Riviera Maya Travel Tips

Hunt for Treasure at the CEDAM Museum

Looking for a cheap thrill? If you're into shipwrecks, sunken treasure and the mysteries of the deep, a trip to the CEDAM Subaquatic Museum should be on your list of must-see places in the Riviera Maya.


CEDAM features artifacts recovered from ship wrecks around the area that were discovered by early pioneers of diving. As you pass through the doors, you'll begin to immerse yourself in a very dramatic time in history filled with pirates, wenches and dangerous marine warfare. The museum is self-guided, so be sure to grab a pamphlet to get the most of the attractions.  While this hidden gem is a little hard to find, it is certainly harder to leave!

CEDAM Museum in Riviera Maya
John Gray's Kitchen in Riviera Maya

Spoil Your Inner Foodie at John Gray’s Kitchen

Owned and operated by former Ritz-Carlton chef John Gray, this fine restaurant is located next to the jungle and regularly draws crowds with the freshest ingredients in a contemporary setting that is more Manhattan than Mayan.  


While you may expect this place to put a dent in your pocketbook, John Gray's is quite affordable for such a fine dining experience. If you're in the mood to treat yourself, order the crab cakes off the secret menu with a side of mushroom risotto. Mmm...While the food definitely draws the crowds, the lively commentary from John Gray himself will guarantee a excellent night out on the town alone or with the family. 

Shell Out with Sea Turtles at Playa Del Secreto

The half mile stretch of white sand is one of the most beautiful and best kept secrets in the Riviera Maya. The "Secret Beach" is surrounded by jungle and Caribbean waters and has been a favorite nesting ground for giant sea-turtles for thousands of years.


Each year from May to October, you can watch these curious creatures come ashore to lay their eggs at Playa Del Secreto. With some of the turtles weighing in at over 300 pounds, travelers can get up-close and personal with these giant shelled creatures before their babies spring to life. 

Playa del Secreto in Riviera Maya
Maya Spa in Riviera Maya

Relax In History at Maya Spa

From the Shaman who greets you at the door to the purifying steam baths, this luxurious spa in Tulum is uniquely intimate and traditional to the heritage of the Mayans. For a relatively inexpensive spa experience, Maya Spa in Tulum offers the most expert treatments by talented masseuses. For $75, you can lose those annoying knots in your neck with a one hour treatment overlooking the sea.


For a truly magical experience, book a Maya Spa Treatment. The treatment includes a hot stone massage in the forest followed by a warm, flower petal bath to melt your stress away. If you're the type who loves to pamper yourself, this is one spa you don't want to miss.     

Hot Has Your Perfect Hangover Cures

You hit up all the bars last night. You didn't sleep well and now you are in serious need of a hangover cure. Hot has the remedy for you. This cheap, street-side café is one of the first eateries to open at 7am and serves some of the best Mexican egg dishes around.


Located just around the corner from 5th Avenue, Hot offers Wi-Fi connectivity so you can check your email, while the friendly staff keep a constant flow of their famous coffee in your cup. Be sure to try their famous chile and cheese omelet to get your day off to a spicy start. 

Hot is a hot place for breakfast in Riviera Maya!

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