Puerto Vallarta Travel Tips

Discover Fresh at Mariscos Polo

If you were to ask everyone in town about the best place to find fresh seafood, the answer would be the same — Mariscos Polo.


This small, family-operated restaurant is famous for its unique approach at blending the traditional flavors of Mexico with fresh-caught shrimp, scallops, fish and more. With an expansive menu of fresh and expertly-prepared seafood dishes, you can't go wrong with anything here. However, if you like a little sizzle on your palate, order the A la Chipotle Mahi-Mahi. This dish is simply delish!

Mariscos Polo in Puerto Vallarta has great seafood.
Grab breakfast at Fredy's Tucan in Puerto Vallarta.

Avoid the Breakfast Blues at Fredy's Tucan

Tired of eating the same ol' stale cereal, tasteless eggs and burnt toast? Well it's time to treat yourself (and your taste buds!) to a gourmet breakfast at Fredy's Tucan.


Voted time after time as the number one breakfast destination in town, Fredy’s Tucan offers a casual atmosphere with great food and service. If you like a little flavor with your breakfast, be sure to try the Monterrey Omelette and a Tropic Smoothie to start your day off right. 

Take the Wolf Pack to Lobo Lui’s BBQ Shack

BBQ in Mexico? While this interesting little eatery seems a little out of place in Puerto Vallarta, one taste of their pulled pork and you'll forget you're south of the border.


As the first restaurant to bring authentic BBQ to Puerto Vallarta, we're sure Lobo Lui's will be right at home here. If you want something on the wild side, order the Burnt Ends platter, which consists of a double-smoked brisket with a caramelized tequila BBQ glaze that will have you howling at the moon!  

Lobo Lui's BBQ Shack in Puerto Vallarta
Panco's Takos in Puerto Vallarta

Get Your Tacos Al Pastor at Pancho’s Takos

Anyone who visits Mexico must experience the delicious ritual of eating at an authentic taqueria. While any region is bound to be filled with such eateries, do yourself a favor and skip the rest. Pancho's Takos is the only game in Puerto Vallarta when it comes to gourmet street-fare.


Located on Basilio Badillo, Pancho's Takos looks rather small, but it’s quite comfortable and features indoor seating. Whether you're on a budget or just looking for a late night hunger buster, Pancho's has the fix you need! Be sure to order the restaurant’s famous Tacos al Pastor — it's a local favorite that you really shouldn't miss! However, if you really want a treat, order the Volcano which is a flat crispy taco topped with cilantro, salsa and pineapple. Can you say zesty? Mmm...

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