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El Cozumeleno Beach Resort


Our Rating
4 Nights with Air from $889 All-Inclusive
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Customer Rating 108 Reviews
Beaches & Pools
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3.8 out of 5
"The staff was very friendly and helpful. Great snorkeling in front of the hotel. I would definitely recommend this hotel." – Cupcake
99 out of 126 (79%) customers would recommend this product to a friend. Read All Reviews
View from our Room From the pier View form the Pier Sunset at El Cozumeleno Mid-day Poolside enjoying new friends THE WAITRESS IN THE WORDL Hubby in the Hammock for a Siesta... Not so much hot water Sunset on the beach How would you like this in YOUR room?
All Customer Reviews
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February 15, 2013
Beautiful Cozumel!!! El Cozumeleno was Wonderful..

We are just 2 days back from our wonderful and restful vacation. First, know I read every review written on El Cozumeleno prior to leaving on vaca. The reviews and suggestions were invaluable. So make sure to read on! I want to acknowledge Cheap Caribbean. The service was great. I had a question on my airline tickets the night before and a helpful CSR was available to explain everything... It all ran like clock work. When you arrive in Cozumel, plan to take the shuttle taxi's. They are inexpensive and the El Cozumeleno is one of the first stops. The resort is only 3 miles from the airport. Upon arrival we were greeted with cocktails right at the front desk and were blessed with a room overlooking one of the pools and the ocean on the 8th floor. What a view!!! We hurried down to the pool to catch the last of the sun the first day...Sunset is about 5:30 this time of year and the sunsets are gorgeous. We spent the next 6 days, sunning, snorkeling, playing sand volleyball, participating in aqua aerobics, drinking of course and filling our faces with food at every turn. Make sure to bring water shoes to wander down the beach there are lots of shells and some areas worth venturing in, are rocky but beautiful and you will need them if you want to snorkel anywhere other than the sand beach at the hotel. The fish are lively there but better snorkeling can be found left of the hotel and while jeeping (a 1 day must do!) around the island. Ask around for the best bars to stop at that promote snorkling out of their facility. We took the free Dive class at the quite pool...and loved it. It's offered twice per day. Leah and Javiar were great instructors. We plan to take classes here at home and maybe get certified in Cozumel...We were told its a big cost savings. Bring insulated drinking cups for the pool and ask for doubles. Drinks are weak. They will pour inexpensive well liquors but have a few top have to ask for them. Make sure you make a reservation for the fine dining restaurant by 8:00 AM to get in and MOST IMPORTANT!!! Put your pool towel a book or something out to claim pool chairs by 5;30-6:00 AM or you will be out of luck!!! The food is decent. If you're looking for is not but it's good. Make sure to bring at least dollar bills and 50, fives. This advice is invaluable. Please tip generously, these good people serve well, work hard and don't make much money. Say hello to Jose...he's worked there for 33 years! Please remember your house keeper. Our room was kept immaculate. Learn some key Spanish phrases, but no worries most everyone speaks fluent English! We met the greatest people...We now have new Canadian, Indiana, Wisconsin and Minnesota friends!!! We plan to visit again...maybe next year. We will be looking for a great deal on Cheap Caribbean for our next adventure.

Mid-day Poolside enjoying new friends Hubby in the Hammock for a Siesta...
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Overall Rating: 4
Beaches & Pools
Dining Options
Room Comfort
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Top 100 Contributor
From: NE.side of Cleveland Ohio
Age: 45-54
Travel: 1-2 trips/year

February 4, 2011
Better for families than young, married couples

Here’s the skinny on what my wife and I feel about our recent stay at El Cozumeleno Beach Resort (returned from resort January 28, 2011). We are a couple in our mid/upper 20s and have been married for a few years… As stated previously, we feel this resort is a better fit for families with children, or retirees. The resort has may activities, pools and a decent beach to keep kids occupied while in view of their parents at the bar, restaurant, lounge chair, etc. There were several families at the resort when we were there. There were also many retiree aged people there, not that this is a bad thing, we met some very nice people from northern states and Canada…just realize, there really is not much in between. If you are going to party with other 20 or 30-somethings, this is not the place for you. As far as price goes, we feel it was not a bad deal. The biggest selling point for us was that we could fly out of Cincinnati (always in the top 2 of most expensive airports to fly out of in the US) for the same price as other regional airports that are typically MUCH less expensive (Dayton, Indianapolis, Columbus, Lexington, etc). Service was probably the best thing about the resort. Most staff was very friendly and eager to please. Candelario “the Candy Man” (the pool bartender) is the best bartender (ask him for a “Riviera Maya”); Jose and Naomi (servers from the beach & pool areas) are also great. Make sure you find them, they will provide excellent and personable service. The pools were nice, but didn’t do much more than look at them since they are fairly chilly in late January. The ocean was beautiful, but the beach left much to be desired. They did a fair job keeping it clean, however there were lots of rocks and shells that can make walking barefoot a not-so-pleasurable experience. The piers created somewhat of an unnatural eyesore in the pristine waters. The food was so-so. Depends on your tastes. Word to the wise: order food as much as you can. It is much better that way. For breakfast, have them make you a fresh omelet or eggs. For lunch, order off the lunch menu, do not suffer on the stuff from the buffet bars. For dinner, make a reservation for the formal dining room. That is where the best food is. Filet mignon and the duck were among my favorites. Buffet bars always have lots that kids like (fries, chicken nuggets, pizza, etc). We both agree food on cruises we have been on is much better. The room we had was nice! Towards the top, overlooked the whole resort and the ocean. The balcony was quite relaxing for just sitting and observing the surroundings. Cathedral ceilings were a nice addition. Biggest downfall, the bed and pillows. If you like sleeping on rocks, this will be good for you! As for us, we anxiously waited the morning light every day as we could not “sleep” past 6 am. A couple other notes, the building is one of the nicer ones on this side of the island, but does show a bit of its age. Use actual keys to open the doors (not electronic keys). Some of the areas around the resort are a bit sketchy/abandoned. It appears the hurricanes from several years ago have had lasting effects. Drinks, to us at least, seemed a bit weak. Not sure if they’re watering down the liquor or the liquor is just poorly made. Go to MEXICO NIGHT! The show is great…stereotypical (dances, singing, and mariachi), but great! Finally, don’t even bother asking for a late checkout. We had a flight out of Cozumel at 3:30, but checkout is at noon. We asked if we could stay in our room until one. They told us no, but if we wanted to we could have the bellman hold our luggage and they would give us a different room we could shower in if we wanted to. Well, we did that, but they only gave us 15 minutes for both of us to clean up. The whole process is a hassle. It is best just to get ready in your room before noon, check out, leave luggage with bellman, then hang out for more food and drinks before getting your ride to the airport.  Hope we have been helpful!!!

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Overall Rating: 3
Beaches & Pools
Dining Options
Room Comfort
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From: Cincinnati, OH
Age: 25-34
Travel: 1-2 trips/year

May 5, 2013
Loved it!

To determine if you should read on, we are a family of 4 with a 10 year old and a 7 year old. Keep that in mind when reading... We just wanted a quick, easy, quiet get-away. We went 4/27-5/2. We had great weather - 85 or so. The resort was much smaller than we are used to, which was intentional. It was refreshing to not have to walk for 10 minutes to get to the restaurant. The fancy restaurant was very good - but I actually really enjoyed the buffet - not because the food was better, but eating right on the beach was amazing. We could eat and then our kids could just hang out in the sand while we lingered at the restaurant while still watching the kids. I haven't seen that anywhere else. We stayed in a huge ground level room in the North end of the hotel, which was perfect. Was the room decor beautiful? No, but by the time all four of us unpacked our bags and unloaded our snorkeling gear, it really didn't matter. My 10 year old slept on one of the day beds so we didn't have to worry about him sharing with his sister. The room really sleeps 6 people. The maid was great -she even FOLDED the kids' clothes! It was quiet and clean. We were able to get a pool chaise and/or a beach chair under a palapa (is that what they are called) any time of the day. The snorkeling was great! Do what the other people suggested and walk about a 1/2 mile south and drift back. It was fun! Even our 7 year old could handle it with ease. Water/Beach shoes are a must! We rented a car, which we didn't plan on doing but got roped into it at the airport. It was easy and very safe to drive there and were really happy that we did it. Don't spend money on the shuttle that you can book with your trip. You can get a cab or you can spend $10 per person (each way) for a shuttle to get from the airport to El Cozumeleno. The waiters were great! They made whatever my kids wanted - whenever they wanted. I also read about the weak drinks - I beg to differ. We brought $200 in singles and tipped for everything. I really don't think that you need to do it, but it made us feel good and they really worked hard there. Everyone was very nice - but I have to say that everyone has been really nice at every all inclusive that we have been to in the past. We did meet a bunch of people who stay at El Cozumeleno every year for 12-15 years which says a lot about the place. This was our first time but we would for sure go back! We did not have our kids visit the kids club but they did play a lot of mini golf - right on the beach! Nice! Oh, don't touch the growth under the water on the pier. Both my daughter and husband got what we are calling "pier rash". It stung! We rubbed it with seaweed (apparently that is supposed to help) and Bactine. It went away in a day or two. All and all, this was an amazing, easy, and very relaxing trip! El Cozumeleno was amazing and so was Cozumel! It was a GREAT value! Don't hesitate to go here!

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Overall Rating: 5
Beaches & Pools
Dining Options
Room Comfort
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From: WI
Age: 35-44
Travel: 1-2 trips/year

April 25, 2012
Overall great value

The stay at El Cozumeleno was great. Here are some to the point thoughts of the general pros and cons: Pros: -great friendly and helpful staff. they always welcome and greet you with a smile. -soft beach waves. I have two small children and was concerned with harsh waves and the waves at cozumel overall are not rough. -plenty of activities to do right at the resort. if you're looking to just sit back and relax like me and my family and not want to venture out too often, there's plenty to do right at the resort. pool and beach obviously. there's also a kids room, free kayak, free snorkeling, free miniature golfing. there's also wave runner and some services that come right to the pier at the beach. -free room service. this is awesome early in the morning when you're too tired to go downstairs to drink some coffee. -theme nights are fun, especially the Mexican theme night. -Food is pro and con. The pro is that the resort is all inclusive which is very convenient when you have a family of four. Not having to worry about additional costs of meals and snacks, etc. The con is the food can feel redundant very quick. Also, it's not the best tasting except for maybe the tacos. Alcohol is included in the price which is great but obviously it's not the best quality. Cons: -The rooms are two or three stars at best. And the bathroom stunk in our room. I think it was the toilet mostly... smelled a little like sewage. -The beach is not clean. There are lots of shells and other little things. I think water shoes would be a good idea especially for little children. -Lots of dead coral reefs on the beach which again, could be painful on the feet especially for little children. All in all, I would recommend the resort. We had a great relaxing time.

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Overall Rating: 4
Beaches & Pools
Dining Options
Room Comfort
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From: Washington, DC
Age: 25-34
Travel: 1-2 trips/year

Room Information

El Cozumeleno Beach Resort features 251 rooms decorated in a Caribbean flair. Each room comes equipped with air-conditioning, telephone, hair dryer, safety deposit box and satellite TV and a balcony or terrace with full or partial ocean views.

Room Details

Garden View
Hotel/Studio Unit Details

Ocean View
Hotel/Studio Unit Details

Deluxe - Adult Only
Hotel/Studio Unit Details

What's to Love

El Cozumeleno Beach Resort is a snorkeler's dream with its tranquil beach, clear, glassy waters and all inclusive snorkeling equipment. Even better, the Palancar Reef is only .62 mi off shore.


What We'd Change

El Cozumeleno Beach Resort's location is a little too far for a walk into town, but take a cab to save all your energy for shopping and exploring!


Why You Should Go

Located near the northern hotel zone, El Cozumeleno Beach Resort makes it easy to enjoy all the action, fabulous diving you can handle, but is also the perfect place for a quieter family vacation.

Available Amenities

  • Tour Assistance
  • Beach
  • Babysitting/Child Care ($)
  • Children's Pool
  • Conference Facilities ($)
  • Cribs Available on Request
  • Fitness/Exercise Room
  • Gift Shop
  • Jacuzzi
  • Kayaks
  • Kids Club
  • Nightly Entertainment
  • Roll-Away Bed (on request)
  • Snorkeling
  • Pool Bar
  • Swimming Pool(s)
  • Tennis Court(s)
  • Scuba Diving ($)
  • Mini Golf
  • Medical Services ($)
  • Nightclub/Disco
  • Game Room
  • 2 Restaurants
  • 5 Bars/Lounges
  • Porter/Bellhop
  • Elevators
  • Beach Towels
  • Wedding Services ($)
  • Room Service
  • Dry Cleaning Services ($)
  • Boogie Boarding
  • Honeymoon Packages ($)
  • Wireless Internet
  • Free Parking
  • Swim-Up Bar
  • Car Rental Available ($)
  • Dive Shop ($)
  • Non-Smoking
  • Banquet Facilities ($)

Nearby Excursions & Attractions

  • Beach
  • Coral Reef
  • Deep-Sea Fishing
  • Dining
  • Golf Course(s)
  • Horseback Riding
  • Marina
  • Mayan Ruins
  • Medical Facilities
  • Museum(s)
  • Nature Park(s)
  • Shopping
  • Water-Skiing
  • Windsurfing

Map of Local Area

El Cozumeleno Beach Resort

Playa Santa Pilar, Km 4.5

+52 98 78 72 9530

Hotel Description

Dive into El Cozumeleno Beach Resort, an Island Paradise

Ever wish you lived on a tropical island? You can at least visit one when you escape to an all-inclusive, diving paradise at El Cozumeleno Beach Resort. Located in the northern Hotel Zone of Isla Cozumel, just five minutes from downtown San Miguel, this family-friendly home away from home faces the clear blue waters of the Caribbean against sands so white it's tough to spot seashells.

If you're curious about Davy Jones' Locker, the diving and snorkeling opportunities near El Cozumeleno Beach Resort are second to none. Make plans for reef snorkeling, diving lessons and certification and dives to see the amazing Palancar Reef. If pirate ships are more to your liking, swab the deck of a rental sailboat, take a sunset cruise, or schedule a deep-sea fishing charter, all from one location right in front of the resort.

The landlubbers in your crew can lounge on the sands of the serene beach, hang out on the resort's pier or opt for the three-level, free-form activities pool that includes a jetted section and swim-up bar. Grab something to munch at the poolside snack bar, and then relax under the highest tier behind a waterfall or in the 10-person hot tub. If you need a more Zen-like experience, grab a spot by the "quiet" pool, while the munchkins indulge in the mushroom-shaped shower located in the children's wading pool. If you want to get out and explore the area, head over to Discover Mexico Theme Park, where you'll get two free tickets per room to enjoy all the attractions this miniature Mexico has to offer. Afterwards, head over to the Playa Mia Water Park, where you can take advantage of 2 free tickets per room to use during your stay.

On your way back to the hotel, drop your offspring off at the all inclusive kid's club before taking in 18 holes of golf at Cozumel Country Club right across the street. Designed by the Nicklaus Group, the course is not only environmentally friendly, but offers a challenge for everyone from beginners to experienced players. Gather everyone for an early evening meal at the open-air El Cocal, then dance the night away at Donatello's Disco, or enjoy live entertainment available three nights a week produced by your friendly and courteous staff.

After a full day, you'll be ready for sweet dreams when you retire to an Ocean Front View room. You've earned it. You're on vacation.

This resort is All-Inclusive
Features include:

  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
  • Unlimited domestic and international brand beverages


This resort includes unlimited food and drinks, but some dining restrictions may apply. Please check with the front desk for details.

El Cocal
Type: Buffet
Hours: Breakfast - daily, 7am-11am; Lunch - daily, 11am-5pm; Dinner - daily, 6pm-10pm
Description: Casual open-air, sea-view restaurant serving buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner with an extraordinary view of the Caribbean.

La Veranda
Type: Gourmet
Hours: Daily, 6pm-10pm
Description: Elegant cuisine selected from an a la carte menu. Reservations are required.
Dress code: Elegant casual. Gentlemen are requested to wear long pants, sleeved shirts and closed-toe shoes. Ladies are requested to wear long pants or skirts and closed-toe shoes.

Hours are subject to change.


Lobby Bar
Enjoy cocktails or tropical drinks in the lobby, watch your favorite sports or just relax playing cards, backgammon or dominoes. Daily, 8am-midnight.

Snack Bar
Relaxing atmosphere poolside snack bar serving national- and international-brand drinks, as well as snacks, throughout the day. Daily, 8am-11pm.

Donatello's Disco
Nightclub featuring dancing and a variety of cocktails. Daily, 10pm-1am.

Wet Bar
Swim-up bar. Daily, 10am-6pm.

Bananas Bar
Located next to the quiet pool. Daily, 10am-6pm.


El Cozumeleno Beach Resort's beachfront features calm water that is the perfect spot for snorkeling and diving. Guests can also enjoy free snorkeling equipment and beach toys for kids under 8.


El Cozumeleno Beach Resort features 5 pools including a three-level, free-form activities pool with jetted sections and a swim-up bar, an open-air "domed" pool that is adjoined by a 10-person hot tub and a quiet pool. Guests also have access to complimentary diving classes in the resort's pools.



  • Kayaking
  • Boogie boards
  • Swimming

Available for an additional charge:

  • Diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Jet-skiing
  • Motor boating
  • Parasailing
  • Fishing


  • Bicycle tours
  • Tennis
  • Mini golf
  • Fitness center
  • Volleyball

El Cozumeleno's golf course is located just across the street from the resort. Cozumel Country Club is an environmentally friendly, 72-par golf course, designed by the Nicklaus Design Group.


El Cozumeleno Beach Resort offers complimentary Wi-Fi in the lobby and other common areas.


El Cozumeleno Beach Resort offers a number of wedding and vow-renewal packages that are sure to make your dream wedding a reality. Please contact the resort directly for more information about packages, special prices and arrangements for groups or individuals, as well as professional wedding coordinator services.

Guests married within a 12-month period may also take advantage of special Honeymoon amenities such as romantic room decor and a bottle of house red wine. A copy of the wedding certificate must be presented at check in.


The resort provides child care and supervised programs for kids up to 12 years of age at a supervised children's club. On the first night of their stay, kids will receive a welcome glass of milk and cookies.

The resort also provides a children's swimming pool with a mushroom shower.


El Cozumeleno Beach Resort is located 3.75 miles from Cozumel International Airport (CZM) and approximately 5-10 minutes to San Miguel by car.

Check In/Check Out
Check-in: 3pm. Check-out: noon.
A valid credit card may be required upon check-in for possible incidentals not included in your hotel reservation.

Age Restrictions
No groups or individual reservations of spring- or summer-break students are allowed. If you fail to comply with this restriction, you will be denied check-in at the resort.

Holy Week
In observance of Holy Week, some resorts in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Costa Rica may put limits on the use of motorized water sports, and loud music.

All hours, fees, amenities, information and services are subject to change without notice.

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