Los Cabos Travel Tips

Tour Culinary Excellence at Agua Restaurant

If you're looking to spend an elegant evening away, you should treat that special someone to a romantic dinner at Agua Restaurant in Palmilla. Located in a lush outdoor setting surrounding the One & Only Resort, this restaurant overlooks the Sea of Cortez and features luxurious food and service.


Let Chef Larbi Dahrouch take you on a culinary tour of Los Cabos that will blow your taste buds away! While it's not the cheapest eatery around, Agua is the perfect place to splurge. For those looking to take advantage of freshly-caught seafood, try the roasted red snapper with shrimp, you can thank us later. 

Agua Restaurant in Los Cabos
Frank Arnold's Gallery in Los Cabos

Get Your Art on at Frank Arnold’s Gallery

While many travel to Cabo for its exciting nightlife and beautiful surroundings, many might not be aware of the region's rich art and culture. 


If you want to take a truly memorable and touching tour of Los Cabos, visit Frank Arnold’s beautiful gallery in San Jose del Cabo. As you tour the hallways of the gallery, you'll find beautiful pieces of artwork that speak of Arnold's life and the nature of life in general. As a special treat, guests may also speak with Arnold himself and tour his in-home studio during the Thursday night art walks. If you find something you can't live without, many of the pieces are for sale and ready to take home to your own art gallery.  

It's Been A Hard Day's Night for Tacos

Everyone loves tacos right? Do you like the Beatles? No, not in your taco! When you're out exploring Cabo San Lucas, stop by Gordo Lele's Tacos and Tortas for a one-of-a-kind taco stand experience!


Outside, the building is rather non-descript, but once you pass the threshold, you'll enter the world of the entertaining chef, Gordo who'll cook and sing his heart out to the tunes of the Beatles and more. With super cheap prices, sink your teeth into delicious shrimp tacos that are packed full of fresh, jumbo shrimp, homemade sauce and fresh veggies. If you come at lunch, be sure to get here right at noon so you can grab a seat. This place fills up fast!   

Fish Tacos in Los Cabos
Hotel California in Los Cabos

Livin' It Up at the Hotel California

Whether or not you came with a cool wind in your hair, La Coronela Restaurant & Bar, located inside the historic Hotel California is a great spot to enjoy a gourmet dinner away from the crowds.


La Coronela features fresh ingredients expertly prepared by renowned Belgian executive chef Dany Lamote. Foodies should be prepared for a spectacular menu that includes Mexican favorites, lamb burgers and black pepper papardelle with arrachera beef and mushroom cream sauce. You'll also enjoy the lively sounds of local musicians who strum and sing romantic ballads during lunch and dinner. 

Haggle Your Way to Great Souvenirs

You've come to Cabo for the great beaches, exciting nightlife and great food. Now your trip is coming to an end and you haven't had a chance to grab any souvenirs! With so many open-air market places, you'll have plenty of chances to find unique, handmade crafts to give to your family and friends. 


Now, like many other Cabo traditions, be prepared to haggle a little bit on the price. Don't worry about any faux-pas here, haggling is expected and shows a sign of respect to savvy beach shoppers. 

Home décor shopping in Los Cabos

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