window seat, always. (Photo by: @diegovaldeez)

2. Snow-white beaches

In 2010, Cancun got a major facelift. Prior to this time, it was assaulted by heavy foot traffic and deadly hurricanes. After a three-month project, Cancun’s beaches were extended a dramatic seven miles along the east side of the Hotel zone. Overall, the project cost about $70 million dollars, but the cost was well worth it: happy tourists now have plenty of space to plop under palapas, wiggle their toes in the sand and enjoy their place in the sun. Will ya take a look at this beach? Are the words “Cancun vacation” rolling around in your mind yet?

Views from the beach at Grand Bahia Principe Coba (Photo by: @haley.fritsche)

3. Nonstop entertainment

The world-famous Cancun Hotel Zone does, in fact, live up to all of your entertainment expectations. There are enough bars, clubs, lounges, restaurants and shops to suit everyone's definition of a good time.

Sunset dinner views from Zoetry Villa Rolandi. (Photo by: @fsvegaa)

4. Cancun is calm, too

In between all the hustle and bustle of popular Cancun, there's still more than enough "quiet" spaces to tuck away to for a morning or afternoon of relaxation. Lounge on a sunbed, hearing nothing but the sounds of waves crashing a few feet away and palm trees swaying in the ocean breeze. Leave the distractions (anything with Wi-Fi) in your room, grab a cocktail or some wine and your favorite book and just stay a while.

This sun bed is calling your name. (Photo by: @iryna_xo)

5. Food, glorious food!

Foodies, unite! You'll never have to worry about not having a good meal in Cancun–it's all authentic and absolutely delicious. You'll be talking to your friends about all the amazing food you had on your Cancun vacay probably for months, or maybe even years. A few must-stops are Blue Gecko, Caminero Tacos, Jugo de Limon and Tacun. Comment below some of your favorites!

Brb, devouring these amazing tacos from Caminero Tacos. (Photo by: @ronbarbs)

6. Majestic Mayan Ruins

Mexico's ancient Mayan ruins are a total must-visit, especially when you're in Cancun. The history and mystique of the Mayan culture can be felt and seen nearly everywhere–Tulum, Chichen Itza and Coba are great ruins to check out. The best part? Most sites are accessible by bus, car or one of the many tours offered in the surrounding areas. Pro tip: don't forget to wear your walking shoes and sunscreen!

Tulum ruins, Mexico Views from Tulum Ruins. (Photo by: @aolnoue_y)[/caption]

7. Incredible Cenotes

These enchanting phenomena are natural pits, or sinkholes, resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath. In and around Cancun, you’ll have many to choose from. You can swim, float, or just chillax. There’s nothing quite like them!

Cenote in Mexico This could be you!  (Photo by: @worldtrekkers)

So what are you waiting for? You know you can get an easy flight. But even better, our amazing Beachologists have a Cancun vacation package waiting for you. Just dial 1-915-3162 or check out these awesome packages for yourself!