Frequently Asked Questions
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You've got questions. We've got answers. Below, you'll find the most commonly asked questions we get from our customers. If you don't find your particular question, call our Sales Agents from 5 am to 3 am EST and Customer Service Representatives from 5 am to 3 am EST, seven days a week, at 1-800-915-2322. Or if you prefer to email us, click here. We'll get back to you in most cases within 24 hours.

There are a few areas that for your protection we can't service via email those are:

  • Price quotes for new bookings or changes
  • Making a new reservation
  • Price Matching
  • Changing or canceling a booking

For those questions you must call our customer service call center.


1. How do I pay off my balance?

If you book with our deposit program, we'll charge the credit card you have on file, automatically, 21 days prior to your departure. Once we successfully charge the final balance, you'll receive an email with your full travel voucher/itinerary.

2. I saw a great price yesterday and waited to book, but now the rate is higher. Can you give me the other price?

We are subject to the pricing changes that occur minute to minute from the airlines and hotels. The rates you see today are currently the best rates available. Prices fluctuate daily, particularly during peak season as air flights and hotels fill up. The original pricing you saw is, unfortunately, no longer available. We can only honor the price when you book.

3. My credit card expiration date is listed incorrectly. Is this a problem?

a. If you paid in full, this will not cause any problems with your trip, as you have already paid for your entire trip.

b. If you made a deposit, we'll need you to call into our call center and add a new card. For your protection, our system prevents us from simply updating the expiration. Please give us a call at 1-800-915-2322 and follow the prompts for existing reservations. You'll be asked for your booking ID to update your account. Our staff is available, seven days a week, from 5 am to 3 am EST.

4. Do the advertised prices for specials include airfare?

The advertised rates include airfare from a specific city, round trip on a major airline. All other airports are available to book however, rates may vary.

5. Can I use a foreign credit card to book my reservation?

The website will accept cards with billing addresses from the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom. Please call our customer care center if you would like to use card from another region, by calling #800-915-2322.

6. Do I have to pay by credit card?

To hold your reservation at the price currently listed on the website, we recommend using a credit card at time of booking. Our current available inventory changes so rapidly that waiting even an hour could mean the vacation you wanted is no longer available. Once you make a credit card payment, we can immediately begin confirming the reservation request. As a convenience, we accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover, or debit cards, with the Visa or MasterCard logo. We also accept certified checks and money orders, but a reservation can't be confirmed until payments have been cleared by our bank.


1. My name is misspelled, what can I do?

In the event that a name is misspelled, you'll need to contact one of our Reservation Services agents. The spelling of a passenger's name on their ticket must be exactly as it appears on their passport or government issued photo identification. If the name on a reservation does not match the appropriate identification, the passenger will not be authorized to board the plane. To make this change, you'll need to contact our Reservation Services department at 1-800-915-2322.

2. Do I have 24 hours to change or cancel my reservation?

Your airline tickets are purchased and confirmed immediately by the airline. So, you're locked into your reservation from the moment you buy. Unfortunately, we can't make changes without being charged fees by the airlines, and in some cases, the hotel.

3. Can I book a reservation with any name? Once I finalize someone to travel with me can you change it?

The names of the passengers must be exact and the names for ticketing purposes must match your travel documents. They can't be altered or exchanged. Before committing to your reservation, be sure you have 100% accurate information, as changes can result in fees.

4. Does price match?

Yes! We'll price match against another company for up to 24 hours after you book your trip with After 24 hours, we can't price match because flight costs and resort prices are constantly changing. In order to protect you from a price increase, the resort is confirmed and flights are ticketed and paid for as soon as your reservation is completed.

6. Do I have to contact, my hotel or the airline to confirm my reservation?

We take care of everything! Your reservation will be booked and confirmed by We do recommend that you call the airline directly 24 hours prior to departure to confirm flight details.

7. Why do I need to fill out a third party form?

This form is sent to ensure the safety of the credit card holder. It is sent when the name of the credit card holder doesn't match one of the passengers travelling, the credit card holder's name doesn't match the travelers' exactly and a few other reasons. We do reserve the right to cancel the reservation if the form is not received within the allotted time frame.

8. Is sending the third party form safe?

Our risk department consists of a team of employees dedicated to making sure you are protected. Faxes received generate to an electronic format which is stored on a secure server, providing only the last 4 digits of the credit card by blacking out the full number listed on your card, is acceptable. You can also omit your driver's license number, but we'll need to see the identification and verification of your address, name and signature on the license.

9. What happens if I change destinations after booking?

If you want to change destinations after you book, you'll be subject to several change fees.

  • There is a $50 per person change fee to change your resort, dates of travel or passengers traveling (applicable to passengers 12 and up).
  • There is also a minimum $200 per person airline change fee to change your flights or dates of travel.
  • Resort cancellation fees may also apply.
  • Additionally, any increase in price for room or ticket and those changes would also be applicable.

13. How do I book with my future credit?

Future credits are booked by reservation services at 1-800-915-2322. Currently, these can't be booked online.

14. Will I receive any documentation in the mail?

No. We send all documents via email to the address you provided when you booked your reservation. At any time you can also log into your account whether you registered as a customer or guest to view your documents. If you require paper tickets, please ensure your address is correct. If this is the case, you'll be sent paper tickets via UPS.

15. How do I use the Travel Protection plan service?

If your reservation was purchased on October 1, 2015 or later, please reference your trip itinerary for details regarding coverage and contact information.

If you purchased travel protection from before October 1, 2015 please contact Aon Insurance at (877-892-7948) if you have questions or need to file a claim.

16. I'm a travel agent, do I earn a commission? does partner with travel agents! The commissions for reservations made by travel agents will be paid 60-90 days after travel is completed. For complete details on the travel agent commission program, please see our terms and conditions, click here.

17. I booked and don't have my email confirmation?

Sometimes our emails are filtered to clients' junk or spam inboxes, so be sure to check there first. The next possible scenario is that there is a misspelling of your email address. Just give us a call at 1-800-915-2322 and we can most certainly get those confirmation vouchers over to you.

18. I paid via deposit. Where are my travel vouchers?

By utilizing our deposit plan you have received a deposit invoice. This shows your flight itinerary and an outline of the hotel details, as well as the price we have secured for you. Once receives full payment (see FAQ#1 under payments/pricing, "How do I pay off my balance?") you'll receive another email with your full travel voucher, this will include everything you need.

19. I received my travel voucher but never received my e-tickets. What do I do?

By booking with you are electronically ticketed. Page 2 of your voucher is your 'e-ticket' and you can show that itinerary to the ticketing counter on the day of departure to receive your boarding pass. There are few occasions where paper tickets are needed due to airline requirements. If this is the case, you'll be sent paper tickets via UPS.

20. Will I receive any documentation in the mail?

No. We send all documents via email to the address you provided when you booked your reservation. At any time you can also log into your account whether you registered as a customer or guest to view your documents. If you require paper tickets, please ensure your address is correct. If this is the case, you'll be sent paper tickets via UPS.


1. I tried to book my trip and got a message that one of the flight segments is no longer available. Why did I get this message? utilizes all major airlines with published airfare. Occasionally, in the time it takes you to search a flight, select it, and try to book it, the price has already changed. This doesn't necessarily mean the flight is sold out, but the specific price may no longer be available. Start your search again and prices shown will now reflect the updated flight segments and pricing.

2. Why can't I select the dates I want for my vacation?

The reason you might not be able to select the dates in which you are interested is likely because the resort is unavailable for one of the day in your date range you have selected. Please be sure to select a range that has no days blocked out. If you need assistance with your booking, please do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-915-2322.

3. Where do I enter a promo code?

After you select the resort where you want to stay and choose your travel dates, you'll be taken to a page called Select your Flight. On the right-hand side of this page, you'll see a column entitled Your Trip Summary. Click on the arrow next to Savings to expand the Promo Code box. There you'll see the Applied Promo as well as an option to Change Promo. Click Change Promo to enter your promo code then hit Apply. Check our Promo Codes & Travel Coupons page for a list of active promo codes.

4. How do I update my email address or account information?

To update your email address or account information from our home page you'll log in to your customer account. Enter your email address and the password you created. Once you are logged in, your customer account information can then be altered.

5. How do I see all the details of the resorts amenities?

Our website is designed to make the vacation booking process as easy and convenient as possible for our clients. When you are on our home page, there is a 'Quick Search' box on the left hand side, about half-way down the page. There, you can search by Nearest Airport, Destination or Resort. Just click the specific property from the 'Resort' drop-down box and it will bring you to that particular resort's details. This is a great resource for checking out the room categories, restaurants and so much more!

6. I have a few things I want to tell you about my trip. Some are good and some are not, how do I submit this to you? appreciates all client feedback, both good and bad. After all, our clients are what make us the most popular online travel site for the Caribbean and Mexico! We have made it even easier for you to send us feedback by including the option to send us an email. Just go to the 'Contact Us' link on the homepage and fill out the form. We'll respond within 3 business days.

7. How do I make requests to the resort?

We would be happy to make a request for you. Please send us an email by using our contact us section or by clicking here. Send us your request and we'll send it to the resort. Please keep in mind all requests are based upon availability at check in. The information sent is strictly a request and is not guaranteed.

8. How do I book a group reservation on now offers group travel. If you are traveling with 10 or more people on the same flight, or are booking 5 or more rooms at a resort, please visit our Group Travel Reservations page.


1. I have added values on my trip. How do they work?

Added values are promotions that may be applicable on your trip. In your travel vouchers will be a document explaining the program for added values. It will let you know the requirements of eligibility and how to claim them before, during or after your trip. Please note you must meet all requirements listed.

2. I purchased transfers, but I don't have a voucher?

The vouchers that we send to your email address are sometimes quite lengthy. Be sure to review all pages of the vouchers issued to you. If you are still unable to find them, just give us a call at 1-800-915-2322 and we'll make sure you receive them!

3. Where do I meet the transfer company for my transfers?

Most transfer companies will be waiting outside of the airport immediately beyond customs. They will have signs reading as well as name of their company name. Details of your specific destination and transfer information can be found on your Round Trip Airport Transfer voucher. Confirm your return trip transportation to the airport with the driver before they leave the hotel will even set up your return transfer directly with you in the destination.

4. I booked an excursion. How do I go about scheduling this?

Most of the necessary information required to schedule your excursion is listed on your travel voucher. There are certain excursions that must be arranged prior to travel. If this is the case, you'll be emailed confirmation information. When?


1. Why doesn't the front desk know who I'm when I call them to confirm?

Most hoteliers use a central reservations department for their bookings. The hotels' reservations departments may not send information regarding your reservations to the hotels front desk until 24 hours prior to your arrival.

2. What is the difference between All-Inclusive and European plan?

Each hotel's plans vary but generally the details of All-Inclusive hotels and hotels with European Plans can be described as follows:
All-Inclusive resorts include your room accommodation and all meals and beverages (alcoholic and nonalcoholic) as well as non-motorized water sports. European plan resorts tend to only offer the hotel accommodations. Any meals or beverages would be available, but for an additional fee.

3. I'm in destination and want to change resorts. What is the best thing to do? will assist our clients in every way possible to ensure that they have the most enjoyable vacation. If you are interested in a different property, just give us a call at 267-859-5161 and one of our agents will work with you to provide the best options for you and your guests. Please know, however, that changes and cancellations might result in additional fees. For more information on these fees, please refer to our terms and conditions, click here.

4. What is the dress code for restaurants at the resort?

Each hotel will have different dress code policies at their a la carte restaurants. The standard for the Caribbean will require that gentlemen wear a pair of slacks, a collared shirt and closed toe shoes. Ladies, it is best to pack nice dinner attire, whether that is a sundress, a skirt or pants. This should apply to your children, too. Shorts and sandals tend to only be acceptable at buffets.

5. Is tipping required?

All-Inclusive resorts pre-collect gratuities. Some resorts will strictly prohibit additional tipping on the premises; others do allow their staff to accept additional tips. Tipping is never required if it is pre-collected, but if you feel like rewarding exceptional service that is not frowned upon.

6. How to go about upgrading the room upon arrival?

If you have arrived at your resort and now you are contemplating a room upgrade, the best place to start is with the front desk. When you arrive at the resort you can always ask if they have availability for an upgrade. Often, they will be able offer an upgrade for an increase in price. If you choose to make the change, the front desk will assist you in making the change.


1. I have an e-ticket. What do I get at the airport when I check in?

This is the easy part! Electronic-tickets are convenient and stress-free. Since most of the flights to our resorts are international, the actual boarding passes will not be issued to you until you check in at your departure airport. Just make sure you have the proper documentation. (See Airline FAQ# 2) The airline will print the boarding passes for you right then and there.

2. Do I need a passport?

If you are traveling to Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands and are a United States citizen, you do not need a passport. Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands (St. John, St. Croix and St. Thomas) are U.S. territories and are therefore considered domestic travel.
If you are traveling to any other destination and are a U.S. citizen, you are required to have a valid U.S. Passport.
If you are traveling to or stopping over in Mexico or Nicaragua, a U.S. passport valid for a minimum of six (6) months after arrival is required. A U.S. passport valid for a minimum of three (3) months after arrival is required for Panama, St. Lucia, and some European countries. Requirements may change so check with the Consulate of the country to which you are traveling.
If you are not a U.S. citizen we recommend calling your consulate to determine what documentation you'll need to travel.
For details on how to get a passport and the requirements of travel, please visit The US Department of State and Bureau of Consular Affairs by clicking here.

3. How do I correct name errors on my airline tickets?

Names are the most important piece of information on your itinerary. If there is an error regarding a name on your booking, please call our reservation services department immediately. Occasionally, airlines will allow a simple note to be on your ticket, if the error is minimal, however boarding will not be guaranteed. Most errors will result in a brand new ticket being purchased.

4. What is a record locator? Why do I have one with and one with the airline directly?

A record locator is simply a confirmation code for your flight information. This code contains the flight for your trip. and the airline's record locator will typically vary, but not always. While we work together to create your reservation, our operating systems are different, which results in different codes.

5. Are departure taxes included?

Every airline and destination are different. On some trips these taxes are pre-collected and some are not. We recommend calling the airline directly for a definitive answer.

6. JetBlue, Air Tran or Spirit will not accept my record locator/confirmation. How do I get to my reservation on their site?

These airlines require a few extra steps in confirming your flights. This results in a separate confirmation record locator that the airline assigns to your itinerary. The record locator or confirmation number can take up to 24 hours to generate. When you've completed your reservation with one of these airlines, give us a call the next day and we can most certainly look up that confirmation number for you. With this number, you can usually log onto the airline's website and manage your flights (select seats/check in early/apply frequent flyer numbers/etc.).

7. I'm having flight troubles (missed your flight, connection, delayed). What do I do?

If you miss your flight, or experience delays/cancellations, your first stop should be the airline's customer service counter in the airport. Changes and cancellations to flight times and connections can only be made by the airline. So, if necessary, they'll need to find a new flight for you. CheapCaribbean can also make these changes for you, but it's usually in your best interest to work with the airline staff at the airport. If you do have delays that will cause you to arrive at your destination later than originally scheduled, just give us a call at 800-915-2322 and we'll notify the resort and ground transportation service (in any) of your new flight schedule. By the way, if you purchase's Travel Protection when you book your trip, you may be eligible for reimbursement covered delay-related expenses. See the terms and conditions for more information.

If you do have delays that will cause you to arrive at your destination later than originally scheduled, just give us a call at 800-915-2322 and we'll notify the resort and ground transportation service (in any) of your new flight schedule.

By the way, if you purchase's Travel Protection when you book your trip, you may be eligible for reimbursement of covered delay-related expenses. See the terms and conditions for more information.

8. Can you advise how much my airline will charge for baggage?

Each airlines policy is different; we recommend visiting the airlines website directly to verify if there are charges for baggage.

9. I forgot to enter my frequent flyer number when I booked. How do I add my frequent flyer number to my air reservation?

We recommend calling the airline directly to add the frequent flyers numbers or do so at the airport when checking in.

10. How do I get seat assignments for my flights? tickets all flights immediately after the booking process is completed. At the time your flights are ticketed, we request seats assignments on all segments of your flight itinerary. For most major air carriers (i.e. American Airlines, US Airways, Continental), seats are automatically assigned at the time the request is made. Not all flights are available for advanced seat assignment - these are deemed 'airport check-in only' and you won't be able to have your seats assigned until the day of departure. If you would like to view your seat assignments you may do so by visiting the website of the carrier providing your flights, or by calling the airline directly. You'll need to provide the airline with your name, date of departure and airline confirmation number, which can be found on page 2 of your confirmation documents.

American Airlines-, 1-800-433-7300
US Airways-, 1-800-428-4322
Delta-, 1-800-221-1212

11. I received a Schedule Change e-mail. What does this mean? Why did my flight changes?

Oftentimes, the airlines alter individual flight numbers, flight times, or connecting patterns. Occasionally, the airline will change the entire flight or eliminate a flight. These changes come directly from the airline and are not initiated by We will, however, do our best to resolve any issues which may arise from an airline schedule change.