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Calling all True Nature Lovers! This area of Costa Rica has earned mad respect among eco-tourists for its conservation efforts and gorgeous green views–it's the perfect place to let your adventurous side run wild. But before you gear up for an au-natural vacay, there are a few things you need to know about the two main hot spots in the area. So, grab a pen and paper. We're spelling out everything you need to know about the Arenal Volcano and Monteverde!

Arenal Volcano

Photo by @schmeegol

First thing’s first, you're going to want to find a place to stay. There are tons of hotels in La Fortuna, the town near the volcano's base, but there are also some super boujee, adults-only spots out of town in the greater Arenal area. So, pick your home base and then gear up for all the awesome activities in and around the Arenal Volcano.

Photo by @kulturfahrt

Obviously, you have to hit up the hiking trails. I mean, who wouldn't want to say they've hiked a volcano? You can also check out the hanging suspension bridges for a bird's eye view of the surrounding rainforest. End your day of exploration with a dip in the hot springs or an au-natural rinse under the La Fortuna waterfall. After all that volcano hiking, you'll absolutely lava it.


About 60 miles south of Arenal is the 25,000-acre Monteverde Cloud Forest. What's a cloud forest? We're so glad you asked! A cloud forest is like a next-level rainforest–seriously, they grow at altitudes as high as 8,000 feet above sea level. The high elevation produces a cool, mystic air and creates an incredibly diverse environment. They're super rare and only cover one percent of the earth's woodlands, so visiting Monteverde is a must.

Photo by @melialvrz

Because of the higher elevation, it's a lot cooler in Monteverde, so definitely pack a jacket–bonus if it's waterproof, it can get a little misty up there! Ziplining is an absolute must when visiting the nature reserve. There are canopy tours that go over the top of the forest, so as you can imagine the views are spectacular. You can also see some amazing species of tropical birds in the area, so if you're an animal lover, be sure to book a bird-watching tour. Toucan thank me later.

Well, now that we've covered the basics, you can start planning the nature retreat of your dreams. Want to get the best of both worlds on your Costa Rica vacay? Add a splash of vitamin sea and hop over to an all-inclusive beach resort for some post-exploration relaxation.