Puerto Rico Travel Tips

Best Place to Chill by the Beach: Luquillo Beach

On Luquillo Beach (near el Yunque) there’s a very cool strip on the beach complete with shops, restaurants and bars. You could seriously spend all day here.


There are plenty of amenities, including restrooms, showers and lifeguards. There's even guarded parking available. This makes Luquillo very popular with families who are searching for a swimming beach that feels secure.


Mar Sin Barreras, a facility at Luquillo, offers those in wheelchairs an opportunity to splash in the surf with a ramp that gently slopes into the water.


Luquillo Beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico
Bioluminescent Bay in Vieques, Puerto Rico

The Best Natural Night Light: Bioluminescent Beach

Hop on a ferry and head to Bioluminescent Beach in Vieques. You’ll kayak into the bay where tiny, microscopic creatures called dinoflagellates emit a beautiful electric blue light in the water.


Try to plan your trip for a new moon because that’s when the sky will be darkest. That way the moonlight won’t compete with the blue light glowing in the water.


The tour includes information about these fascinating creatures and their delicate habitat. You'll learn about efforts to preserve this natural phenomenon by protecting the dinoflagellates and the bodies of water they call home.


Best Place to Peek Under the Waves: Luis Pena Marine Reserve

The west coast of Culebra surrounds Luis Pena Marine Reserve, where you can get in some great snorkeling and scuba diving. Colorful reefs and a variety of sea creatures make for a memorable underwater exploration.


The reserve can be accessed at a few points along Culebra's coast. If you're already at the famous Flamenco Beach, grab your snorkel gear and take a walk on a trail that starts at the parking lot. The first beach you'll hit is Tamarindo Grande. If you continue on to the northwest, you'll hit Carlos Rosario Beach. Both places feature some truly incredible snorkeling. Melones Beach is easier to access with a parking lot right next to the beach. You'll just hop out of the car and into the water. You'll find reefs and wildlife near the rocky outcroppings in the water. Thanks to the reserve, all of these locations teem with fish and coral for a memorable aquatic experience.


Luis Pena Marine Reserve in Culebra, Puerto Rico
Camuy Caves in Puerto Rico

Best Place to Go Underground: Camuy Caves

Tour the majestic Camuy Caves to see exotic creatures and earthen formations. The tours begin with a short video that introduces you to the cave system. Then, you're off on tram rides to different parts of the cave. You'll see tremendous stalactites hanging from the cave ceiling and stalagmites stretching up from the floor.


You may be thinking of a cold, dark place, but Camuy Caves are actually warm and dark. The tropical environment makes these caves different from many in the US. There are tons of fascinating wildlife in the cave that the adventurous and curious will love to see. Everything from blue-eyed river crabs to bats to tarantulas inhabit the diverse habitat.


Tours also include tram rides to see sinkholes, where you can peer down and see the world's third-longest underground river. This is Puerto Rico at its eco-coolest.


Best Place for a Leisurely Bike Ride: Pinones

Rent bicycles and pedal through Pinones. You can ride on a boardwalk that takes you alongside the golden beaches. Pick a good looking piece of beach to catch some rays or splash in the waves.


But it doesn't end with beaches. There's a plethora of eateries that serve authentic Puerto Rican food. From sit down restaurants to small eateries where you order at a window, there are all sorts of examples of Puerto Rican delicacies. You can spend a great day slowly making your way along the boardwalk, sampling the cuisine and basking in the sun.


The trail will also take you through areas of natural forest growth, so you get to see Puerto Rico's flora and fauna. All this and it’s on the north shore of the San Juan area, right in town! With warm beaches, tasty food and diverse nature, this Pinones is a must-see.


Bike riding in San Juan, Puerto Rico

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