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Riu Ocho Rios


Our Rating
4 Nights with Air from $819 All-Inclusive
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Customer Rating 325 Reviews
Beaches & Pools
Dining Options
Room Comfort
4.2 out of 5
"the first resort that i have been too, that really gives you such a variety of food and drinks.just one word SCRUMPTIONS!" – islandgirl23
349 out of 405 (86%) customers would recommend this product to a friend. Read All Reviews
View of the water and a cruise ship in Ocho Rios from a window at the top of stairway of west wing View from our room Ochos Rios Jamaica - Riu Pool Mystic Mountain, Ocho Rios From Top Floor Jet Skiing The view from our View from my room Beach Hotel Lobby Swimup Pool Bar Bob Marley Tour Ochos Rios Jamaica - Riu Beach early morning at Riu I Love Jamaica... entry circle open air lobby view from the beach Dunn River Falls Entrance View from room Jamicans love life view from the balcony ATV Excursion
All Customer Reviews
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March 13, 2012
Wonderful Resort - Stayed March 2012

I would like to give a really resourceful and in depth review because I found that reading through the reviews before I went was SO helpful. So here it goes... Airport & Transfers -The airport in Montego Bay is about 1:20 minutes from the hotel. We booked airport transfer through Jamaican Tours (JTL) and just be warned it will take about 2 hours. As much as we enjoyed the commentary and ride through Jamaica - the "pit stop" was unnecessary and we just wanted to get there (it makes a couple stops along the way to drop people off). And they only gave us one time to leave the hotel on the way back home and that was 8:30am even thought our flight was late afternoon. So we were really bummed about that. Resort & Checking In -The resort is absolutely gorgeous. I loved the open floor plan of the lobby and lounge areas. We couldn't have been more pleased with the grounds and cleanliness. The girl at the front desk was absolutely delightful and so enthusiastic. Definitely ask for a room upgrade, they gave it to us - no questions asked. Our Room -We got upgraded to a suite and it was very lovely, overlooking the side of the resort (almost beachfront). We found that our entire floor smelled very musty and moldy though. We thought maybe it was just the floor but it was also in our room. We decided that since it was the whole floor it wouldn't do much good to complain - especially in such a damp, humid environment. The rooms and furniture were very nice though (with dark wood and ceramic tile). The bed was a bit hard but to be expected when traveling. The Food/Entertainment -This was our first all inclusive (even though we are still seasoned travelers) and we were surprised that the food was pretty good. You always hear that all inclusives leave nothing to be desired but it was fine and moderate in comparison to higher end restaurants you'd have to pay for. We did make reservations the first night we got there and only got two (Sir John and Mandalay Asian food). The first was really nice and the food was great but the Asian restaurant was nothing special and just another buffet (but the change of scenery and taste was nice). We also really enjoyed the Beach BBQ they had set up everyday outside for lunch. The entertainment was good. You can tell they recruit some really great dancers and entertainers and then some so-so ones. The people who were really entertaining kept the shows interesting and fun to watch. Since we are a "younger" couple - it was nice to have something to do every night, rather than just sitting around at the bar so I'm glad they had this entertainment. We enjoyed the Beach Bonfire Party and Steel Drum shows the best! Excursions -We did 3 main excursions that we booked while we were there... The Ziplinging/Tubing and shopping through JTL Tours and then the Boat Tour/Snorkeling/Dunns River Fall Tour through the Scuba Hut right on the beach through the resort. For the ziplining/tubing trip - they said it would only be a few hours but be forewarned, between travel to and from and the entire excursion itself - it ended up being six hours long. It was fun but definitely a bit long. It was good for a rainy day though. Be sure to bring some cash for tipping/convenient store and an extra pair of clothes for ziplining. For the shopping tour - do yourself a favor and pay the $10/pp through JTL for transport but DO NOT stay at the Taj Mahal shopping plaza they drop you off at. It was in no way cultural in terms of being authentic Jamaican. Go outside of the "compound". To the left about a 1/4 mile down is the Village shopping area and Margaritaville and to the right about a 1/2 mile down is the market and authentic Jamaican stores. A much better experience all around! They give you plenty of time too! For the Boat Tour with snorkeling and to Dunns River Falls - it was fun and the tour guides definitely do a great job of keeping it lively and fun. The waterfall climb was not quite what we expected (its definitely more of a tourist trap and you have to make a line with the whole group holding hands and they stop you along the way for pictures and videos). I would much rather have had a more adventurous tour of climbing up by ourselves (since we're both active people). The snorkeling was nice but the water was a bit murky that day from storming so nothing too exciting. It was a nice trip for a few hours in the morning though. Would definitely recommend this one versus a lot of the others since it was the most inexpensive though. Conclusion For our first trip to Jamaica at an all inclusive (and after talking to friends who've been to Negril and Montego Bay) - we definitely feel that we made the best choice by staying at the Riu in Ochos Rios. We had a lot of fun and the staff was wonderful. I will say it is a great place for people of all ages too - kids, young couples, singles, large groups and older folks. We made friends with everyone!! Wish we could have stayed longer. I wouldn't recommend going any less than 6 days!! Take Note: If you go on the excursions or off the resort - be sure to bring DOLLAR BILLS for tips. There are so many guides to tip and rather than just handing out a bigger bill to one of them, I felt more comfortable giving some to each person. They DO EXPECT to be tipped however. In the resort, not one employee ever made mention of tips though (which was nice, although we did still tip here and there for hours of hard work).

Hotel Lobby Dunn River Falls Entrance
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Overall Rating: 5
Beaches & Pools
Dining Options
Room Comfort
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Top 25 Contributor
From: Philadelphia, PA
Age: 25-34
Travel: 1-2 trips/year

April 24, 2012
Once and done

Let me start by saying that Jamaica is beautiful and the beaches and the people there are awesome. However, the Club Riu Ocho Rios-not so much. The resort was nice and the staff was wonderful (not including the front desk)-always helpful and happy-especially Horace. The day we got there we had to ask three times for pillow cases. I guess we should be happy that we could get lukewarm showers that day because the rest of our stay we had NO hot water! We spent part of every day of our vacation at the front desk trying to get an honest answer about when or if we would ever have hot water. The second day we were there the hot water went off completely while I was in the shower and they told us that it would be on in half an hour. An hour and a half later, there was still no hot water and I rinsed the shampoo out of my hair with cold water in the sink but we had already missed our dinner reservation! We tried to be nice about it but by the fourth night we were ticked off. By the fifth night we were beyond ticked off! At this point the supposed manager wouldn't even acknowledge us and when the person we were talking to went and asked him to talk to us, we heard him say "get someone else, I'm not dealing with them again". Like it was more of an inconvenience to him than it was to us. That night alone we spent four hours at that desk (at least at this point, for the first time the person we were talking with said "I'm sorry") until my husband got angry and told the that they WILL find a room for us to take a shower! They said they were booked and could not give us a place to shower which really made my husband angry, now he started to get loud and they somehow found a room for us to shower. But, why do you have to get loud? Why couldn't they just do the right thing to start with?And their I don't care attitude makes it worse. We weren't the only ones without hot water. Every time we were at the desk about the water there were always other guests there complaining about the same problem. Needless to say, we will NOT be returning there and we will NOT recommend this resort.

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Overall Rating: 3
Beaches & Pools
Dining Options
Room Comfort
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Top 500 Contributor
From: Spring Grove, Pa
Age: 45-54
Travel: 1-2 trips/year

October 27, 2012
Great place with downfalls

We stayed at the RIU Ocho Rios, which is considered one of the nicest in Jamaica, even better than the RIU in Montego Bay. That's why we went to Ocho Rios. It was 1-1/2 hrs from the airport, which wasn't so bad because the driver talks a lot and you stop at a bar, of course. Most of the good activities are in Ocho Rios not Montego Bay anyway. First time at a RIU resort, probably the last. Let me start with the beach. It is one of the nicest I've ever been to. Very well kept and clean. I couldn't believe there are no waves here, the water is smooth as silk. The beach was perfect and huge. Jamaica is not the place to snorkel if you want to see plenty of colorful fish and corals. It was drab. The pools are beautiful too but a couple of days it was very cloudy. I reserved an ocean-front (not view) but got a pool & ocean view on the 5th floor. That would have been fine except our balcony had a concrete wall, not a railing, so when you sat down you saw a wall. Also the room smelled musty. We were able to change rooms the next day to an ocean front with a railing but that room smelled musty/moldy too. I even sprayed Lysol over everything and it didn't help. We dealt with it. When I read 24 hour service I assumed it was 24-hour room service. Wrong. They have NO room service at all. OK, but at least put a coffee maker in the room, there wasn't one. For me that was an inconvenience. The mini-bar is stocked only every other day. They give you 2 small & 2 big bottles of water. If you want more you'd swear you were asking for blood. There was also 6 bottles of beer, diet & regular coke and orange soda. There was an alcohol dispenser also with rum, gin vodka. They advertise local and premium alcoholic beverages but they only have local, and the Red Stripe Beer (which was good) is only on tap, no cans or bottles except in your room. The food was not as good as other all-inclusive resorts I've been to. Not much of a selection from day to day. 2 restaurant are only for the people who have suites. They advertise that other guests can go there if they pay extra. That was not the case, we could not eat there, period. The gourmet restaurant is for people who eat unusual things like whole octopus etc. Not for me. The steak house was probably the best we had and that wasn't outstanding. I'm not a very picky eater but that basically left the buffets for every meal. If I don't go to another buffet for 5 years it will be too soon. The Jerk chicken on the beach was juicy and delicious one day and dried out the next. At least I didn't gain any weight on this trip. The staff was outstanding. They'd do anything for you. Some bartenders were great and others were not so. Some drinks were so strong I couldn't drink it and others I wondered if there was any alcohol in it at all. The entertainment at night was just so-so. And if you think you're going to a real casino, think again. The casino was probably 20'x25' with maybe 20 slot machines, most of which didn't work. We were told there was a "big" casino in town, so one night we hired someone to take us there. Big mistake. This one was maybe 20'x60' with no one but locals. The guard at the front door used a metal detector on everyone who entered looking for guns. The should have been our first clue. Most of those slot machine didn't work either. We called our driver after maybe 10 minutes and luckily he was still there picking up 100 pcs of KFC for someone at our resort. While we were waiting in his van it was scary with several locals looking in and trying to talk to us. Then we saw the pickup truck with the police in the back with automatic machine guns. Time to go home! Only go on supervised tours, not out on your own. We took the catamaran boat with snorkeling and to Dunns River Falls. That was exciting, but you need to be in some decent shape to do it. I'm 52, in decent shape and had no real problem. Not for older over 60 or younger than 14. A lot of climbing on rocks with the water flowing over you. Don't worry if you're afraid of heights, you only look in front of you so you don't slip. If your not used to climbing a lot of stairs you will feel it in your legs the next day. they say it's 960' high but I doubt it. One disappointing thing about the falls is that it's not all natural. You can see where concrete was poured in almost all of the areas in the falls. But that's OK we still had fun. We also went on the 4x4's tour. Boring and expensive ($85) for what we did. We never went over 15 mph. In Cancun and Dominican Republic we went all balls out. Not here, even after asking to go faster. I'm not saying it was a bad vacation at all. We all enjoyed our selves. We will probably go back to Jamaica and stay in Negril, but probably not at a RIU resort. Other chains we've stayed at were a notch above RIU and I guess I'm just spoiled but it's those little thing that count like bottled water available everywhere, 24-hr room service, coffee maker in room, more restaurants, canned or bottle beer. (I hate tap beer) All in all the RIU Ocho Rios is very nice and probably worth what you pay for, but they need some updating to do. No key cards, real keys for your door and you have to ask for a lock for your safe. TV's are old, no flat panels here. As for toiletries they provide bar soap and that's it. Oh well, like I said we still had a good time and a nice vacation. One thing I will be sure to do is ask about "all of those little things".

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Overall Rating: 4
Beaches & Pools
Dining Options
Room Comfort
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Top 100 Contributor
From: Orland Park, IL
Age: 45-54
Travel: 3-6 trips/year

March 29, 2012
You would have to pay me to go again....

Disclaimer: I travel a lot for business and less for pleasure, don’t need a lot but some bare minimums are imperative… so here we go. The HONEST go… The ROOMS are below average – a bit dated and well the linens could be better quality along with the sheets and towels they provide in the room. They had conditioner that was pretty good, usually hotels fail on quality of conditioner.. who cares? Well women care and women with curly hair care for sure. The size of the rooms is just fine, besides the beach is right outside… Their bedroom doors are heavy and well you will constantly hear the loud bang of slamming doors. The doors sound like gun shots. Not quite sure why the hotel doesn’t add door slower’s so they don’t slam. The rooms are average. Not terrible, nothing special. The FOOD… well they keep you full that is for sure. Breakfast, lunch and dinner served practically back to back… however I loved this extra cultural touch, they have a Jerk Chicken hut on the beach. Brilliant! You don’t have to leave the comfort of your beach chair nor the sun for lunch, just stand in line and bring back to your sandy corner. Eat and tan without missing a ray. Besides, it’s not worth leaving your beach chair for the buffet line. The food (except for the Jerk Chicken on the beach) was terrible. I have to say it… it was bad!!!! Low quality, flies flying around the food, no taste, no spice… nothing. And every single day for the most part they offer the same foods. Desert can be yummy, only the local banana made deserts. The restaurants? Well there are four on premises: Japanese, Gourmet, Steak and Asian. We went to the Japanese excited… the server brought us our appetizer which looked like it has been sitting in a corner for 5 days before it was served to us. It was the first time in my life I had been served food and I was afraid to eat it. It look as if it was food poisoning waiting to happen. We passed on it… then waited for the first plate, well… time was ticking and the buffet line was going to close so we got up and left, at least at the buffet line you can get some lettuce, carrots and tomatoes to make a salad. The restaurants were terrible! Just go to the buffet line (it’s horrible, but it’s the best they offer) The BEACH – is stunning! If you are looking for sun and water…. Well you are going to get it! It has to be one of the best beaches I have been to; beautiful, clean and teal. You dream about those blue, teal, white sand beach… well this is it! The ENTERTAINMENT – they have a crew of 20 young people working literally day and night… they work from 9 am to midnight, organizing and getting people excited on different beach parties, and games… to performing the nightly entertainment of the show “Africa.” They are a fun crew and have a great attitude and sense of humor. The DRINKS –it’s all-inclusive so if you are expecting Absolut vodka… ha-ha don’t make me laugh. Cheap liquor, but they do have a lot of Red Stripe on tap if you are a fan. Lot’s of smoothies and juices, but I must warn you they are watered down version of Kool-Aid juices. The smoothies are good! The SERVICE – was great!!!! The staff had a great attitude, helpful. We asked for a room upgrade and they gave it to us at no extra charge… Always had a smile and were very friendly. When entering the buffet restaurants they greeted you with hand sanitizer to ensure cleanliness. (I like that)

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Overall Rating: 2
Beaches & Pools
Dining Options
Room Comfort
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Top 500 Contributor
From: San Francisco, CA
Age: 25-34
Travel: 7+ trips/year

Room Information

Riu Ocho Rios offers 856 guestrooms to make your stay just what you had in mind. All rooms include a private balcony or terrace, the perfect place to enjoy views of the ocean and relax after a fun day at the beach. Enjoy all the comforts of home on this vacation getaway.

Room Details

Ocean View Room (DBLB)
Hotel/Studio Unit Details

Ocean Front Room (DBMB)
Hotel/Studio Unit Details

Junior Suite Ocean View (SJMB) - Adults Only
Hotel/Studio Unit Details

What's to Love

Cool free perks like the in-room mini bar and free Wi-Fi in the resort's lobby make Riu Ocho Rio's all-inclusive packages stand out from the rest.


What We'd Change

Book early if you want to eat at a restaurant that needs reservations, or face a long wait. (But hey, that's a sure sign of good food!)


Why You Should Go

The natural setting is amazing. We loved being so close to the rainforest and waterfalls. Plus, the beach make this resort a tropical paradise.

Available Amenities

  • Car Rental Available
  • Beach
  • Volleyball
  • Babysitting/Child Care ($)
  • Children's Activities
  • Conference Facilities ($)
  • Cribs Available on Request
  • Fitness/Exercise Room
  • Jacuzzi
  • Kids Club
  • Lounge Chairs/Umbrellas
  • Nightly Entertainment
  • Playground
  • Snorkeling
  • Swim-Up Bar(s)
  • Internet Access ($)
  • Swimming Pool(s)
  • Tennis Court(s)
  • Scuba Diving ($)
  • 24 Hour Front Desk
  • Sauna
  • 7 Bars/Lounges
  • 8 Restaurants
  • Shopping
  • Snack Bar
  • Elevators
  • Beach Towels
  • Handicap Room Available
  • Wedding Services ($)
  • Honeymoon Packages ($)
  • Free Parking
  • Beauty Salon ($)
  • Gift Shop ($)

Nearby Excursions & Attractions

  • Bars and Nightlife
  • Dive Shop(s)
  • Golf Course(s)
  • Historical Site(s)
  • Horseback Riding
  • Medical Facilities
  • Scuba Diving
  • Shopping
  • Watersports Rentals

Map of Local Area

Riu Ocho Rios

Mammee Bay, Ocho Rios

+876 972 2200

Hotel Description

Riu Ocho Rios Resort: Tropical Beach Oasis

The lush greenery surrounding Riu Ocho Rios creates a tropical oasis for this beachfront resort. You'll enjoy views of the gorgeous blue seas, white sands and tree covered hills in the distance.

Amidst its tropical locale, Riu Ocho Rios definitely stands out with its purple exterior. But there are other colorful features here. The two large pools have swim-up bars - which means you can have pina coladas all day without ever getting off your float. If you do want to cut loose, Riu Ocho Rios' friendly staff leads playful contests and activities to amp up the fun. If the call of the wild beckons you to explore the ocean, you can prep for adventure with a free introductory scuba lesson in the resort's pool. Regardless of whether you're relaxing or raring to go, you'll enjoy the background sounds of waterfalls in the distance.

While groups and couples kick it up at Riu Ocho's larger pools, families and kids can splash around in the children's pool. The staff also puts on daily entertainment programs for the little ones too. Even better, the resort's private beach has calm and shallow water, so parents with small children have peace of mind.

Jamaica's laid-back vibe resonates throughout the resort's eight restaurants too. At breakfast, have your fill at the St. Ann buffet. Later, enjoy a casual, poolside lunch at the Plantation. Be sure make dinner reservations at Mammee Bay, the beachfront grill.

Even with jerk chicken and tropical drinks, your Jamaican vacation isn't complete without some Reggae. That's why the resort's nightly entertainment usually kicks off with chill beats, steel drums and smooth sounds. Once the band has warmed up the crowd, get ready to laugh during audience participation games. Then the real entertainment starts. With elaborate costumes and peppy numbers, it's as if these themed shows and off-Broadway acts stepped right off a high-end cruise ship. After the show, the fun doesn't stop - it just moves on to Pacha, the all-night disco.

This hotel is All-Inclusive.
Features include:

  • All meals and snacks
  • Unlimited domestic and imported beverages
  • All taxes and gratuities


St. Ann
Type: Buffet
Hours: Breakfast - daily, 7am-11:30am; Dinner - daily, 6:30pm-10pm
Description: Casual, family friendly restaurant serving buffet breakfasts and dinner.

Pizzeria Piccola Italia
Type: Italian
Hours: Daily, noon-12am
Description: Casual Italian fare.

Type: Asian
Hours: Daily, 6:30pm-10pm
Description: Asian buffet restaurant. Reservations are required.

Mammee Bay
Type: Grill
Hours: Daily, 6:30pm-10pm
Description: Beach restaurant and grill steakhouse. Reservations are required.

Type: Casual
Hours: Daily, noon-4pm
Description: Casual poolside restaurant.

Sir John
Type: Gourmet
Hours: Daily, 6:30pm-10pm
Description: Reservations are required.

All hours are subject to change


Blue Mountain Bar
Daily, 10am-midnight.

Sports Bar
Open 24 hours a day.

Dunn's River Plaza Bar
Daily, 5:30pm-midnight.

Beach bar. Daily, 10am-6pm.

Poolside bar and swim-up bar. Daily, 10am-6pm.

Poolside bar and swim-up bar. Daily, 10am-6pm.

Bob Marley
Daily, 6pm-midnight.

Riu Ocho Rios is located on the beach of Mammee Bay. Thick woods and waterfalls surround this beautiful beach. Complimentary sun loungers are available.

You'll love lounging at one of the resort's 2 pools. Plus, there's an additional pool for children.



  • Windsurfing
  • Sailing
  • Kayaking
  • Snorkel gear
  • Introductory scuba lessons

Available for an additional charge:

  • Scuba
  • Tennis
  • Multi-sports court
  • Volleyball
  • Aerobics
  • Fitness center
  • Ping-pong
  • Daily activities for adults


Guests can use WiFi in the lobby area for 90 consecutive minutes, daily. Wi-Fi is available in guest rooms for an additional charge. Internet access is also available in the Conference Room.


Spa and beauty salon are available at this resort.


Riu Ocho Rios offers entertainment for children ages 4-12.

Receive a surprise gift in-room upon arrival (certificate of marriage required).


Situated in the north of Jamaica, 6.2 mi to Ocho Rios and 65.2 mi to the Montego Bay Airport.

Check-in: 3pm. Check-out: noon.
A valid credit card may be required upon check-in for possible incidentals not included in your resort reservation.

Minimum Stay
A 3-night minimum stay is required for travel Jun 19-22 & 26-29, 2014, Jul 3-6, 10-11, 17-20 & 24-27, 2014, Aug 1-9, 14-17 & 21-24, 2014 and Dec 24, 2014-Dec 23, 2015.

Spring Break Policy
At least one person 21 years old or older is required in every room at this property during March and April. The hotel may require guests to show proof of age and reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone. In-room parties, unruly behavior and spring break groups are not allowed at any Riu resort. Guests can and will be removed from the property at their own expense in the event of any disturbance or complaint from other guests or hotel staff.

Smoking Advisory
Effective July 15, 2013, Jamaica's Health Minister banned smoking in all covered public places on the island.

Adult-Only Added Values
Riu Ocho Rios now offers several new Adults Only Added Values. Values include sparking wine upon arrival, Wi-Fi access throughout the hotel, concierge service, a bathrobe, and premium drinks throughout your stay. For an additional charge, guests will also have access to special wine menus and a romantic dinner on the beach.

All hours, fees, amenities, information and services are subject to change without notice.

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  • 2 Kids 12 & Under Stay & Eat Free
  • Travel: Now - September 30
  • Book By: September 25
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